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SeaSucker Komodo Trunk Bike Rack Review - 2010 Audi Q5

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Review of the SeaSucker Komodo Trunk Bike Rack on a 2010 Audi Q5

Today on our 2010 Audi Q5 we're going to be doing a test fit of the Seasucker Komodo bike rack. That's part number 298-BK1910-BK. This is for the black color, but it's also available in aqua blue, gold, and silver. This suction-mounted bike rack can adhere to your Audi's roof or rear hatch. Four vacuum cups offer 210 pounds of pull strength each. As you can see with it in in place, it's not going anywhere. I'm actually shaking the whole Audi.

It secures our bike in two places. At the front we've got a 9mm quick release skewer. Here at the rear we've got a ratchet strap to secure the rear wheel in place. Now we'll show you how easy it is to install. You want to be sure you're working with a clean surface. I've already gone ahead and moistened the bottom of my vacuum cups.

I'm going to put it in place, make sure all of my vacuum cups make contact, then I'll push down and begin depressing the pump cylinder. I'm going to pump each of my cylinders until the orange band disappears. To load it up, we'll undo our strap and then fold out the tail until it clicks in place. We'll also want to make sure that our skewer is opened up, ready to accept our fork. Then we can set our bike in place. Want to be sure to remove that front tire.

For the rear, we'll make sure that our cradle is adjusted up and we'll rest that in place. Then we can tighten up our skewer and close it up. Here at the rear we'll run our strap between our spokes and into the ratchet. That's going to complete our test fit of the Seasucker Komodo bike rack on our 2010 Audi Q5. Here on our test course let's first go into our slalom. This is going to show side to side action such as going around corners or evasive maneuvering. Then on to our solid speed bumps.

This is going to show an up and down action such as pulling in and out of a driveway or out of a parking lot. Then finally on to our alternating speed bumps. This is going to show a twisting action such as going over potholes or uneven pavement.

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