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TracRac CapRac Camper Shell Ladder Rack Installation - 2008 GMC Sierra

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How to Install the TracRac CapRac Camper Shell Ladder Rack on a 2008 GMC Sierra

Today in our 2008 GMC Sierra we're going to install the tracrac caprac ladder rack for for camper shells and truck cabs, part number TA29200. Now having a camper on your truck will limits to some of the stuff you can haul. The caprac solves that problem. Once you get it slide under your cross bars you're going to adjust your load stops, tie them down, use some tie down straps on your ladder. Now you're able to haul ladders or lumber, kayaks, canoes or any other accessory that you want to mount to your truck on your camper shelf. The aerodynamic design reduces drag and wind noise. The eliptable 00:00:37 crossbars are streamlined to reduce wind resistance.

The carrying capacity for the rack depends on the camper of your truck. Each crossbar is 65 inches. The first step to installing the ladder rack onto your vehicle is to install the swivel bracket onto the corner bracket. Since we're working with stainless hardware you want to take some anti-cease and add to the threads of your bolt. That will keep them from getting dumbed up and possibly breaking. You'll have these metal cylinders that you'll feed into the black bracket mounts to the top of your truck.

Take the hex-head bolt, feed it in, one on each side. Then you'll take the corner bracket here, set it down over the bolts. Then you'll loosely assemble it with a flat washer and nylon hex nut. Go ahead and give those just hand tight. As you see it's a swivel bracket because the bracket does swivel.

Once you get on your truck you can see exactly where it needs to sit to tie it down. Next we're going to take our cross rail and install our corner bracket on to it. On the bottom side of the rail you'll see there is a fill touch 00:02:00 screw that holds the ink cap on. That'll be the bottom of the rail. There's a slot right here on the bottom that you can take your t-bolt and slide it in there. It'll be two on each side.

With those slid in take you bracket, there's two holes here. Feed the bolts into those. Then it will install with a flat washer and nylon walking nut. You want to leave these loose so you can adjust the spread on your cross bar brackets. Go ahead, put the other one on. Take care of their corner bracket and install the flat washer and nylon hook 00:02:47 nut. The nice thing about this kit is all hardware for each one of the nylon locations is separated so your t-bolts and hardware for that are in one bag. Your minor locations for the actual brackets to your truck are in another bag an then the hardware to attach your swivel brackets onto your corner brackets are in one bag. It let's you separate all your hardware out so you don't get them mixed up. Now that we have one assembled we'll go ahead and repeat the same process for our other cross rail. Now this is a bracket that'll sit on top of the camper shell of your vehicle. It comes with two rubber gaskets that's going to go in between the bracket. There's a flat one if our camper shell is flat or there's a wedged on if there's a curve to your camper shell. On this specific vehicle it is curved down so we will be using the wedged piece that comes with it to make sure our rails are sitting level. Next we'll go ahead and take our rails and sit them onto the top of our truck. We can go ahead and adjust the spread and adjust our brackets so we can mark our locations for making our holes to attach it to the camper shell. Now that we have this one set we'll go to the other side. Get it spread out a little bit. Take our wedge, set it underneath there, just so we get the proper orientation for when we mark our holes. Now we go ahead and take our back rail and set it under our camper shell. That's really to your preference on exactly where you're going to mount your rack depending on what kind of loads your going to be caring on your truck. This application is a work truck and they will be hauling ladders so we're going to have our wider crossbar spread. Since you usually have to drill your holes into an adjustable. If you're carrying loads like Kayaks or water accessories you want to go ahead and make them closer together. It's up to you for your application. For this one, since we will be loading ladders from the rear of our truck you want to get it closer to the rear so when you lay your ladder onto your rack it's going to hit your rack and not your camper shell. Now here towards the back, since the camper shell does tilt down a little bit we will be using another one of the wedges instead of the flat gasket. That will just go ahead and make our cross rail level instead of tilting down this way. Now we have our wedge gasket here between our corner bracket and our camper shelf. We're going to go ahead and adjust our front rail here, make sure it's square with the vehicle, make sure it's square with our other bar. Then we go ahead and measure it so we can mark our holes. All right, now we have everything square so we go ahead and take a marker and then mark our mounting locations. Here on our brackets. Now that we have our holes marked we'll go ahead and remove our rails. Then we drill our holes. Now we go ahead and take our 3-H drill bit and drill out our holes at each mounting location. We can go ahead and clean up the fiber glass and move on to our next mounting location to drill our holes. Now that we have this side drilled out we can got to the driver's side and repeat the same process in both the mounting locations. Now we have our holes drilled out. We can go ahead and set our crossbars back into place and we can start installing our hardware for our rack. We'll go and take our rubber wedge here sit it into place. Then, to attach them to our truck we'll be using the carriage bolts that come with the kit. We get those pushed onto our camper shell then we go to the other side and install the same hardware. Then we can go ahead and put our inaudible 00:07:28 on. Install the same hardware for the front mounting locations. We can take our backing tape and that will go onto our carriage 00:07:35 bolts. Then these will get secured with a flat washer and another nylon lock nut. once we get them hand tight we go ahead and snug them down with a half inch socket. We have it snug right now. We'll go ahead and go to the other 3 mounting locations and install the same tape 00:08:11, flat washer and nut. Now we have them tied down with our latch 00:08:15. We really want to go now 00:08:17 by hand and tie them down the rest of the way. They're all nylon lock nuts so you don't have inaudible 00:08:20 go snug them down nice and tight. It is symmetry fiber glass so you don't want to tighten them so hard you crack the fiber glass. So if you have them snug down you go ahead and take the rubber cap that comes with our kit, cover up your bolts just so you don't damage anything when you put into the inaudible 00:08:35 pick up truck. It cleans up the install look 00:08:40. Now that we have the driver's side down we go ahead and go to the passenger's side. Snug those bolts down the rest of the way and then put our caps on. Now we're going to go ahead and center up our cross bars on our brackets. Now that we have the center we can go ahead and snug down the nylon lock just to secure the bracket to our crossbars. Now we have it snugged down we can go ahead again, check our measurements and go to the other bracket and snug that down. Now that we have our crossbars mounted to our brackets we can go ahead and secure our brackets here to the feed that mount to our camper shell. We have everything secured now. We can go ahead to the other feed and secure these bolts. The last step here, once we get everything secure to our camper shell these are stops that go on each side of our cargo. Go ahead and take one of the t-bolts that's included with the kit, slide it into your track, slide the stop over and then install your handle nut. Now we'll go to the fill bar and install those later. Now that we have our tracrac caprac ladder rack on our camper shell and loaded up we go ahead and hit the road, for the caprac ladder rack, part number TA29200 on our 2008 GMC Sierra. .