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Roadmaster EZ5 Base Plate Kit Installation - 2016 Ram 1500

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How to Install the Roadmaster EZ5 Base Plate Kit on a 2016 Ram 1500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 Ram 1500, we're gonna be taking a look at the Roadmaster Base Plate Kit with removable arms, part number RM-52589-5.So here's what our Roadmaster direct connect base plate looks like, also known as the Roadmaster EZ4 base plate. Now, this is gonna allow us to hook up our tow bar from our motor home and safely tow our Ram down the road. One of the big benefits to this base plate is that the brackets are gonna be hidden pretty well inside the bumper, and if we pull on this pull ring, we can rotate the arm and remove the arm, and it's almost like it's not there.Our Roadmaster base plate is gonna be compatible with Roadmaster motor home mount tow bars, so it's not gonna be compatible with the coupler style tow bar. It's also gonna work with some Blue Ox tow bars with an adapter that is sold separately. Our safety chain connection points are gonna be right on the outside of where we're gonna connect our tow bar, making it really easy to hook everything up.One measurement to keep in mind is gonna be the height of our base plate at the connection point, because you wanna make sure that your towing setup is gonna be nice and level. From the ground to the center right here is gonna be right about 18-1/2".

So keep that measure in mind, and check your motor home's hitch to match up as close as you can. Roadmaster also included a wiring bracket so we can mount our electrical connector right here, as well as our breakaway switch which is all hidden right back here underneath the bumper so it's a nice, solid structure.If you're looking at base plate for your Ram, Roadmaster does make another one as well, the EZ, or the crossbar style base plate. Now, our direct connect is gonna be just that, we're gonna have a direct connection to our tow bar, so we're not gonna have to deal with that crossbar going on the front of our vehicle, or any other components. Blue Ox also makes a base plate available for our Ram, and it also has a direct connection to their tow bar. However, our Roadmaster is gonna be a much easier installation.

We're only gonna have very minor trimming that we're gonna have to do behind this section in the bumper here, and everything else is gonna be pretty much straightforward to get everything in. Whereas with the Blue Ox it is gonna be a little bit more in depth, and a little bit more drilling involved.Not only is this base plate gonna give us that direct connection directly to our tow bar, but it's also gonna be just that much easier to get it installed than the other base plates. Keep in mind that our base plate is only one component that we need to safely flat tow our Ram down the road. We're also gonna need a tow bar, tow bar wiring, and as well as a braking system.Now that we've seen our base plate and gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get it installed. To begin our installation, we're gonna need to remove the factory toe hooks that are on the front of our Ram.

So we'll come underneath our vehicle, and we're gonna have a total of three bolts that we're gonna have to remove. We're gonna have one here that's bolting our tow hook to the bottom of the frame support here, and then we're also gonna have two nuts on either side of the frame that are holding it in place.So you're gonna wanna grab an 18mm socket to pull those bolts and nuts out. Once we have all the bolts removed, we're actually gonna pull these tow hooks back towards the inside and pull it out that way. And we'll repeat that for the other side as well.Now in order for us to get our receiver brace into this area here, we're either gonna have to trim the plastic grill guard or remove it. We're gonna remove ours, so we're gonna grab a 10mm socket, and we're gonna have two bolts on each side of it that we're gonna have to pull out.

And to remove that plastic grill, we're gonna slide it toward the center. You may have to lift up a little bit in order to clear everything, and we'll pull it out. And we'll do the same thing on the other side as well.If we come where our bumper meets our frame, we're gonna have a small tab right above that lower bolt and nut that we removed earlier. We're either gonna need to cut that tab off or flatten it out with a hammer. You wanna get that as flat as you can, and the tab on the other side is gonna be on the outside of the frame, so they're both gonna be towards the passenger side.On the inner part of our grill I already made a mark of roughly where we need to trim out. You're gonna wanna trim this small section towards the inside or towards the middle of the truck right below the flange of where your bumper meets the frame right here. And we're just gonna cut that relief out so that the main receiver brace can fit through this opening.I'm gonna be using a cutoff wheel, and I'm gonna cut as much as I can out of this section, and then potentially have to get a hammer and bend it out of the way until it breaks off because it's in such a weird spot.So we'll go ahead and clean this up, make the edges a little bit smoother so we don't have any sharp edges on there. Just gonna take a file bit and file it down a little bit. Now that we have this relief cut out here, we're gonna go ahead and repeat that on the other side as well.Now I'm gonna take a little bit of spray paint, because it's never a good idea to leave exposed metal on your car, but you wanna be extra careful when you're spraying, because on the other side is the bumper and we don't want any over spray on there.We can take our main receiver brace, and we're over here on the passenger side. And the way your gonna know you have the right one is that circle, it's gonna have a tab, and you want that tab to be pointing towards the outside of the truck, so we're gonna take our brace and we're gonna slide it in and have that round section go through the area we trimmed, and those two tabs up top are gonna go right over the existing studs that we removed the tow hook from. So it'll sit just like that, and then we're gonna reuse the factory hardware for those two nuts we removed up top. We're just gonna put them loosely in place by hand right now.On the bottom from our brace, it's gonna line up with the bolt hole that our tow hook was mounted on the bottom. So, we're gonna grab our 12mm bolt. Now in the instructions, it is gonna tell you to apply Loctite to all the bolts prior to installing them, and if you need some, you can pick some up at using part number LT37420.So we're just gonna put a nice line going across all the threads, then we're gonna take our 12mm lock washer followed by a 12 mm-hmm (affirmative) flat washer, and we're gonna thread it through the bracket into the bottom where our tow hook was. You may have to push a little bit to get everything lined up, and we're just gonna loosely thread it in just to get it started.Our main receiver brace if we follow it back, we're gonna have an oval hole here, as long with an oval hole going through the support bracket. We're gonna need to enlarge that hole so that we can fit our long 1/2" bolt through both sides. So I'm gonna take that file and I'm gonna file out just a little bit so that my bolt will fit through, and then I'll move to the other side and make sure it fits as well. So now that it will fit through this side, we'll go ahead and file the other side of the hole so that we can get our bolt all of the way through.We're gonna apply Loctite to our bolt as well, then we're gonna take a 1/2" flat washer. We're gonna slide it over our bolt, and coming from the inside, we're gonna pass it through the frame so that it comes out on the other side.On the outside of the frame, we're gonna take a 1/2" plate washer, it's gonna be the large black one in our kit. Slide it over the threads. Then we're gonna take a 1/2" lock washer, and then finally secure it with a 1/2" nut. So with this side done, we'll go ahead and repeat that same process on the other side.For our 12mm bolt, I'm gonna take a 19mm socket, and I'm gonna torque it down to the specified amount in the instructions. I'm gonna repeat that for the other bolt as well.For our 1/2" hardware, I'm gonna take a 3/4" socket and a 3/4" wrench to hold the nut on the other side and torque it down to the specified amount.And then finally, using that 18mm socket, we're gonna torque down the nuts that we're holding down our tow hook. And we'll repeat that for any remaining hardware.We're also gonna have our electrical and breakaway switch bracket that we can mount up. The easiest way to mount this is if we come behind behind the bumper, right below the lower fascia here. We're gonna see we have several fasteners that are holding it to our bumper itself. We wanna find the one in the center and we're gonna be making a few cuts so that we can get our bracket in place.We come to the one in the very center, we're gonna go right below it where the plastic is, and I'm gonna take a small drill bit and I'm gonna drill just to the right of that fastener. Just enough to go through. Then we're gonna move over one fastener and drill just to the right of that as well. So that will be our two marking points, the two holes we just drilled.I went ahead and drew a small section that we're gonna be trimming out in between the two holes that we drilled. And basically, we're gonna be cutting that section out so that we can feed the bracket here through, and it's gonna be mounting on the inside. When you go to cut this section out, you wanna be extremely careful to only cut this lower piece, and you wanna leave that flange that we saw inside where those fasteners are, you wanna leave that intact and only cut the plastic right here.I'm gonna be using a rotary tool, but you can use whatever you have available since it is just plastic. You can use a razor knife. You just wanna be extremely careful to watch out for that flange. Now that we have that section cut out, I'm gonna come back with a razor knife and just clean up the edges so we don't have so much excess plastic.With out hole cut out, we're gonna move back underneath the bumper and remove the two fasteners on each side. So I'm gonna take a trim panel tool, and I'm gonna come underneath the center section, pop that clip out. And them come underneath the outer section and pull the rest of it out. And we'll repeat that for the other one on the other side of the hole we cut.We can take our bracket, I'm gonna take the thin area. I'm gonna slide it into the hole that we cut and then rotate is so that my plug is gonna be facing towards the front. We can see where the bracket came through. The two holes in our bracket, we wanna line up with the two holes that those clips we're going through. Then we're gonna take the 3/8ths bolt that they provide in our kit. We're gonna go through both flanges and then through the bracket.Now, it may be easier to go from the top or bottom. Which ever one's easier for you, but you just wanna make sure you get the hardware in place, get everything lined up. Then we're gonna have a lock washer and a nut that we're gonna put onto the bottom. Now it is a tight fit, just gonna have to have a little bit of patience. Pull down on that lower plastic, make it a little bit easier to get that lock washer on. And place the nut underneath and tighten the bolt, making it a little bit easier just so you don't have to try to get everything underneath that flange. We're gonna repeat that for the other bolt as well. Then we can grab a 9/16ths wrench and socket and tighten up our hardware.Our final step is gonna be putting our draw bars in place. We're gonna put that pin vertically, insert it into the tube, then we're gonna push it until that pin kind of extends out and rotate it until it locks in place.And that'll finish up your look at the Roadmaster Base Plate Kit with removable arms, part number RM-52289-5, on our 2016 Ram 1500.

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