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Thule WingBar Evo Crossbars Installation - 2018 Subaru Crosstrek

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How to Install the Thule WingBar Evo Crossbars on a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek

Colin: Hey guys, it's Colin here at Today we're going to take a look at the Thule WingBar Evo roof rack system on a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. Now with this system it's going to Mount to the raised side rails of your Crosstrek. It's going to be a really nice addition to your Subaru for getting your favorite rooftop accessories loaded up. Whether you got a bike rack, kayak carrier, maybe even a rooftop cargo box.Now up top, we're going to have our 53 inch long WingBar Evo crossbars. These are in black right now, but they're also available in silver.

Anything that's going to match your Crosstrek better. Just check out our website and pick the one that's going to best suit your needs. Now the aerodynamic shape of our crossbar is going to be really good for cutting down on that wind noise and drag, when compared to your standard square or round bar roof rack system.We can flip open our cap just like that to access our T-slot and all we have to do is split the two strips and slide our T-slot accessory to the location on our roof rack and then tighten it down and we'll just close up our end cap. Now we have our Evo raised rail feet connecting our WingBar Evo crossbars to our raised side rails of our Crosstrek. You are going to have a nice rubber coating on the insides to make sure it doesn't harm or scratch the finish of your side rails.We'll open up our end caps.

You can take a look at the inside. All it is is a bolt. Once you tighten that down, it's going to tighten the clamp on the backside to make sure it gives a really nice, snug fit for our raised side rail. And we just put our end cap back on. You can see we've got some plastic clocks right here.

We can replace that with the Thule One Key System. That'll be able to get four keys on all four of our Evo raised rail feet. So that it's a nice secure feature for our roof rack.Now from the top of our roof to the bottom of our WingBar, it's going to be three and a quarter inches. You want to keep that in mind for when you get your clamp-on accessories under your crossbar, it's going to be more than enough space for it, but just make sure you're careful and don't harm or scratch the finish of your roof. Now, when we go from the top of our roof to the top of our WingBar, that's going to be four and a quarter inches.

You want to keep that in mind that you have that added height to roof for new low clearance situations.We're also going to have a 220 pound weight capacity on this roof rack system. It's going to be a step up from their previous AeroBlade setup, and it's going to be a little bit more than a lot of other arrow bar systems on the market. So you should be able to get all of your favorite rooftop accessories up here and loaded with no problem. Just make sure you double check with your vehicle's owner's manual and make sure your Crosstrek's roof can handle that weight.Now that we've gone over some of those features, let's show you guys how to get this installed. Now when assembling it, all we're going to do is take our raised rail foot and put it in the track right here on the bottom. It's pretty easy how it goes on. You can see it just matches up like so. Just like that, grab our end cap, put that on. Now we'll just raise it up and get it on our side rails.Now, there's no set measurement that you need to get it at. You just want to make sure it's at least 27 inches. Now, in our case, how we're going to get this installed. We're not going to use a tape measure. It's a nice little handy trick. Just use points that are on your raised side rails. So the front bar, we have each foot making contact with this point right here. Now on this backside, we've already measured to confirm it to at least 27 inches. I'm just going to have it touch this part right here. So we'll just make sure we get that on both sides. And all I'm going to do is begin tightening down that bolt with my finger on both sides. So we'll just take our included tool and tighten down our bolt right here.What's cool is that this tool is going to let you know when it's fully torked by giving you those loud audible clicks. And from there, just put your hand cap on, and it's always a good idea to grab a hold of both of your crossbars and then double-check to make sure that it's tight and secure. You can see the entire vehicle is moving. It's now ready to load up our favorite Thule rooftop accessories, and then hit the road.Well, thank you all for watching, and I hope that this information helped you out, but that's going to do it for our test fit of the Thule WingBar Evo roof rack system on our 2018 Subaru Crosstrek..

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