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Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit Installation - 2017 GMC Canyon

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How to Install the Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit on a 2017 GMC Canyon

Hello, everybody. Clayton here at Here at your etrailer, we install, test, and review a lot of different products. To help you as a customer, make a more educated decision before your purchase. Today, we're gonna be working on a 2017 GMC Canyon. And we're gonna be taking a look at and I'll be showing you how to install the Roadmaster stop light switch kit.

Our braking system is gonna apply the brakes in our towed vehicle. Bringing it to a safe stop. Not only is it required by law, but I highly recommend it. It's gonna save the brakes on your motorhome. And just make everything a lot more comfortable whenever you're flat towing.

Now, we are gonna have some key components in our flat towing setup. We're gonna have our supplemental braking system of course. The only visible part of that is gonna be our breakaway cable. And this is gonna apply the brakes if we ever we're to become disconnected from our motorhome. We're also gonna have our tow bar.

This is gonna be the key connection point between our motorhome and the base plate on our truck. We're gonna have our diode wiring. This is gonna give us all those necessary lighting functions to let us travel safely. We're gonna have our safety cables. These are just gonna keep everything attached again if we we're to become disconnected.

We're also gonna have a battery disconnect. That battery disconnect is gonna turn our battery off whenever we're flat towing. That way it doesn't run down our battery. And we're also gonna have a stop light switch. And this is gonna give our supplemental braking system the signal for our indicator light. And we're also gonna have a base plate. Our base plate is gonna be that key connection point between our tow bar and the frame of our vehicle. And the reason we're gonna need this is we're not able to tap into our Canyon's stock stop light switch. So adding this is gonna be able to get our signal to our indicator light. That way we can see in our rear view camera when our brakes are being applied. We're gonna be installing that on our brake pedal arm here. We're going to follow that up. And as you can see, right here is going to be our stop light switch. This uses a bracket mounted to the firewall to help secure our stop light switch so it's not gonna move. So, if we don't have this stop light switch kit, we're not gonna be able to use our indicator light for our supplemental braking system. So, it is very necessary to make sure we are able to see that our braking system is working. Now, one thing I do like about this kit is everything's going to be included. And there are a couple of different ways to hook it up, so you can hook it up to your preference. Now, in terms of installation, getting it installed really isn't that bad. It is kind of tight underneath the dash, but it's definitely something that you guys could do at home. That being said, let's head in the shop and I'll show you how to get it installed. To begin our install, we're gonna go up to our brake pedal arm. We're gonna follow that brake pedal arm up the firewall. We're gonna have a 13 millimeter nut to remove right here. With that nut off, we can then grab our bracket. We're gonna slide that over that stud. And then reinstall that nut. We then wanna grab our switch. I'm gonna take that front nut off with our star washer. I'm gonna leave this back nut on. This is gonna help us determine the depth of our actual switch. We want this switch pressed against the brake pedal. Or whenever the brake is not being pressed, we want this plunger all the way down. That way, when we release the brake, it opens up that circuit, sending our signal. So again, we want this plunger all the way down against our brake pedal arm. With our stop light switch in and those nuts tightened, you just wanna look under there and double check, and make sure that that plunger is releasing whenever you press the brakes. And in this case, it is so we know we're good. We're ready to make our wiring connections. I'll go ahead and do it and then show you. Now, that our connection's made under our dash, and connected our indicator light to our stop light switch. And we had our other connection here. This goes to our black wire from our operating unit and our g-force controller. And this other wire is the power wire for our stop light switch. Now, we can go through and clean up all of our wiring. We do need to get our power wire ran for our stop light switch. I just grabbed a longer black wire. That way, it's long enough to get through the firewall. You can also find wiring here at etrailer. And we wanna run this through the firewall, like we did the rest of our wires, with that airline tube. And we're now ready to install our fuse holder. I'm gonna grab our power wire. Kind of route that over to the battery in the best way possible. We're just gonna run this down with the rest of our wiring. We're gonna cut our wire down here. We're gonna strip back this end. We can grab our fuse holder. I'm gonna strip back both ends here. And then, one end here is gonna get a heat shrink butt connector. And the other is going to get the ring terminal. We just wanna come back and shrink that butt connector down. We're now gonna add some electrical tape to help ensure a good connection. If you don't have any electrical tape, you can find some here at etrailer. We're gonna be adding that ring terminal to the side with our fuse holder on our battery disconnect. Now, we just wanna install our provided 10 amp fuse. And with everything working properly. we know we're ready to hit the road. That's gonna do it for our look at and our installation of Roadmaster's stop light switch kit for our 2017 GMC Canyon..

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