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Roadmaster InvisiBrake Braking System Installation - 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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How to Install the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Braking System on a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, which we'll be hauling with the 2017 Coachmen Pursuit on the Ford F53 Chassis, we're gonna take a look at and show you how to install the Roadmaster InvisiBrake supplemental breaking system. Part number is RM-8700.Now, as we apply our brakes in our Coach, you'll see the InvisiBrake apply the brakes in our Jeep. Now we're can apply the brake here in the Coach and watch for the red light to come on. There'll be a slight delay. Then as we release the brake, again with the slight delay, we should see that go off. Now the InvisiBrake also helps prevent overworking of the vehicle's braking system. see more >     

Charles G.


QUESTION: purchased RM-8400 unit from etrailer 2017, installed 1996 GEO, presently installing in 2016 Jeep Wrangler 4dr 4wdr, purchased brake light monitor switch RM-751490, 2nd vehicle install kit RM-98700, and diode protected lighting kit. 1. 2016 Wrangler has NO Steer Locking system referenced by video, please confirm not an issue with model? ___________ 2. 12VDC direct from battery to Invisibrake emergency break-away function will power t brk monitor switch, provides verification of emergency circuit power w/ monitor activation (diode installed prior to circuit POS feed)? ________ 3. Propose master battery disconnect switch located at front bumper to de-energize all circuits other than emergency braking circuits, please confirm not an issue w/ TIPM/EMS systems? _______ 4. Removing all vehicle power should delete requirement for brk lght relay kit RM-88400 kit? ______ 5. Utilizing combination brake/turn lighting harness kit w/diodes at rear lights integrated at Invisibrake unit circuits transitioning into 7 pin cable/receiver includes MH 12VDC power, brk light monitor, (1 non used circuit-MH reverse lght). Main question again, this worked properly with Geo from Anchorage to Fla Keys using a main battery disconnect. Any red flag items with 2016 Jeep interface? __________ Thank you for video, answered: vacuum air install at brk booster, excellent firewall penetration detail, good actuating cable install.

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


1. As long as you perform the actions needed to get your vehicle into tow mode (see your owner's manual) there should be no issues with the steer locking system. 2. The LED indicator needs to be connected to the cold side of your brake light switch so that you can see whenever the brakes on your Jeep are being used. If you were to install it on the emergency break-away power wire then you would only be notified when that pin is pulled. 3. A battery disconnect is not needed for your vehicle so you'll need to reach out to Jeep about any systems that disconnecting it would affect. 4. If the vehicle isn't sending signals to the tail lights then there shouldn't be anything to override the signals coming from your RV. 5. Installing a wiring kit like part # RM-15267 is a great choice (see attached video). I don't know of any issues that would come up if you disconnected the battery from your Jeep. That is something that you would need to take up with Jeep on their end to see if this is something that would work.

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