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Lippert RV Manual Pull-Out Step Installation

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How to Install the Lippert RV Manual Pull-Out Step

Today were going to install the Stromberg Carlson RV manual pull out step with a 9 inch drop part #: SM-24-39. Now weve already measured for the replacement stairs. All well need to do is to locate the four mounting points for our stairs. Youll see here that there are four carriage bolts with a lock washer and a nut on the other side. We can go underneath the trailer and undo the fascia allowing us to get our arm up and undo the nuts for the stairs mounting. Now here on the well repeat the same process removing the bolts holding the fascia on.

We can then gain access to the two nuts, removing them which will finally allow us to remove the stairs. Once weve undone all the nuts well remove the lock washers, well now go ahead and get an extra set of hands to help you hold the stairs up while we remove the bolts and allow the stairs to come down. With our stairs now removed from the trailer were ready to go ahead and install our new stairs. Again, well need a set of hands to help you hold it up while we install our hardware. Now that we have all four carriage bolts in we can go ahead and install the lock washers and run the nuts on tightening them down.

After securing all our hardware we can go ahead and reinstall the fascia trim underneath. Well now go ahead and unfold the stairs to make sure that theyre not hitting anything and are staying square. And that will do it for the installation of the Stromberg Carlson RV manual pull out steps part #: SM-24-39.

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