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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

Today on this 2011 Chevy Cruze, we are going to be installing Hidden Hitch number 60275. And this installation with also apply to Draw-Tite hitch part number 24859. Before we get started with our hitch installation, we are going to go ahead and give you a couple of the final install dimensions which will make choosing your hitch accessories a little bit easier. From the top of the receiver tube to the ground is going to measure 10 inches and from the center of the pin hole to clear the rear edge of the bumper is going to measure approximately 7 inches. We are going to go ahead and move on to our installation. So up underneath the vehicle now, we go ahead and point out the mounting holes that we are going to be using to attach the hitch to the vehicle. Looking over here on the passenger side frame rail, you can see we have got multiple holes. We are going to be using the rear most hole here and then if you follow forward on the frame, we are going to be using the middle hole as our final attaching point. And that is going to be the same on both the drivers and passenger sides of the vehicle. And here at the forward most hole, this larger hole, we are actually going to be using that as our access point to get our hardware inside the frame.

Into each one of the attaching holes we are going to be placing the 4 by 3 inch block along with the 7/16 inch carriage bolt, merging the two inside the frame and down through our attaching holes. The carriage bolt should go in fairly easily. However the block might be a little bit wide to get inside the access hole so we do need to enlarge it just a little bit first. And you can do this by using a chisel or a file or a rotary tool possibly. With the hole enlarged, we can now move on to fitting our hardware inside the frame. I am going to start at the rear most hole here and take our provided bolt leader. I am going to take the threaded end and insert it through the attaching hole. Work that back out our access here and go ahead and take our block and feed it onto our bolt leader, followed by our carriage bolt which we will take and wrap the threads of the bolt leader around the threads of the carriage bolt. Feed the block inside the frame and in the carriage bolt and pull them into position. Next do the rear most attaching point and we are just going to do the same thing. OK with the passenger side done we just want to go over and repeat that same setup for the drivers side. And we will go ahead and put our hitch up into place. We are just going to go ahead and align the hitch over the carriage bolts and attach the hitch to the carriage bolts using a conical tooth washer and hex nut.

We just want to make sure over here on the drivers side that we put the hitch up and over the exhaust and just be doing the same thing. And now that we got the hitch up into place and attached to the frame, we're just going to go back through now and torque each one of the bolts down, we want to verify with the directions the specific torque rating for each of the bolts. And with all the bolts torqued down, our installation is complete and that will complete the installation of hidden hitch part number 60275 on a 2011 Chevy Cruze.

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