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Titan Chain V-Bar Tire Chains for Dual Tires Installation - 2001 Ford F-350

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How to Install the Titan Chain V-Bar Tire Chains for Dual Tires on a 2001 Ford F-350

Today on our 2001 Ford F350 with dual rear wheels, we're going to be test fitting the Titan Chain Dual Rear Wheel Snow Tire Chains in the ladder pattern and the V bar length. The part number is TC4821. This is designed to cover both the passenger side and driver's side, so one part number will take care of an entire axle. We'll show you how to get them installed onto your vehicle. What we're going to do is place our chains on the ground with the hooks side up, got a smooth side here on the back and the hooks are exposed here on the front. We want these to be facing away from our sidewall, so that smooth side will be riding right up against our tire. We've got them all stretched out here, you want to make sure you don't have any kinks or any twists or any tangles to deal with.

Then we'll grab at two points about arm distance apart there and we're going to bring them right up and over our wheels. We'll position them so that the middle chain, as you can see, is running right down between both of our wheels there and we'll lay these out so that our middle hook is centered between our tires, our front hook's in front and our rear hook is on the back side. We'll now just get out as much slack as we can, bring it around to the rear side and now it's going to be time to roll forward slightly about a quarter to a half revolution on our wheel, so that our cams will be here in the rear, where we can make our connections happen. We'll now bring our inner lever up. We'll connect it on the closest length that we can, or the shortest length we can. We've got one, two, three, four, five to choose from. I'm going to try the third one here.

It doesn't look like it's going to hit the third one, so let's go to the second. Bring that through, close our lever and then we slide our keeper right up on it there to hold it in place for us. Now in our rear connection we used the fourth length, so on the middle and the front, we'll have to use either the third, fourth or fifth. We get a plus or minus of one there. All right, with that connection made, we'll come around here to the front and the same thing will apply here. We're either going to use the third, the fourth or the fifth.

It looks like we may be able to use the fourth one there, it's a little tight, so we'll go to our fifth one, bring that in, cam that down. As you can see, that's going to take the slack out and slide the keeper up to hold it in place. See here, we've got our rubber tensioner, it's going to have five hooks on it. Try to place these hooks evenly all the way around the outside of our chain, and just like with the chain, we want the hooks facing outward. Your hooks there, we'll have them facing away from our sidewall, rather than in and to it. I'm just going to pull that up, connect into our five points and just like that, we're ready to move forward just a little bit, recheck our chains, make sure we don't have any tension issues, adjust as necessary and we'll be able to hit the road.

Now, periodically you will want to check your chains just to make sure nothing's changed and you still have the proper tension. That will complete today's test fit of the Titan Chains Snow Tire Chains for dual rear wheels, the ladder pattern and V bar length, part number TC4821. .

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