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Thule OutWay Trunk Bike Rack Review - 2015 Honda Civic

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Review of the Thule OutWay Trunk Bike Rack on a 2015 Honda Civic

Hello, I'm Brad at etrailer, and today we're installing the Thule Outway, on our 2015 Honda Civic. This is a trunk mounted bike rack that holds three bikes, so let's get to it. Okay, we'll begin by putting the feet underneath the trunk, and lightly pressing. Once your feet are hooked underneath the trunk, you can begin to pull up slightly and the legs will extend. The mounting points up top are two 90 degree angles. Loosening this knob will allow this to adjust angle, finding a secure fit.

Once you see that the mount looks secure and even with the other side, you can now lock the legs in place. While supporting the rack with my body, I can now pull the cables, take your hooks and place them at the top of the trunk. Even them out, and begin to tighten the knob. The knob it has a plus sign creating tension. Now it does take a while for these to start to get tension, but slowly you will see, after multiple turns, that it will begin to pull it in.

And what you're looking for is even tension before getting two clicks on each side to make sure that it's tight. One click, and two. and on the other side, and you should be secure. As you can see, the install is easily done by one person. Another great thing about this bike rack is being able to open your trunk while having no bikes attached.

The Outway is a very compact bike rack, putting distance from your trunk at eight inches and from your bumper at a mere four. Adjusting your arms out, this is simple, there's loosening the screw, and placing it here. You'll see that there's an indicator that shows different hash marks to make sure that you have even lift. With the arms extended, this three bike rack comes out to about 29 inches from the rear bumper, which seems like a decent amount, but considering you're able to carry three bikes, it's rather compact. Moving along to the rack itself, you'll see you have your straps on each side.

Strap comes apart as simple as pushing this down. You have three cradles on each side for each bike. So, something that's interesting with these is your straps run diagonally. Just feed those in there, and once your frame is in place, you can also ratchet for tightness. The coating is soft on a frame, and also the strap protector up top when cinched down, creates a firm yet safe hold on your bike frame. So now we'll install our bike, and as you can see, the frame rests nicely on the rubberized groove. The strap, you can now put through here, and tighten one side down. And normally at this angle, it's hard to tighten down, a nice feature is the ratcheting action. Now, one of the concerns with the hanging bike rack and multiple bikes, is generally them bumping into each other during transport. It does come with this nice added little stopper that goes from frame to frame and can be attached to each bike. This will keep the bikes moving in unison and not hitting each other. Another added piece of equipment is a strap to attach to one, or many bikes, to keep the wheels from moving while in transit. Just simply wrap that around, put it though the cam, and cinch tight. Another feature that Thule added is an integrated bike lock for added security of one, or all your bikes. Simply put that in there, twist the key, and you are locked in place. Another added security feature is being able to lock the cambers, which you will see with free spin and not allow the cable to loosen up. Something that's nice is they all share integrated locks, or you can have Thule match with a one key system so that all your Thule accessories will have one key. With the ability to have three bikes on this, the limit is at 33 pounds, so, for some of your heavier bikes, this might not be the best option, but for most bikes, or kids' bikes, road bikes, many different options, this will work perfectly fine. The rack itself is solidly constructed with lightweight aluminum, and it comes in at right under 20 pounds. It's also corrosion resistant, so that way, if your racks out in extreme weather conditions, it'll last long. So my final thoughts on the Thule Rack, it is a nice option for it being able to take three bikes around without having to have higher than a class one hitch. So having a smaller car, such as a Honda Civic, puts you in a weight class of your hitch to not be able to carry three bikes, this solves that problem. Also, for storage, it folds up, it's compact. and high quality. So, my final thoughts, for the price, if going to a hitch and a hitch mount bike rack isn't your best option, this is a solid one. And that was a look at our Thule Outway 3 bike system, which is trunk mounted, on our 2015 Honda Civic. Let's get to pedaling..

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