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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2017 Infiniti QX60

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2017 Infiniti QX60

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Infiniti QX60, we're going to be installing Tekonsha's T1 vehicle wiring harness, part number 118670. This four pole flat connector is going to provide you with all the necessary lighting for your trailer. This includes your left turn, right turn, brake lamp, and tail lamp signals. This system's going to tie right into your factory wiring, allowing you to get your four pole back here without having to tap into anything or modify the vehicle. If you need to get lights back on your trailer or your cargo carrier, this is going to be a nice, quick, easy option to get that going on for you.We'll start our installation in the back of the vehicle, in our cargo area here. We'll have to remove these panels.

So, you have to clean out any things you might have back here. We'll remove the trim panel located at the very back. This will just pop up, so just go underneath of it and just gently pry upward on it. Here in the middle, you'll need to remove the small center piece. This will just pop up, and then can be pulled out.

We can now fully remove the panel and set it aside.If your vehicle's equipped with a subwoofer, you'll need to remove that. Unscrew the top hold-down portion. We'll remove that bolt, and then we can lift up on our subwoofer. Now, there is going to be a connector underneath, so you don't want to pull it straight up; you want to find that connector, located here. If you're having difficulties getting it to release, you can use a screwdriver to press in on the tab.

We'll set this aside as well.Next are the three bolts located in the bottom of your storage compartment. You'll use a 10 millimeter socket. Then, using a trim panel remover tool, we're going to remove the four clips located at the back. Just get in underneath those and pry them upward. We can now lift up on our panel.

If you do have the subwoofer and the wiring's poking through, just make sure you poke that wire through the side compartment there. Got to lift up on the panel and just fold it up out of the way.We'll now need to remove our tie-down points. Can lift up on the lever, and these'll just pop up, exposing the bolt below. We'll then remove both of those bolts with a 10 millimeter socket. You can now pull this panel off. Just kind of work it this way. These tabs'll pop out. If you're having difficulty, you can use your trim panel remover tool, but they should just pop right out of place. We'll set that aside.Next, remove the screw located in your hook here. Just flip that up. You'll see a Philips screw there. We'll use our Philips screwdriver to remove that, and we'll set that aside. Now, pull back on your weather stripping. Just going to work this off around our trim panel here. Now we can gently pull this away. You'll see that there's some tabs located behind it, so to prevent causing any damage, it's best to use your trim panel remover tool in each of those locations. Now that we got our trim panel removed, we can prepare our harness to be installed. You want to line up your relay tabs with the tabs on your harness, plug those in, and make sure that they go in fully and click into place. The brown one will go with the brown connectors, and the blue will go with your white connectors.We can now take our relay harness and we're going to plug the white connector into the white connector here on our vehicle, and the black connector into the black connector right next to it. Then we'll take the foam that comes in your kit, and we're going to wrap that around each of the relays. This'll just help protect them and prevent any noises that might occur from them hitting any surface. Do that for each relay.Can now take your relays. We'll set them down in the pocket there, and we can push our panel back into place. Before we put everything else back together, we're going to continue the installation and verify everything's working properly so we don't have to take things apart twice. We're now under the hood on our driver's side. You'll see a trim panel here located along the edge. Our relay box we need to access is just underneath that. It's a pretty flexible panel, so we can just work it up and pull it up, and there's our panel that we want to access. We'll now remove this cover. Located along the side, there's a small clip. Feel around for it. It'll pull outward. Then you can lift up and pull your cap off. Under this relay panel cover, you'll see that there's relays located here. These two relays are where we would install our relays. Since we already have relays installed, we're good to go, but you do need to check and verify they're there, or else your system won't work properly.We're now underneath the vehicle on the passenger side, where we're going to locate one of our factory connectors. We'll be plugging in our four pole connector. We'll need to remove the dummy plug that's in our factory connector. There's a release tab located here towards the rear of the vehicle. You'll want to press in on that and then pull down on the dummy plug to release it. It's a bit of a tight fit. We can then take our new harness and plug it in where that dummy plug was located. We'll now need to install our ground wire. We can install it on the same panel located right here.Take the ring terminal located on the ground wire that goes to your four pole flat connector. Use the self-tapping screw provided in the kit, and a quarter inch socket, and we're going to run it right into the panel here where we plugged in our connector. Do it towards the bottom, so you don't risk running into the connector. You can then take your wires, tie up any excess, route it over towards your hitch. You can then use your dust cap to hold it onto your hitch, and we're ready to test it all out.Now, verify everything's working properly. Instead of using a trailer, we're using a small tester. You can pick one of these up here at We'll start with our left turn, right turn, tail lamps, and brake lamps. And you'll reassemble the back in the opposite order that we took it apart. That completes our installation of Tekonsha's T1 vehicle wiring harness on our 2017 Infiniti QX60.

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