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Yakima Roof Rack Installation - 2018 Ford Edge

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How to Install the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2018 Ford Edge

Today on our 2018 Ford Edge we're gonna be doing a test fit on the Yakima JetStream Crossbar Roof Rack System. This Yakima Roof Rack System is gonna allow us to carry roof mounted accessories on our Ford Edge, things like bike racks, kayak carriers, cargo boxes, and much more. It features an aerodynamic design. Like anything we put on our Ford Edge's roof, it's gonna make noise. This design is gonna be a lot quieter than your traditional round, or square bars.Now, it's gonna work with your clamp on accessories as well as your T slot accessories. What makes this crossbar different is that we don't have to remove and trim that rubber strip.

With this one, our T slot accessories simply push down and slide into your desired location. When we're all done that end cap just clips back in place.Now, there are multiple roof rack systems that have that aerodynamic design that fit this Ford Edge. What separates this one from those is that it actually gives us a little bit more clearance for our accessories. What I mean is, from the top of the roof to the other side of the bar is about 3 1/2", so where that extra clearance is gonna come in is when we're operating our panoramic roof. As you could see with it open here in the front we've got more than enough room, but here in the back our clearance is about 2" to the underside, and about 3" to the top side.

With other roof rack systems you may not have enough room for that strap to go underneath those clamp on accessories.The crossbars are held in place by four baseline towers. The towers are padded. That way they don't harm, or scratch our Edge's roof. Here underneath our cover, you can see it hides our hardware, so it can't be tampered with. Now, if we'd like we can pick up some Yakima locking cores.

That way no one can access our cover, but us. You could pick up four, one for each tower with part number Y07204, so that'll give you the locking core and the key.Now, each tower is held in place by a Yakima base clip. It's specifically designed to work with your Ford Edge. You can see how it clips on the inside of the door here. It too is rubber coated, so it doesn't harm, or scratch that finish.Now, the whole system has 165 pound weight capacity.

You do however want to check with your Edge's Owner's Manual to see if the roof can support that much weight. Now, we do have the panoramic roof option, so it might be a little bit less, but be sure to check that out and go with whatever capacity is less.Now, when we go to the features I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Now, I've already got my front crossbar in place. Per my instructions, I take a measurement from the corner of my windshield. I measure up to the beginning portion of the pad on each side, and I've got my placement. The rear crossbar installs very similar. Let's go ahead and do it together. I've got one side assembled on my crossbar. Let's do the other side.We'll start by grabbing the baseline tower. We'll take our adapter that just clips into place. Listen for the click. Then we'll take the anchor, this goes down through the top. We can hold it in place, and then turn it over. Now, the screw is just underneath this area here. On this side, we can pull out the little gate and that opened up, so we can see the bolt there. What we want to do is go ahead and tighten this down, but not all the way just yet. We just want it loosely installed. From here, we can turn our crossbar over, and we want to slide it onto the channel onto the underside here. Now, we've got the black bracket here and the metal portion. Both of these need to slide within the channel here.Now, once we've got it slid on, I'm not sure if you can see the little scale here, it's all numbered. Once we've got it set, we then need to make sure our pitch, and our tow is setting correctly. We're gonna go with the middle line on both. As I adjust this portion here it moves it. Like I said, we just need to make sure that both are on the center line. Once we've done that, we can tighten it down. Now, our tool has an integrated torquing device. Once we have it plenty tight it clicks.From here, we can put on our end cap just to get that out of the way. It just snaps into place, and then we'll grab our pad. We want to be sure that the notch portion faces out away from the center, and we'll push this in place just like that. It should move freely like this. Now, we can turn it back over. We can go ahead an put on our hook. That just slips underneath. Now, it's different from the front, so we'll just need to be sure that we have the correct number, and you can find that in your instructions. That slides up underneath here, and clips into place.With everything assembled we're ready to set it in place. It's a good idea to open up the Ford Edge's doors. We're gonna gently rest it in place in the general area. From here, we just need to make sure that we've got the correct distance between the two crossbars. We'll grab our tape measure. Per the instructions, it needs to be 32" from the front of the crossbar to the front of this crossbar. We're almost there. Once we've got this side, we'll need to do it for both sides. Okay, that looks pretty good. Now, we'll grab our included tool once again.Now, there's a few things we need to be sure of here before we start tightening anything down. We'll need to be sure that the pad is sitting correctly within the glass on our panoramic roof, and the metal portion here, so within the channel. You can see how the pad is notched out like that, so we'll just be sure it's in the correct spot. Now, from here we need make sure that the hook is resting on the metal, and that we got all that excess taken out of it. When you do that we'll take our included tool and tighten down this one first. That's going to angle the hook, so it's resting properly on the door there.Once we've got that done, we can then come underneath here, and tighten this up. Give it a few turns, all right. Now, I'm gonna give it a few extra turns over here, but what we want to do is tighten each side down evenly. That way the pad sits correctly here, so as we tighten this up it's gonna draw that pad down, and give a nice fit. Again, when it clicks that's how we know we've got it plenty tightened. Get both sides to where they're clicking. We're good to close up the door here. Close the door here. We can shut our Edge's doors, and put on our covers. But with everything in place we're ready to load up our favorite Yakima roof mounted accessory and head down the road.That's gonna complete our test fit of the Yakima JetStream Crossbar Roof Rack System on our 2018 Ford Edge.

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