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Roadmaster Quick Disconnect Tow Bar Base Assembly Installation - 2014 Ford Focus

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How to Install the Roadmaster Quick Disconnect Tow Bar Base Assembly on a 2014 Ford Focus

Speaker 1: Today on our 2014 Ford Focus, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Roadmaster Quick Disconnect Tow Bar Base Assembly, part number 910021-00. This is gonna replace either a lost or damaged bar on your Roadmaster Falcon Two, Falcon All-Terrain, Sterling All-Terrain, or the Blackhawk Two All-Terrain Tow Bar Assemblies. I do wanna mention that it's not gonna work with Tracker Tow Bar because the pins are gonna be different sizes.In your kit, you're gonna get the crossbar which is gonna span from one side of the base plate to the other. All the included pins and clips as well as the disconnect bracket that's gonna mount to the base plate itself, as well as all the necessary hardware to get it into place. We remove the pins and clips. You can see how easily we can pull the bar off or reinstall it, if we're by ourselves.

When we're not towing, we can still utilize the removable arms on our base plate, giving us a nice clean look.As you can see, we're gonna have some really strong, heavy duty welds on the steel construction so we know it's gonna last us a long time and the black powder coat finish is gonna keep it looking good over a long period.Now the real nice thing about these is, they are labeled. We're gonna say the passenger side or the driver's side depending on which one you grab. We're gonna start over here on the passenger side. It's gonna tell us which way it faces and we're just gonna line those up with the base plate that's on our vehicle already. Now on the front here, you're gonna see that it has some slotted holes.

We're gonna take that round hole bracket and we're gonna line it up. Then we're gonna take some of the included half-inch bolts, we're gonna slide 'em through that bracket. Once we have 'em in there, we're gonna slide it through our base plate, and on the back side, it's gonna be followed up by a flat washer and then a lock washer and then we're gonna secure it down with a nut.For now, we're gonna get these on there hand tight that way we still have a little bit of adjustment back and forth to when we get that quick disconnect bar in place and we make sure we have adjusted properly. Now that we have one in place, we'll go ahead and do the same thing on the other side.Now to make sure we have 'em lined up properly, you're gonna wanna grab your base bar, that's gonna slide over the top where the tow bar's actually gonna connect. You line up the holes, and we should be able to put it on fairly easy and slide it into place.

Once we have it there, we're gonna go back and snug those bolts up. Again, hand tight, as tight as you can get 'em by hand, so that we can take the bar off and we're gonna go ahead torque 'em down.You wanna grab a three-quarter inch socket and wrench. We're gonna hold the back of the nut while I torque down the bolt. We're gonna find that torque value in our instructions. We're gonna repeat that for all of our remaining bolts.

With the torque down, I wanna go and grab our base bar again. Make sure that we can still slide it on and remove it fairly easily. I'm gonna go ahead and put the pins to connect everything, secure it down. We're gonna hook up to our motor home and hit the road.That'll finish up your look at the Roadmaster Quick Disconnect Tow Bar Base Assembly, part number 910021-00 on our 2014 Ford Focus.

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