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TorkLift Front Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs Installation - 2016 Toyota Tundra

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How to Install the TorkLift Front Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs on a 2016 Toyota Tundra

Today, on our 2016 Toyota Tundra, we're going to be installing TorkLift's Custom Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs for the front, part number TLT2307.This tie-down brace is going to give you a secure location to properly mount your camper to the bed of your truck. This brace will offer a location, where you can more evenly distribute the weight, so it won't be so top-heavy. So that way, you'll have your camper on there more securely, when going down the road.This is a no-drill installation. It simply installs to the front of your leaf spring mounting location here, and it comes with all the hardware you'll need to get installed.After you've got it installed, if you take your camper off, you can simply pull the pin. Slide the sleeves out. And now, you can't even tell that you've made any modifications to your truck.To get the most secure tie-down for your camper, I do recommend that you install a set for the rear as well.

This will give you a tie-down location for each corner of your camper.This comes in a quantity of two. One for both the driver's side and passenger side. It's made of a black powder-coated steel, so it's going to be resistant to the elements.We'll begin our installation under the vehicle at the front of our leaf spring here. We're going to need to loosen up the bolt that attaches our leaf spring, just at the front of the bed.We'll use a 19 millimeter wrench or socket to remove the nut.Save the nut because we'll be reusing it. Slide one of the large washers over your bolt there.

Then, we can take our bracket. Now, these are side-dependent. You'll want the arm that comes out kinda at a 45 angle here to be percentage towards the front of the vehicle. We're going to slide that and kinda work it around on our bolt.You want to swing it around until the hole on your 45 lines up with the hole on the outside of your spring brace. We can now thread our nut back on that we removed in the first step.

We can just do it hand-tight for now.We'll now take our half-inch diameter bolt. Slide the lock washer on it. Make sure that will fit through there. If it doesn't fit through the hole, you may have to tweak your brace a little bit just to get it to line up.Once you've got your bolt through the hole and lined up, we'll take our handle nut. We're going to slide it up, back behind there, and this needs to thread into that.We'll place the spacer between the bracket and the spring brace.

We'll then slide our longer bolt with a three-eighths diameter through the bracket, spacer, and spring base.On the backside, we're going to place a flat washer followed by a lock washer, and a nut. We can now go back and tighten down our hardware. We're going to use a 19 millimeter socket for the 45-degree angle bracket bolt. And we're going to use a 15 millimeter socket and a wrench for our smaller bolt.Now, on the backside, we'll tighten up the nut that we removed in the first step. And then, go back and torque all of your hardware to the specifications found in your instructions.We'll now slide our tie-down brace in there. Slide the pin in. Bring it over, and lock it down. We'll now repeat all those same procedures on the opposite side.When you're putting your driver's side on, you'll need to remove this bolt, position your cable out of the way. Install your brace. And once you've got your brace fully installed, you can then bring that back down, and put that bolt back in. A little notch here on your bracket for your cable brace won't go back in the hole because we're using that here. It's okay. You can just tuck it off to the side.And that completes our installation of TorkLift's Custom Frame-Mounter Camper Tie-Downs for the front on our 2017 Toyota Tundra.

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