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Thule Pro X Bike Rack Review - 2015 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the Thule Pro X Bike Rack on a 2015 Toyota 4Runner

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer and today we'll be taking a look at our Thule T2 Pro X four Bike Rack right here on our 2015 Toyota 4Runner. So this bike rack can carry four bikes with a weight capacity of 40 pounds per bike with a two bike configuration. If you take off the add on of this bike rack, you have 50 pounds per bike, which is great for your slightly heavier electric bikes. Now, we're gonna talk about the different specs and the different measurements of this bike rack but we are gonna focus today on how it works with our 2015 Toyota 4Runner. That way you can see what types of features you might like or not like and you can see how it works with your own vehicle and your bikes.

The first feature we'll take a look at is the tilt-away feature and before we do that, notice how much space we actually have between our 4Runner's door and our bike. This makes it actually extra convenient when you have to take your bikes off, which we'll look at later but look, between our door and over here right before our pedals, we have 20 inches of clearance there. Great for taking this off from this side and if you do need to access your hatch real quick you have a 4Runner, you know you can lower down that window if needed. But if you need more access than that, what you can do is you can tilt this bike rack away. So you have this big ole lever at the end, you're gonna pull that lever and then just let that rack drop down to a tilt.

You can see here that this goes down to a tilt but not enough where it hits the ground. Let's see if we have access with our door. So, look at all this space we now have opening up the door. We have clearance with our pedals and our handlebars allowing us to grab whatever we need from the trunk. Whether it's our waters, our helmets, our backpacks, we can do so.

Pop this back down, lift up on the rack and you're ready to hit the road. Let's talk about the way this holds onto our bike. So in the rear, we have our rear cradle and this is gonna work exact same way as the XTR but just slightly different capacities. We have this lever, press that lever, pull up on the strap and that releases your bike's wheel. We have that cushion on top just to help protect the wheel.

I put it over to the side so it doesn't get caught up in our spokes, when we're ready to take our bike off. Then in the front we have our front wheel mount. So I like pretty much any bike rack that has that front wheel mount just because of how convenient it is and how it makes it easier to carry your bikes. Now, we do have this trigger which I really prefer because it makes it easier to press that mount. You also have the ability to add on your own one-key system lock holes. Anyways, holding onto the bike with one hand, you're gonna press that trigger, lift up on that mount, push it out to the side and then from there, you can grab your bike and you're ready to ride. So we talked about that strap and you know you can move this back and forth to accommodate different wheel bases with a maximum wheel base of 49 inch long bikes. Also for maximum capacity, we have this front wheel cradle and you can carry a max of three inch wide tires. If you have those fat bike tires, you can go ahead and purchase this separate adapter just to upgrade that to carry them. With the ability to carry a lot of bikes, you also have a lot of length that you have to account for. So let's take some measurements to see exactly how much there's a Thule T2 Pro X Bike Rack for four bikes add to our 4Runner's bumper. So measuring from that bumper to the handle, it sits at 62 inches of length. So that's gonna be a measurement you need to keep in mind when you're backing into your garage or trying to park into a tight spot or measuring if you even have enough length inside of your garage. Ground clearance is gonna be measured at the end of the bike rack to the ground. We have this little stopper here and that's 28 and a quarter inches from the bike rack to the ground. Compare that to the shank and that sits at 17 and a quarter inches. So ground clearance is important when you go up the steep inclines like driveways or hills for other cars. For your 4Runner, you're not worried about that. What you might not consider though is how high do you have to lift your bikes up to get onto that rack So measuring from the tray to the ground, it's 34 inches. With this heavy weight capacity of 40 pounds per bike, you're gonna have to be able to lift 40 pounds up 34 inches. Now, if this does take up too much space behind your vehicle and you wanna make it a bit more compact, what you can do is you can fold this up into the portable position. Also another option, if you wanna keep this on your car because it does is take up a lot of weight or room. So we have this lever here. We pulled that lever earlier to tilt the weight but this time we'll lift it up. Taking some more measurements with it folded up like this, let's take a look at closest point. That's gonna be measured from our. I'd like to say our front wheel cradle to the bumper and we have a clearance of four and a half inches. The length now added to the back of our 4Runner is gonna be from that bumper to that hinge 20 and a half inches. With your 4Runner's hitch being so tall, you can see how our bike rack is now. So tall. Something to think about if you do need to pull that lever to bring it down. You may wanna use a step still if you're as tall as me, which is not that much. But what is it like living with this bike rack behind you Notice how it doesn't sit over our vehicle. So that's good. It definitely does cover the view out of our rear window. All you can kind of see through those gaps. As for our tails lights, it does not cover our tail lights. It does cover our license plate and our back up camera. So what we have is a two inch shank which fits into our two inch hitch receiver. I actually have the factory hitch on our 4Runner today and you also have this auto attach pin alignment tool. So supposedly you just push your bike rack into your hitch and it lines up. One thing I did notice is there's a little bit of a lip on our hitch receiver. So it's kind of tricky to do that but definitely doable. This allows you to line that up without having to lock it back and forth and you just tighten it down. Installing this is a tool free install. You just tighten this knob down, it extends a wedge inside your hitch receiver and then you can lock it with your included Thule keys. To demonstrate how that wedge works as I shake our bike rack back and forth just to try to simulate that road movement and vibration. I'm really just shaking our 4Runner at this point showing how nice and secure that fit is. I do recommend actually after maybe every 200 miles just double check that the anti-rattle is nice and secure. My personal thoughts about this bike rack is this is a great pairing with the 4Runner. It's definitely a large and bulky bike rack. If you have something smaller like a Rav4, I would actually recommend something like the Hollywood Racks Destination four Bike Rack. More compact but does it have the same features that this does Another different bike rack you might also be interested in is the Kuat Transfer V2 four Bike Rack. It's even larger than this but it makes up for it with the way it makes it easier to mount and dismount your bikes. That would take a look at those different bike racks here at etrailer. Hopefully this video helped out point out the different features that you may like or may not like. It's totally up to you, the different types of bikes you're carrying and your vehicle but as for this, this was a look at the Thule T2 Pro X Bike Rack for four bikes right here on our 2015 Toyota 4Runner..

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