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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2008 Subaru Outback - Draw-Tite

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2008 Subaru Outback

Today on our 2008 Subaru Outback Wagon well be installing the Draw-Tite 1-1/4 Receiver Tube Hitch, part number 36334. Heres what our hitch will look like once its installed. Next well go ahead and give you a couple measurements to assist your selecting accessories for your new hitch. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost edge of the bumper is 6 inches. From the top of the receiver tube opening to the ground is 13-1/2 inches. This will assist your selecting accessories such as a ball mount, bike rack or cargo carrier. Well now go ahead with the installation. Before we lower the exhaust were going to put a safety strap underneath so that after we remove the rubber isolators that hold the exhaust in place we can use the safety strap to safely lower the weight of the exhaust.

Now with my safety strap in place well go ahead and point out the rubber isolators that will need to be removed. Starting here in front of the rear axle, while its not necessary, were going to go ahead and remove it to give ourselves a little more working room. The four that are required to be removed, there are two on the inside, once for each muffler and two on the outside, for a total of four. To remove the rubber isolators from the metal hangars were going to spray each one with a spray lubricant and then use a pry bar or pliers to remove it from the hangar. Now with the rubber isolators out of the way were going to use our safety strap to safely bring down the weight of the exhaust. Next well need to remove one of the manufacturers bolts. Here the forward bolt closest to the front of the vehicle will need to be removed. This will then become the rear attachment point for our hitch.

Well need to do this on both sides. Keep in mind as were removing our hardware and installing our hitch theyre identical on each side so each process we do here on the drivers side will get repeated identically on the passenger side. Now that weve exposed the rear attachment point well go ahead and expose the forward attachment point by removing the rubber plug here at the middle of the heat shield, exposes the weld nut built into the frame by the manufacturer. Now before we attempt to install the new hardware into the hole were going to go ahead and clean it out. Well use our spray lubricant and half inch nylon tool brush, part number 814092. Spray down the threads real good and then clean it out. Quick tech tip: to make sure your threads are cleaned out you can take one of the new fasteners thread it into the weld nuts and make sure it will go nice and easily. Next well need to determine how many blocks are needed.

One or two, to compensate for the space of the bracket thats bolted to the rear attachment point and bumper. As you can see if we install one block at the forward attachment point it will be enough compensation and it will bolt our hitch up evenly. Next were going to have a fifth attachment point and this will be utilizing the manufacturers tow hook. Were going to have a half inch carriage bolt and block going down through the tow hook. Itll go through the hitch where well install a half inch conical tooth washer and nut. Keep in mind the teeth of the washer will face the hitch. Were now ready to put our hitch in place.

Its a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help you hold the hitch while you install the tow hook hardware to hold the hitch up in position. Now with our center attachment point hardware holding the hitch in place well go to our forward attachment point here at the frame. Well slide the block between the hitch and our attachment point. Then using the new 10mm bolt and conical tooth washer, again the teeth of the washer will face the hitch, well go through the hitch, through the block and into the weld nut. Well install each fastener finger tight until we have them all in place. With the front hardware in place our rear attachment point will just get the 10mm bolt and conical tooth washer going through the hitch, through the manufacturers bracket and into the weld nut. Now with all of our hardware installed well go ahead and tighten it down. Once we have all the fasteners tightened down we can go ahead and torque to specifications as indicated in the instructions. Now with our hitch tightened and torqued to specifications we can go ahead and reinstall the exhaust. Now with our hitch installed and everything secured that will complete the install of the Draw-Tite Hitch, part number 36334 on our 2008 Subaru Outback Wagon. .

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