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Roadmaster Adapter for Jeep D-Ring Bumper Mounts Installation - 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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How to Install the Roadmaster Adapter for Jeep D-Ring Bumper Mounts on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimit

Speaker 1: I'm going to show you how to install the Roadmaster Adapter for Jeep D-ring Bumper Mounts to Roadmaster Motorhome Mount Tow Bars, part number RM-035-1. The five main components for a flat tow set up are your braking system, your wiring, your tow bar, your safety cables and your base plate. This is what our d-ring adapter looks like when it's installed. It's going to stall on the tow bar, and this is going to be for use with your off road aftermarket bumpers with d-rings.It's going to come with the pin and clip. It's also going to come with this sleeve. It's adaptable with all Roadmaster tow bars.

It's going to work with a 7/8 inch hole up to a one inch hole. For a one inch hole or for a 7/8 inch hole or anything under a one inch hole you will not use this sleeve. If it's a one inch hole the sleeve will be used. inaudible 00:00:57 installed you simply pull the clip out, slide your pin, line up your holes, lock it into place and you're ready to go.This is what your d-ring adapters are going to look when you get them. This part right here is going to connect onto your tow bar on the back of your RV.

This pin and this sleeve is what we're going to be putting on to our aftermarket bumper. You can see this here, there's a hole here. We're going to pull this pin out and you're going to have a sleeve. This sleeve is going to slide in the hole so that when you put your pin in there's no play in it.But as you can see our sleeve is not allowing us to go all the way through. So what we're going to have to do is I'm going to take a grinding wheel, or a grinding bit, I'm going to shave that down so it's nice and flat.

So you can see right here in the center the three pieces of metal that we're put together to create this, they we're a little bit off. That's what we we're grinding down. We want to make sure that those three are flat so that sleeve will slide in there like that.Now we can take our adapter and make sure it's going to fit and be able to get our pin through. So you can see we also have another issue. Our pin is not wanting to slide through this sleeve because if you look at our bracket right here it's holding our d-ring down, our adapter down too far.

So rather than modifying this hole we're actually going to cut this section out on the corner on each side so this thing will be able to swivel.What I'm going to use is I'm going to use just a rotary tool with a metal cutting blade and I'm going to just cut out a little rectangle right here. We'll just start this way. Once you have one side done go ahead and repeat the process on the other side. We want to make sure our d-ring will move freely like this. Once you've made your modifications you want to make sure and take some enamel or Rust-Oleum paint and cover the bare metal. It's going to resist any rust or corrosion later on.Now that we've showed you how these install on the Jeep, let me show you how to install them on the tow bar on the back of the RV. Next I'll take our d-ring adapter. This sleeve right here we're actually not going to be using. So we'll remove the nut. And you should be careful because you have some plastic bushings inside there that we will be reusing. So we'll slide that out. So if you can see if this top side here or this neck here turns you're not going to be able to get the pin in.So you want to line that up inside there just like that. Now an easy way to do this is if you turn this where the whole is up straight up and down, set this bottom bushing in and slide your pin up through, and then we'll slide this one inside just like that. Then we'll take a quarter inch Allen wrench, 9/16 socket or wrench, either one. Go ahead and tighten that into place. The good thing about it is it's not going to let you over tighten it. It'll only go so far.And then these will attach to your hitch pin and lynch pin that's on your d-rings on your aftermarket bumper. See you can see we've hooked our tow bar up to our vehicle and you can see that the angle that this is at. This is actually wrong. You don't want to tow your vehicle like this. The reason is because you're putting strain your tow bar, your slide arms. You're putting strain on your d-rings. You're also putting strain on the knuckle down here, and this pin here, and also on your hitch.What you want is you want your tow bar to sit as flat as possible. Because our vehicle is an off road vehicle it's got bigger tires and bigger suspension, what we need to do is we need to raise this end of our tow bar up. That means we'll have to put a high-low adapter on it. What you want to do is measure the center of your hitch on your RV to the center of the hole on your d-ring on your towed vehicle or your Jeep. What we want is we want that measurement to be within three inches.If it's not within three inches that's when you need a high-low adapter. This is the way our tow bar should look when we're flat towing your vehicle, nice and flat, level with the front of our towed vehicle and the back of our RV. That'll do it for the look at the Roadmaster Adapter for Jeep D-Ring Bumper Mounts, part number RM-035-1 on our 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

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