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Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit Installation - 2006 Hummer H3

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How to Install the Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit on a 2006 Hummer H3

On this 2006 Hummer H3 we're going to show you the Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit. Part Number 2505-1. All right this is what the base plate looks like when it's installed on our hummer. These are attachment points for your tow bar. These attach points are actually removable. They have a safety cable that goes between this attachment point and eventually to your tow bar, and also to the base plate itself. I'll go ahead and take this one apart real fast so you can see how it comes apart. All right to take it apart we'll take our quick link off .. We'll get that loosened up.

Pull this pin in our clip. Pull it apart. This whole assembly can be removed. So when your vehicle is not being towed behind the RV it has a much cleaner look. This tab will line up with this tab here. That way you can add a small lock to it to help keep it secure. Now that the attachment points removed, there's not much to see but the receiver braces themselves.

Now these receiver braces do have the powder coat finish to help protect the metal. They go up underneath the bumper here. Also some modifications to the skid shield and it bolts up to the frame. What's nice about this is that it uses all existing holes in the frame, no drilling required. Aside from these two parts here. There's also a cross bar that comes with the kit as well. With this base plate a good match for it with this vehicle will be part number RM-520.

The Roadmaster Falcon Tow Bar. Next we'll go ahead and show you how we installed the base plate. First up we'll go ahead and remove the rivet that holds the thinner liner to the frame. That's this one right here on the drivers side. There's a small slot for a screw driver, you can pop it in there and work up the centers. Then pull the whole thing out. On our passenger side it's actually at the top of the thinner liner here.

So we'll go ahead and remove it. Now the rock guard here, gets temporarily removed. There'll be four bolts. Two here, and there's two at the bottom. However on this vehicle here we only got one on the bottom. To remove these bolts we'll need a 13mm socket. Okay, next we'll move on to this sway bar here. We just have to loosen up these mounts. There's a bolt here, and here. We'll use a 10mm socket. This is our driver side, we'll do the same thing on the passenger side. Just allow it to hang down from it's remaining attachment points. At this point our H3 is ready to install the base plate hardware. We have a 4 and a half inch long bolt, and it's 2 by 3 plate. We're also going to add some Red LOCTITE 00:02:56 to it . Get it ready to install. Pull back the fender liner, take our bolt. Run it through the opening here, it's right next to the body mount and now through the frame. Now we can go ahead and put one of our receiver braces up in the place. This is one for a passenger side. We'll tilt this corner up into the frame like this, and the rotate it up along side the frame. We'll pull this bolt back out a little bit, and then run it through the brace on the other side. Then we'll loosely install for now, a half inch lock washer and nut. Take a look at our plate here. It slides up alongside the frame and just inside of the radiator. Moving on towards the front of the vehicle, towards the bumper on the frame. We need to install two more 4 and a half inch bolts. These will install from this direction. So push the plate up, line it up with the hole. They run through the outside of the frame. There's one more all the way up towards the front of the bumper you have to kind of reach in and push through. Now it's really hard to see so you kind of have to go by feel for that, to run it through the frame. Before we install these bolts into the frame we'll also add some LOCTITE to these guys as well. Pretty much all our hardware will get LOCTITE applied to it. This component right here is next up. These two holes go over bolts we just put into palace. These two holes will line up with these two threaded holes on receiver brace. After a brace is in place on the bolts we'll add the lock washer and nut. Of course the one closest to the bumper, you'll have to go by feel. Now we'll install the fasteners for these two holes here. Now we need to use the inch and a half long bolts for this purpose here. There's some shorter ones in there, so don't get them mixed up. Our bolt, and a lock washer, and some LOCTITE, put these guys together. Ones done, same one on this one. We'll take a break from this side and we'll go ahead and repeat the same process we did on our passenger side here, do that over on the driver side. Now both braces installed, still loose. We need to install this cross brace. This will sit on top of the braces, with these two tabs. Now we'll use the shortest of our bolts right here. Run it through here. The crossbar already has threads installed in it so we just run these together. One, two, and same thing on the other side. Now you can go ahead and put our sway bar back into place. The kit comes with new hardware to replace the factory hardware. Flat washer, lock washer, and a bolt. Driver's side done, one more time on the passenger side. To help us install the hardware I'm using this 17mm socket. All right now at this point all our hardware is installed so we can go ahead and tighten down and torque the bolts down as specified in the instructions. We'll start with our sway bar bolts, and this will be the same on both sides of the vehicle. Now we'll do the other side the same way and then we'll do our cross bar. Before we put our rock guard back up in place we got to cut open this material here, and here to make room for the braces. You can use a reciprocating saw, like I've got here, or a hand saw, or cutting wheel. Now you do want to do a series of tests to see how much material you have to cut out. Around the area, around the bolts here, we had to cut out a pretty good section for it to go up and around and over. It'd be a good idea to keep the cuts not so tight around the components. It'll make it easier to take it off and on when you do maintenance on the vehicle. Now at this point your base plate is fully installed on the vehicle. A couple last details is our safety chains; they go from our base plate. They'll eventually go ahead and connect up to your tow bar. We're going to us the provided quick link. Put that into place, and then our cable. Then tighten it up. At this point we'll go ahead and put our attachments for our tow bar . In the instructions they call these the weldments. They just go into place. Line up these two tabs right here. You can put a lock in there to secure it in place. Then we'll install the pin and a clip on the other side. With that our install is complete. If you're going to leave the weldments or attachment points in place, it might be a good idea to simply zip tie these, up here for now . Or you can take this whole assembly back a loose if you'd like. That'll finish it for the Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit. Part Number 2505-1. On this 2006 Hummer H3.

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