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Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement Installation - 2007 Toyota Tacoma

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How to Install the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement on a 2007 Toyota Tacoma

Today on our 2007 Toyota Tacoma, we'll be installing the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, part number TTORTUN4. All right, here's what our Timbren kit consists of. We have two new bump stops here. These will just replace our factory bump stops. We have two mounting brackets, and two bolts to install them. Now these are great because they will not affect our ride quality when our truck's empty, but as we are increasing the load that we're carrying in the bed of our truck, or for towing a heavy ton weight trailer, these will become stiffer, help support up to 6,000 pounds of weight.

We don't have to worry about our truck bed sagging as we're going down the road. We'll have better handling, better braking, and a smoother ride when we have extra weight in our truck or behind us on our trailer. All right, now before we install our suspension enhancement, we want to get a couple measurements of our stock suspension height in the rear and the front of our truck with no weight in the bed or no trailer attached, just to get an idea of where the truck sits on a normal basis. Now through the centerline of our wheel, going straight up to the fender, on the rear of the truck, we're looking right about 36 inches. We're going to record that and use that as a comparison, so once we have some weight in there, without the suspension enhancement installed, and with the suspension enhancement installed. On the front we're looking about 34 3/4.

We'll keep that written down too, and then use that as a comparison yet again. Once we have some weight in the bed of the truck, our front suspension should be sitting a little bit higher, and our rear will be sitting down a little bit lower, so our truck would have a rake angled pointing towards the front. All right, now we have about 700 pounds of weight in the bed of our truck. Take a couple of more measurements and see where we're sitting at. Okay, we're about 34 inches now. That means we dropped about two inches, just lost 700 pounds of weight.

Now let's go see what the front looks like. We're about 34 3/4, so the front didn't change really inaudible 00:02:03. As you can see if our Timbren's installed, we have a much more level appearance on our truck. That rake is gone. Take a few measurements now.

Mind you, we still have the weight in here. From the centerline of the rear wheel up to the fender, we're at 35 inches, so we gained an inch. Okay, now at the centerline of our front wheel, we're at 34 3/4, so we're exactly the same as we we're when it was stock with no load in it. Now for our installation we'll start on the passenger's side. You may find it easier to have a little bit of weight off the suspension so the vehicle's not having all that sit on it. A good way of doing it is put a floor jack underneath your trailer hitch, just to help raise the back end up a little bit. You don't need to put very much pressure on it at all. Just raise it up about a half an inch, that's all you need. We'll start with removing the two 19 millimeter nuts that hold our leaf spring to our rear axle. We're going to start with the back ones, and then we'll loosen the front ones. We don't take those all the way off, but we will be removing the rear ones completely. Just take the U-bolt out. We'll loosen our front ones a bit. Take our factory bump stop off. We'll grab our bolt, stick it in a 16 millimeter socket like this. Take our new suspension enhancement. There's a washer inside. We'll make sure our bolt goes through the washer and out the bottom right here. Stick our finger on the bolt head and push it all the way through. Grab our new bracket, and we'll thread it onto the bolt. Once it's threaded on, we can tighten it on down. Now on top of the leaf spring, you'll see a stud. We'll center our new bracket over that stud in this hole right here. Slide our leaf spring on the front, back over the bracket. Slide our axle hanger back into position. Drop down our U-bolt from the rear, and reinstall our nuts. With our nuts reinstalled, we'll tighten them back down. We'll repeat this same process on the other side of the truck. That completes our installation of the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, part number TTORTUN4, on our 2007 Toyota Tacoma.

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