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TorkLift Rear Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs Installation - 2022 Ram 3500

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How to Install the TorkLift Rear Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs on a 2022 Ram 3500

Today on our 2022 Ram 3500, we're going to be taking a look at the torque lift custom frame-mounted camper tie downs. This is going to give us a nice place for us to take our turn buckles and have them fitted into this slot. I went ahead and measured this gap. It's about an inch long by about five-eighths of an inch wide. So all of the buckles that you have are going to work. And if you don't have any, we have some here at etrailer but this is just going to be really nice because now we don't have to tie it down.

Our camper up top, a lot of the other options are kind of near the rail of the bed of the truck and the lower we can get that tie down point, the better. It's just going to prevent your camper from being so top heavy and that's going to help a lot with just the ride quality. You know, it's going to feel a lot less top heavy whenever you're going down the road. So the ride's going to be a lot easier. You're not going to be white knuckling the wheel, just wondering what the heck's going on behind you.

And then also it's just going to make the whole experience a lot easier. Another cool thing about this is we can actually adjust these so we can have it like this. Let's do a little measurement. So from the little tube right here, all the way to the end, it's about 13 and three-quarters of an inch. But we can use that second hole and that'll bring it down to a little under 10 inches.

And then also another cool thing about this. You can hardly see it like at all. It really looks like it's part of the truck, it's recessed in past the edge of the bumper. So that's good. I just think that's awesome.

You don't really have to do much besides just pull a pen and pull the thing out and store them somewhere and you don't have anything sticking out of your truck. Just to give you an idea, we're not really taking any ground clearance out. I mean, it does stick a little bit lower but I would say it's pretty much even with our hitch but just so you know, just from the edge of the bumper right here to the bottom point of the bracket that stays on, maybe like two inches down, it's not a whole lot. And again, it's no lower than our exhaust over there. So it's definitely not the lowest point. I just like that. Super clean, super easy and low profile. One thing that we've been seeing you guys have a lot of issues. Sometimes when you have a step from a factory, that's on the side, or even just an aftermarket step. So you will have to remove that if you want these but at the end of the day, I mean, this thing's solid and you can always use this as a step, but that is an issue. So if you do have a step, you're going to have to remove it. When it comes to camper tie downs, these are the best ones that we sell here at etrailer. It's not just me saying it. It's the most popular, you guys buy a lot of them. Definitely going to be an upgrade from having something that's just up top. It's going to give you a better feel. Another thing about the other options. If you have a dually like this they're really not gonna work that well, just because a lot of the times they kind of go down on the side and with the dually, we can't really have that. So this is probably one of your only options, but definitely the best. What I would pair it with though, is the front half. If you're going to do the ones in the back, do the ones in the front, because you need to tie it down properly. So definitely grab that. Use the guide to find out the best kit for you and install. them both front and back. There's not a whole lot, really, with this whole entire setup. We just took some factory bolts out, put the bracket in place and zipped it on in. So if you want to get a closer look of how easy the install is, follow along. We're going to show you. First things first, we're going to start at the back and we're going to take a close look at the hitch on our truck. We're going to remove these factory bolts but not this one right here. So you're going to take a 15/16 socket and we're going to remove this one, this one and this one. Now we want to make sure we have the right bracket. You can kind of tell where the lone hole that's going to be facing back towards the end of our vehicle. And then the little rod is going to be sticking out. So we have the right side for our driver's side and these holes that are right above each other. What we're going to do, we're going to take the factory bolt and we're going to put a washer in between these two. We are not going to put a washer on the third one. So put those on like this and then we can lift it up into place and screw it back in. So I'm just taking the same socket just to tighten these back up. I'm not going to fully tighten them. I do just want to get a nice and snug, make sure that the bracket is seating properly. And then we'll come back and torque everything down to the specifications in our instruction. Now we have one other set of hardware. We want to go with the locking washer and our tooth washer. And then on the other side we're going to have our plate, another washer and a nut. So the hole is right on the inside right here. So we're going to take a bolt. I'm going to that up in there, just like that. And on the other side, we're going to take our big flat and then our washer and then our nut. Now we want to torque it down. If you don't have a torque wrench, you should get one. You can also rent one as well. Because this is really something we need to do since we literally removed the bolts on our hitch. So let's go ahead, get it up into place and then torque it down to the instructions. Now we just need this piece here. We have two different holes that we can choose from but I'm going to use the closer one. We have a little pin, slide right in, snap on. Look at that. So now we can do that same exact process for the passenger side. And that'll do it for a look at the torque lift custom camper tie downs on our 2022 Ram 3500..

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