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RoadMaster Falcon Tow Bar Installation - 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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How to Install the RoadMaster Falcon Tow Bar on a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Hi there Jeep owners. Today on your 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install Roadmasters Falcon All-Terrain tow bar. There's five main components you'll need when flat towing your Jeep behind your motorhome, you'll need your tow bar, which is the connection between your motorhome and your vehicle you'll need your safety cables, which is a supplemental connection in addition to our tow bar.We'll need our base plate, which is the connection point on our vehicle so we can attach our tow bar to it, to pull it behind our motor home. It also needs your diode wiring, which takes all of the lighting signals from your motor home and transfers them to the lights at the back of the vehicle. So people behind you know your intentions when going down the road, and lastly you'll need your supplemental braking system, which will apply the brakes in your vehicle when you hit them in your motor home to help you come to a safe stop.The Falcon All-Terrain is one of my top pick tow bars. It's not the best tow bar out there, but it's got all the features that I would want in a tow bar.

And as long as your vehicle's within that 6,000 pound capacity, this tow bar is going to be a great option for you. Some of the features that this tow bar has that the other ones don't, the lower models and things like that is this is a non-binding tow bar. We've got levers here on each side and what will happen is when you go to pull off, when you're flat towing your vehicle, your arms are going to extend and they automatically extend and lock into place and keep your vehicle tracking right behind you.But once you get to your location and you go to unhook, a lot of times in those parks and stuff, they're not quite perfectly even terrain and your motor home and your vehicle might just be slightly different. And that can cause a bind here at the attachment on our base plate. And it can be very difficult to get the pins out, to remove your tow bar in that event.By pulling up on these, it allows the tow bar to release from its fully extended lock position.

And that'll give you just a little bit of play in the arm that makes all the difference in getting those pins out. I also really like the channels that run down each side of the tow bar. This just gives it a cleaner look. And in my opinion, it's going to extend the life of your components that are running down it because they're not down here potentially bouncing down, hitting the road. In most cases, that's not going to happen, but debris and other things could potentially hit it.

And this just keeps everything nice and safe and clean.Now our customer did opt for the night glow coiled cable, because he liked the look of it, but we have straight cables available here at as well that will slide down the channel so you can keep your cables nice and neat as well. Unless your tow bar has a nice gray powder coat finish on it, that gives it a nice look and protects it from the elements.Roadmaster also has tow bar covers available here at that'll slide over and protect your tow bar and it'll keep all of your cables and safety cables and everything up. So we don't have to worry about anything dragging down on the road and it's going to protect everything from the elements, just going to keep a better finish and everything in better working order.When you're ready to use your tow bar, you'll simply just slide it into your hitch and secure it with the included pin and clip. Here on the back we've got our storage release lever, so we're just going to lift it up. And then we're going to pull back on the tab here.

It's going to release it from that bolt head and then we can slide it down out of it's storage position and now we can attach it to our base plate.And you might be looking at this going, "Wait a minute. This doesn't look like what I see here on the website." That's because we have a Demco base plate and the Demco base plate comes with the attachment point. This comes included with the base plate and you have to install it onto your tow bar. The base plate does come with all the hardware you need for Roadmaster tow bar. So you can get these installed easily. So if you do choose the Demco base plate, it'll work just fine with this tow bar.If you're using a Roadmaster or a Blue Ox base plate, we have adapters for the Blue Ox base plates here at etrailer. But this tow bar is going to hook up to any of the Roadmaster base plates. The ends that are on your Roadmaster simply slide in between the two ears on the Roadmaster base plate. And the included pins will just slide through to connect it. What we're going to show you here with our Demco, we're going to remove the cover from our Demco base plate. We can then take the arm here. We're going to lift it up. We're going to extend it, slide it into the slot. And you got to find the right position there, where it slides in all the way and then twist it until it goes into place.And we can then secure it with the included pin. It's going to slide all the way through and then make sure you lock it over on the other side, we'll then hook up our other arm the exact same way. Then we'll hook up our safety cables. Now these don't come included with the tow bar, which you can get them here at We chose to go with a straight set of cables because of our tow bar here.Because if we look down the side of our tow bar, there's a channel and this is going to keep our cables up off the road. It just gives us a much cleaner look. Over on the other side when we attach our cables, we want to make sure we cross these cables before hooking them to our hitch, and this is going to create a cradle. So in the event of a catastrophic disconnect, these are going to meet full taut and it's going to hold this up off the pavement.And now with the rest of our flat tow components hooked up, we're ready to place our Jeep into flat tow mode and ready to hit the road. And that completes our installation of Roadmasters Falcon All-Terrain tow bar on your 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited..

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