RoadMaster Falcon Tow Bar Installation - 2011 Ford Fusion

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How to Install the RoadMaster Falcon Tow Bar on a 2011 Ford Fusion

Ryan: Hey everybody, Ryan here at Today on our 2011 Ford Fusion we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to set up the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar. A tow bar is going to be one of six main components needed to fly it to your Fusion. The other five are going to include a base plate, diode wiring, safety cables, a braking system and a brake light relay.Now our tow bar is going to provide us with a reliable and secure connection point to connect our motor home to our Fusion when we're flat towing it. And one of my favorite things about this particular tow bar is that it's going to have these integrated channels. Now these are going to be used to run our safety cables and our electrical cable through it and that'll help clean everything up and help prevent our cables from dragging on the ground.Now this tow bar is non-binding so what that means if you we're to happen to be on an uneven surface and you needed to disconnect your tow bar, sometimes they get in a bind and you can't even move it.

Well not with this tow bar. It has these levers and all you'd simply do is pull up on the lever and that'll free all the tension. Now the tow bar's weight capacity is rated for 6,000 pounds and that should be more than enough for your Ford Fusion.Now the tow bar is going to work with all Roadmaster base plates and possibly other style base plates with an adapter that is available. Now one of the things I really like about this tow bar is how easy it is to store. You simply just put it in the upright position and it'll latch just like that and then we can fold it down onto the side.

Now one thing I would recommend picking up is a tow bar cover which is a bag that will go over it and help not only protect your tow bar, but what you could do at the same time is take your safety cables and your electrical cable and tuck those into the back as well.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's go ahead and hook our tow bar up together. To set our tow bar up, simply lift it out of the stored position, spread our arms apart, and align them up with our base plate. Take your pen, slide it though the base plate through our tow bar through the other side. Make sure the hole and the pin lines up with the hold on our base plate and we can go ahead and put in our other pin. We do the same thing over on the other side.We can hook up our safety cables which will have the cable running through our tow bar.

We'll also have the cable that comes off of your base plate onto this D-ring and just take the end of the loop, put them together and run our nut down. Do the same thing on the other side. Now we can take our six way wire and plug it into our socket.Now as far as the motor home side goes, we'll first start by plugging our seven way in. Now we can hook up our safety cables. Now one thing I do want to point out is that we want to cross the ends here at the back of the motor home.

What I mean by that is this cable I'm holding here in my hand, this runs to the passenger side of our vehicle, so I'm going to bring it over to the driver's side of our motor home. Same thing. This one runs to the driver's side of the vehicle, so I'll bring it to the passenger side of the motor home.And finally we can take one of the ends of our breakaway switch cable and run that up to the hitch. Now if it doesn't fit around your hitch one thing you can do is take the clip off, feed it over like that, and then clip it to both of the wires. Now with everything hooked up what you would do is put your vehicle into tow mode and then you would drive slowly and do some s-turns and that will get your arms to lock into place.And that'll do it for our look at and the installation of the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar on our 2011 Ford Fusion.

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