Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2020 Cadillac XT4

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How to Install the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2020 Cadillac XT4

Ryan: Hey, everybody. My name is Ryan, and here at etrailer we install, test fit, and review a lot of different parts, that way we can try to answer any questions those of you might have. And that's exactly what we're doing here today on our 2020 Cadillac XT4. We're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Tekonsha T-connector vehicle wiring harness.So I see Cadillac owners using their SUVs to do a little bit of everything. So whether you plan on doing some towing or even have a light up accessory like a cargo carrier, you're going to need a connector plug. That way all those lighting functions will transfer from the back of your Cadillac to the back of your trailer, keeping you safe and legal.So one really nice thing about this wiring is how you can mount it inside of this area here.

It's really easy to get to and use whenever you're ready to plug into it, but whenever you're not using it, you can keep everything hidden because it fits behind the factory appearance panel. So when you're all wrapped up, done pulling your trailer, whatever it is you might be doing, you can simply put that panel back in place, lock it down, and you're not even going to know that you have any wiring back here.Now I will say one thing I would have liked to have seen is if the wiring kit actually came with a bracket, one like this here, but not really a huge deal. If you want to mount your wiring up similar to this, you can find a bracket right here at etrailer. But at the end of the day, a wiring kit, that's really going to put your mind at ease, feeling safe as you're pulling your trailer down the road. That way other motorists can see you and know what your intentions are as you're driving.But with that being said, probably the best part about this kit is how easy it's going to be to get installed.

And I say that because Cadillac already has a factory connector plug right here in this area. So literally all we have to do is more or less plug our wiring into it. So it's very straightforward and shouldn't really give you any issues at all. Speaking of which, let's go ahead and do that together now.To begin our installation, we're going to be here at the back of our Cadillac. And obviously we have our rear fascia moved, and we're going to do the wiring at the same time as we're doing the hitch.

That's why everything is off. It's a lot easier to get to the connector because we have all this room to work. But with that being said, you still can install your wiring with your fascia and everything on. We just wanted to do it this way so you could actually see what's going on.With that being said, this is our factory connector that we need to plug our wiring into, and we need to remove this dummy plug here. It's just an empty cap to keep the actual connector protected.

So you'll see the red tab, push down on it and push down in the center, and you're able to remove the dummy plug. So we'll set that to the side, and then we will grab our actual wiring harness here. And one end of it is going to line up with this connector.I do suggest taking some dielectric grease. you can find it here at each trailer, just putting a small bead on this terminals, and that'll help keep it protected from corrosion. And this is just going to plug right in. Now that I have it plugged in, what I'll do is route my wiring down to my hitch, where I'm going to mount it. And once I have that done, I'll show you how it turned out.So I went ahead and secured and routed our wiring. And this is how it turned out. All the extra slack in the wire, I just kind of zip-tied up to this factory harness to keep it secure. But the four-pole connector actually just drops down to our hitch where I mounted the connector in a bracket here. Before we go any further, it'd be a good idea to test the wiring. So I'll plug in this small tester. Then we can hop inside of our Cadillac and run through the signals.So we'll go ahead and toss out our left turn signal, our right turn signal, our brake lights, as well as our running lights. And that'll finish up our look at and our installation of the Tekonsha T-One vehicle wiring harness on our 2020 Cadillac XT4.

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