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Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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How to Install the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector, part number 118727.This is what our wiring looks like when it's installed. You can see here our customer has purchased a 4-pole bracket. This is going to give you all the proper functions for your trailer, your brake lights, both turn signals, your tail lights, and your ground. Again, you have a dust cap that is on this wiring. It's going to help keep the elements off of all of your connections, help them keep from corroding. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get it installed.This is what you get in your kit.

You're going to get your power wire that's going to run up to your battery, a fuse holder, a few extra parts to get it installed, and your wiring connector. What's most important is this box right here. This is going to be your modular box. What this is going to do .. So let's say you are hauling a trailer, and your trailer has a wiring problem that you're unaware of.

This box is going to protect your factory wiring in your vehicle from any back feed from that issue coming from the trailer.First thing we need to do to start our installation is we need to open our hatch, and gain access to these two push pins on the tail lights. Now you're going to have two push pins on the driver's side and two push pins on the passenger side. We're going to start on our driver's side. We're just going to take a flathead screwdriver and you want to pry just like this. I'm going to pry the center of this pin out.

Do the same thing with this one. Gently start to pull our tail light back until it comes out like this. Now we're going to disconnect our wiring here. The red tabs, we're going to pull up on them like that, and this center, you're going to push down, and just pull out. Same thing here.

Pull up, push in on the center, and pull out. Same goes for this gray one. Then we'll set our tail light aside.What I need to do is I need to get the proper connections up to these wires. Now all this is not going to fit down through, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take an airline hose, I'm going to drop it down, and then I'm going to connect, or tape, the end that I need to the end of that airline hose and I'm going to pull it back up. The one we're going to be pulling up through the bumper here on the driver's side is going to be the one with the yellow wire and white. Also, we're going to be pulling up the brown and white wire. Now that we have it taped, all we're going to have to do is just gently start to pull it up. Now this is kind of tight in here, so you want to make sure you're not pulling on it real hard. It will come through, you just kind of have to move it around a little bit.Next thing we're going to do is we're going to match our connectors. We have a two prong connector, make sure you push your red tabs down. Now we're going to reconnect our tail light. We'll start with our bottom gray one here. Make sure you push the red tab back in. Our two prong, and finally the top one here. Now when you connect these you're not going to be able to mix them up. They're only going to connect on way. You just want to make sure you have the yellow and brown on the driver's side. Now we're going to take our extra, push it down inside behind the bumper here. Once you've got that in place, you can reinstall the tail light assembly. Now we can put our push pin fasteners back in place.Here on our passenger side we're going to do the same thing. Now while we're up on top of the vehicle, we're going to go ahead and put our airline tube down through our bumper like this. Same way we did on the driver's side. Next thing we're going to do is our black power wire that's coming off our modular box, we're going to take our black power wire that we get in our kit, we're going to strip the end of it. You're going to get a heat shrink butt connector, and you're going to crimp that on to one end of one of the black wires. Then you're other end will fit in the other end of the butt connector and crimp that down. Next we'll take a heat gun, and we'll shrink up our butt connector. You want to make sure whatever you're pointing at is not going to melt or catch on fire. Next I'm going to wrap this butt connector with some electrical tape just to give it a little extra protection.Next thing we're going to do is we need to mount our modular box. Now your kit comes with some two sided tape. Right on the front side of this panel here is a flat spot. It's well hidden behind the bumper and you're not going to have to worry about too much of the elements getting to it. What we're going to do is we're going to take some rubbing alcohol and just a paper towel. Once you find a spot, you want to clean it off, make sure it's good and clean. Then you want to clean off the back of the box. Then we'll take our two sided tape, stick it on the back of our box first. Make sure you press it into place good so you have a good hold on it. Peel off the other end. Then I'll stick our box into place. Again, make sure you press that into place so you make sure you have a good hold on it.Next I'm going to put my ground wire in. I'm going to take my self-tapping screw that comes in the kit and a 1/4" socket, and we're going to put it in. You want to find some good metal, like this is doubled up here. This would be a good ground, but you can pretty much put it anywhere along the body as long as it's clean. You want to make sure that you don't tighten it so tight that you break the ring terminal. You just want it in where it's not going to move.Next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to route my 4-pole and my green wire across the back of my bumper here. Now right up underneath here there are some brackets that hold my bumper fascia on. There's one here, and there's one over on this side. I'm going to run my wire right behind that. Take our green wire and we're going to go all the way across to the passenger side. Take the 4-pole around here, and we're just going to let the 4-pole hang here for now. Here on our passenger side, you'll notice our tail pipe. You want to make sure when you run the wire across and up to the tail light you stay away from this. If you look right up here, there's a gap right on top of this bumper beam. Now I've already ran my airline hose down, I can't fit my hand in behind the fascia, so I'm going to take my airline tube, run it over the top like this, and I'm going to connect it to my wires on this side. I'm going to go ahead and pull my wire over the top here like this.Now we can start pulling up our wire here on our passenger side. You want to make sure that you check every once in a while to make sure that your wire is not wrapped around your exhaust pipe. Now we can reconnect our tail lights. Now we can reinstall our tail light the same way you did the driver's side.Our customer today is going to be getting a 4-pole bracket. If you choose not to use the bracket, you'll have a lot of extra wiring to get to your trailer wiring if needed. What I'm going to be doing with this is I'm going to be mounting this right up here on the bottom of the hitch. I'm just going to bundle up the rest of this and zip tie it to the back. One thing to keep in mind is you see this bracket right here on this hitch, it's already welded to the hitch. If your hitch doesn't have one of those, and you want to go this route with a 4-pole bracket, you would have to also purchase a long bracket that will connect around your hitch. Then I'm going to take my extra wiring here, I'm going to bundle it up like this, and I think I'm going to zip tie it right up here to this factory wiring. Now you'll notice I have my green wire in here too. I took my extra green wire that's coming from the passenger side, and I'm going to go ahead and bundle it up in here with it.Next we're going to run our power wire up to the front of our vehicle. Let me get that done real quick, and I'll show you how I did it. You want to make sure when you run your power wire to the front of the vehicle you stay away from any moving parts or any heat. What I did is I ran it right here towards this factory wiring, ran it across zip tying along the way. I went over the top of all of this, went through this bracket that's running along the bottom of this tank. We'll have another bracket here. Then I attached it to this factory wiring here, right along this edge. Now what I did here is instead of taking the wiring and going underneath the frame, you can actually feed the wire through this hole in the side of the frame and out of this one. That way it's protected.I did the same thing I did with my tail lights. Had an airline tube that I ran down from my battery. You can see here is my heat shield. I fed it right behind that. Now I'm going to take my power wire, I'm just going to feed it into the end like this. Now we'll pull our airline tube up with our wire like this. One thing I do recommend is before you do any cutting or trimming to attach to your battery, make sure you check underneath to make sure it's not caught on anything. If you cut it, you're going to have some wire hanging there. We don't want to do that.Now we're going to have two options of where we want to put it. You're going to have one here. Then you're going to have another one right here under the fuse panel. You can pick either one. I am going to put it on this one here only because we're going to be putting on a fuse holder. The fuse holder can rest inside of here. We don't have to worry about it getting caught on anything. I'm going to take my power wire, and right back on this back side you'll be able to feed it through like this. We'll cut our wire down, strip the ends, put on another heat shrink butt connector and crimp it down. Then you're going to take your fuse holder, we're going to cut it in half, and then we're going to strip both of these ends. One end is going to go inside of our butt connector like that. Our other end is going to get the ring terminal that comes in your kit. Get that crimped down. We'll then wrap up this with some electrical tape. Then we'll shrink that up, and wrap it up with some tape.Next we'll take a 13 millimeter socket and we're going to remove this large nut on the top. You want to make sure before we make any connection that you don't have the fuse in the fuse holder. Then we'll connect our ring terminal onto the post there. We'll go ahead and reattach our positive post here and tighten it down. Once you have your connection made, you can install your fuse. That will sit nicely down inside this whole pocket area.Now we'll test out our wiring using part number I26. Left turn, right turn, brakes, running lights. That will do it for a look at and installation on the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector, part number 118727, on our 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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