Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2020 Chevrolet Equinox

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How to Install the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2020 Chevrolet Equinox

Ryan: Hey, everybody. Ryan here at etrailer. Today, on our 2020 Chevrolet Equinox, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Tekonsha T-One vehicle wiring harness. The trailer wiring is going to provide your trailer with the necessary lighting functions, not only to remain safe, but legal. And not to mention, there are some hitch-mounted accessories like cargo carriers, for example, that actually have lights on them. And most of them will work perfectly with this type of connector as well.

One thing I really like about this wiring is the fact that it's going to utilize the factory wiring that's already there, which makes it super easy and convenient to get our trailer signals back here. Now, I do want to point out not all Equinoxes are going to have that factory plug for us to utilize. Some different types of models will have it. Some that have different packages will. It just depends on the exact model of your Equinox.Now, a real quick way to check and see if you can use this wiring with that factory plug is just to look behind your bumper.

Right here in this area, you can see it pretty easily, and what you're going to be looking for is that factory plug. If you have that plug, then you know you'll be able to use this setup. But with that being said, the wiring's going to be really well-built, which is important since it is going to be mounted and live outside of the vehicle here, should last you a long time. It's going to have a rubber cap here that covers up our terminals, which is really thick and heavy-duty. Now, even though this cap protect our terminals, I do recommend, from time to time, to apply some dielectric grease on them, just to go that extra mile.The maximum power that this is going to provide for all of our lighting signals is 7.5 amps per circuit.

More or less, what that means is we're going to have more than enough power to not only illuminate newer style LED bulbs, but also the older style incandescent lights. And if your hitch doesn't come included with a bracket that allows you to mount up some wiring, there are many different types and sizes available here at etrailer that you can pick up. That way, you can set yours up like this.But at the end of the day, a super convenient way to get our trailer and lighting signals. Now, as far as the installation goes, it's really straightforward, really nothing to it at all. And doesn't take hardly any time.

Speaking of which, let's go ahead and do that together now. To begin our installation, we're going to be here at the back of our Equinox, and we're going to need to locate our factory plug. It's going to be located just behind our bumper right here in this area. Now, to give us a little bit more room to work, we can actually remove this one seven millimeter bolt. That way it'll allow us to pull down on our fascia and make it easier to see and get to. So I'll grab my seven millimeter socket and just pull that out.If you look out behind our bumper, this is the factory plug that we're looking for. One end will have some wires going to it; it'll be a connector. And the other end will just be a dummy plug, which is more or less a cap just to help keep that connector protected. What you can do is just pull down on it, and that'll separate it from the wiring it was attached to, make it a little easier to work with. And what we're going to do is remove this dummy cap here. Push back on that red connector and push down on the center tab, you're able to separate the two.Now, we can grab our new wiring end and get it plugged into our factory connector. What I'm going to do, though, is take some dielectric grease, just put a little coating over the terminals just to help prevent it from any corrosion. If you need some of this grease, you can pick it up here at etrailer. Now that we have that covered, you can grab our factory connector and plug the two in together. Now, this can only get plugged in one way, so you don't have to worry about doing it wrong or anything like that. I went ahead and used some of our included zip ties just to secure our wiring up and out of the way. And I ran our four-way flat connector over here to the bracket on our hitch. Now that we're done underneath our car, we can reinstall our bolts that we removed earlier.Now, what we need to do is open up the hatch on the back of our Equinox and get to the fuse panel back here to make sure we have the appropriate relays installed. Panels going to be right here on the driver's side. Just grab that with your fingernail, pry it out of the way. Now, in our case, we have our relay installed from the factory, which is this one right here, so we don't need to worry about installing the relays that come included. If yours does not have this relay installed, you'd simply just push the relays into the correct position, which is indicated in the instructions. But since we have ours in from the factory, we know we're good. We can put our panel back in place and test our wiring out to make sure that it functions properly.To test our wiring, you can simply plug into your trailer or use a tester like this, which you can find here at etrailer. I'll go ahead and start up our car. And the first thing I'm going to try is my left turn signal, my right turn signal, my brake lights, and my running lights. That'll finish up our look at and our installation of the Tekonsha T-One vehicle wiring harness on our 2020 Chevy Equinox.

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