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Topline Truck Bed Bike Rack Review - 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

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Review of the Topline Truck Bed Bike Rack on a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

All right today on Chevrolet 2500 HD a foot bed pick up we are going to do a test fit a part number UG2500 this is from top line. Okay well start of bike carrier loss assemble as according instruction will go ahead and put on a rail. Now this will sit on to side rail of the bed. Now the truck didnt have a bed liner you would have to cut whole lot for that to make an accommodation for the rack. This case the truck does not have the bed liner. Well start up by installing the bed roof clamp assembly.

We put on spot as you like and we will go ahead and tighten down the eyebolt. Once the clamp assembly install where you want and tighten them down when going ahead and secure of the two knots there on the eye bolt that will ensure it will not come loss. Okay now go ahead and install the pedi arm into the clamp. Now well go ahead and clamp it down into place just enough for a hole its place not tight enough where we can't move it. All right just let me go ahead and lower up the bike.

All right, once the bike is on the position well go ahead and tighten down the knob that clamps to top tube and will tighten the knob, it tightens the arm over to clamp and we are good to go. All right with that test fit of the part number UG2500 from top line on our 2005 Chevrolet eight-foot bed 2500.