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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2011 Dodge Dakota

Today on this 2011 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab, we're going to install part number 75251 from Draw-Tite. This is a class III 2" receiver hitch. To start off, we need to get our truck ready to install our hitch. There's two bolts on each side of the frame that have to remove. Here and here, this is the passenger side, and the same two bolts on the driver's side. We'll remove those first. We'll use a 21mm socket to remove these bolts.

Save these bolts, because we'll need to reuse them when we put the hitch back into place. With the driver's side done, do the same thing on the passenger side. The next part to get our truck ready is to install these large flat washers. They'll take up the gap that fits up in here where the hitch ball would typically sit. I'm going to tape these up with some packing tape together, and then I'll tape them to the bottom of the bumper. Make sure the bottom of your bumper is clean so the tape has something to stick to.

Cut out the hole. Before reinstalling the existing hardware, we need to add two of the small washers that come with the kit. Now with an extra set of hands, we can put the hitch up into place. Now we should be able to go towards the back a little bit. There is goes. inaudible 00:01:54 up.

Now as we put it up there, you want to make sure with this edge right here, it just goes past the bottom edge of the bumper here so it works up in here a little bit. Then these components right here, hanging down, they go around the hitch as well. We got one bolt on each side just holding up the hitch. We'll install the rest of the fasteners on each side of the frame. Now we'll work on this attachment point here. This will go through the bumper.

This will use the 3/4" bolt and a flat washer. It will go down through. I think we can just thread it through our washers we have underneath here like this. Make sure it goes through the bottom of the hitch here. Then we're going to install another large, flat washer and then a lock nut. It does come with an extra washer if you want to make the hitch point down a little more if you think you need to. I think it's going to be fine; it's level with the bumper. At this point, we've got all our hardware loosely installed. We can tighten it all down and then torque it down as specified in the instructions. With our bolts tightened down, that will do it for our Draw-Tite class III 2" receiver hitch, part number 75251, on our 2011 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab. .

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