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TorkLift SuperHitch Trailer Hitch SuperTruss Hitch Extension Installation - 2008 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the TorkLift SuperHitch Trailer Hitch SuperTruss Hitch Extension on a 2008 Dodge Ram

Ryan: How's it going Ryan here at Today on our 2008 Ram 2500, we're going to be taking a look at the TorkLift SuperTruss Extension. Now this is going to be specifically designed to work with the Torklift Super Hitch, and it's going to be a great solution for those of you that have an in-bed 00:00:19 camper, that still want to pull your trailer. Now, the reason the extension is going to make life a whole lot easier, is because sometimes those in-bed campers can actually overhang well past the beginning of our trailer hitch. So whenever you use an extension, it's going to bring that receiver tube opening out past our end bed camper, making life a lot easier to hook and unhook.Now, this is a 42 inch model and there are different lengths available to suit your specific length needs. For example, if your camper comes out to here, you may need one that's a little bit shorter as opposed to the 42 that we have.

But the reason I bring that up, is because we're going to need different wiring. And what I mean by that, is our bracket is going to be brought out to here, so you are going to need an extension to have then do your wiring from here, going up to your truck.So simply put, you're not going to have to take your in-bed camper off just to pull a trailer. With this, you're going to be able to get both things done. And since this is so heavy duty, you're not going to have to worry about sacrificing any of your towing capacity. And whenever you do need to put this on or even take it off, it's not going to be that big of a deal because it goes together very simply.

The very first thing that you would do, is take your top tube here and slide that into your top hitch.Then, you would take the bottom tube, slide that into the lower hitch, and then just simply put your pin and clips in. And then what you would do, is take your brackets here, you're going to take one at the very end of our extension and the other one, you're going to center it. There's a couple of blocks that go in between here and these just simply bolt together and that keeps together our two tubes. Now keep in mind, once we have these set up the very first time, this is a step that we're not going to have to do every time that we want to install it or remove it. Then where we'd go from there, is we're going to take our turnbuckle and a shackle, we're going to place the bolt of the shackle through the eyelid of your turnbuckle.

And that shackle is going to go through this opening here in our extension. And then you'll just run your shackle down, hand tight.Now, if you follow to the end of our turnbuckle here, we're going to have another shackle where the bolt runs through the eye of the shackle and your chain will be connected to that other side. This chain will go all the way back to our super hitch.Again, the end of the chain, we're going to run a shackle through it and the bolt of the shackle's going to drop down through the opening in our super hitch. And so we'll get all these shackles hand tight. Then we just repeat that process over on the other side.

And then what you'd want to do, is take all the slack out of the chain and that's really easy. You come here to your turnbuckles and turn them as tight as you can by hand until you have a good amount of tension here on the chain. Once you've set that tension on each side, you come back with a wrench and snug down the jam nuts, as well as all of the remaining shackle heads. And finally, just a couple of bolts will secure our wiring bracket to our extension. Again, once you have this bolted down, something that you're not going to have to do every time. And that's all there is to it to get it set up, it's a really straightforward process. And that'll finish up our look at of the TorkLift SuperTruss Extension on our 2008 Ram 2500..

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