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Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit Installation - 2014 Ford C-Max

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How to Install the Roadmaster Stop Light Switch Kit on a 2014 Ford C-Max

Today on this 2014 Ford C-max, we're going to install part number RN-751459 from Road Master. This is Road Master stoplight switch kit. To start off, we'll go ahead and work with our bracket that comes with the kit and your actual stoplight switch. What we're going to do is install the two together for now loosely. Then I'm going to run this about three threads past the edge of the nut. We'll tighten this one down.

Then we'll go ahead and pull the bracket up to the two existing holes underneath the dash that will line up with this. We'll just have to make sure that the brake pedal depresses inaudible 00:51 here. We'll probably end up doing a few tests because every vehicle is going to be a little bit different. We're starting off this way. We'll go ahead and show you where it mounts up. All right, we'll go ahead and line up the holes of the bracket.

You can see that the tab depresses down on the brake switch. For our initial test, it should be good to go. Let's go ahead and bolt our bracket up to these two existing holes right here. All right, just go ahead and attach our bracket using the supplied hardware. Once you have it in place, then you double check it for operation.

I think we'll be good to go. Once this has the operation of switch, we'll go ahead and tighten it up. All right, let's go ahead and start making our wire connection. This will be for our power supply. First, we're going to get our power supply from the fuse panel that's underneath here. To pull a wire through, we're going to use an old piece of airline tubing to push it through to the other side.

We'll use that to pull our wire through. All right, in our fuse panel is behind this kick panel right here. There's a little small fitting, a little fitting you squeeze together. There's one on each side. Then we'll go ahead and pull our panel out of the way. Now we can find our fuses. Now we're going to use this fuse right here. We've verified the operation of it. Code the key in the off position. We still have power. We'll go ahead and pull that fuse and set it to the side for now. Now we've got to find the cold side of the socket. We test one side. We've got power. The other side has no power. We'll go ahead and mark our fuse panel and what side is cold. We'll use a paint marker to identify it. All right, let's get our power wire ready. This is our fuse holder. The fuse is already inside. We'll go ahead and add our terminal to the end here. We'll use a small red terminal that comes with the kit, as well as the fuse tap. This is the fuse we pulled out earlier. Set that to the side. We'll talk our fuse tap. We'll slide it over to one of the prongs of the fuse. This is a tight fit, so I may have to work with it a little bit. You rock it back and forth and grab it with some needle nose. Get it to come over the top. Pop over the top. Take a fuse tap, push into a terminal. One side is done. We'll get the other end and we'll add one of the blue terminals. This end will go to the brake switch. Let's attach this end to our pull wire and pull this on through to the other side to our switch. We're using some electrical tape to make our connection and we'll go ahead and pull it on through. We'll go ahead and take our terminal and put it on to one of the tabs on the switch. It doesn't really matter which one. We'll go ahead and put our fuse back in and then we'll go ahead and put our fuse tap aside on the closed side of the socket. All right, next we'll go ahead and look for a green wire that will go to the other side of our brake switch. We'll go ahead and add another terminal to the end of the blue one. This will go to the other tab on our brake switch. Then our green wire will go over to our supplementary braking system. At this point our green wire will go to whatever supplementary braking device that needs its own brake signal. Let's go ahead and put this in our tab and we're good to go. Now, we're done with all our electrical connections. We'll go ahead and put our panel back up for our fuses. Then we'll secure our extra length to the wire with some zip ties. Zip ties don't come with the kit, so it's always a good idea to get extra zip ties whenever you do some wiring. We can tuck our excess behind the plastic here and we'll be good to go. Our green wire, we'll go ahead and give it a test run. Let's go ahead and double check it. Our test light will act the same thing as whatever our supplemental braking system needs. It turns on the light when we hit our brake pedal. Now we proved that our brake switch is working. Now would be a good time to install the rest of your supplemental braking system. That will do if for part number RN-751459. This is the Road Master stoplight switch kit on our 2014 Ford C-max. .

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