Trailer Hitch Installation - 2013 Honda Accord - Hidden Hitch

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2013 Honda Accord

Today, on our 2013 Honda Accord well be installing Hidden Hitch part number 60325. This is what our hitch will look like once its installed. Next, well go ahead and give you a couple of measurements to assist you in selecting accessories for your new hitch such as: a ball mount, a bike rack or cargo carrier. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outer most edge of the bumper is 2 inches, from the top of the receiver tube opening to the ground is 10 inches.Now, lets go ahead with installation. Before we begin our install well first need to lower the exhaust. To lower the exhaust well remove the two rubber isolators, one behind the rear muffler and one forward of the rear axle.

First, before we remove the rubber isolators well go ahead and put a safety strap underneath the exhaust to help support the weight after we remove the hangers. Well spray each one with some spray lubricant and then use a pry bar, pliers or exhaust hanger removal tool to remove the rubber isolator from the metal hanger. Now, with that done, we can go ahead and use our safety strap to safely lower the exhaust.Next, well need to remove the heat shield here on the passenger side above the muffler. There are a total of four attachment points securing the heat shield, well go ahead and remove these screws now. With the fasteners removed, well now go ahead, take a paint marker and mark out an area where the passenger side frame rail attachment point so that we can cut the heat shield to go around the attachment point hardware.

Next, well go ahead and remove the heat shield and then using a pair of tin snips cut out this section. With that done, well set the heat shield aside as well install the hitch and then re-install the heat shield.Now, with all our attachment points visible well go ahead and point them out. Well have a total of three attachment points: one in each frame rail in the pre-drilled hole in the frame by the manufacture and utilizing the toe hook as our third attachment point. Now, for our frame attachment points well be using the 7/16th carriage bolt and block and securing it with the 7/16th conical toothed washer. The teeth of the washer will face the hitch and then a nut.

Nope, we have 2-7/16 pole wires provided with our install kit to help get our hardware up into the frame and into position. Note: Well need to enlarge the access hole on both frame rails so that we can get our 7/16th block into position. Were going to use a ground file on a drill.Now, with that done, well go ahead and take our bolt leader, feed it through the attachment point and out the access hole. There we can slide on the block and thread on the carriage bolt. Well feed the block up into the frame followed by the carriage bolt and pull them both into position.

Note: Well be leaving the bolt leaders on at this time as it will assist in putting our hitch up into position without pushing our hardware back into the frame. Now, well go ahead and repeat the same process on the passenger side.Next, well go ahead and take the U-bolt and put it into position on the tow hook. Here at the third attachment point will be the U-bolt, conical toothed washers and nuts.Now, were ready to go ahead and put our hitch in place. Well go ahead and pull the bolt leaders through the attachment points and bring them up tight to the frame. There, well go ahead and hold it and install the conical toothed washer. Again, with the teeth of the washer facing the hitch and the two nuts provided for the U-bolt.Then, well move to the frame where we can remove the bolt leader, install the conical toothed washer and then the nut. Well install each of these attachment points finger tight and once we have them all in place well tighten them down. Next, well go ahead and torque to specifications as indicated in instructions. Now, with the hitch secure and torqued to specifications well need to go ahead and re-install the heat shield.First, well go ahead and test fit it into position to make sure it will fit back to its attachment points, but around the hitch. As you can see here, its hitting on the upright of the hitch, so well go ahead and mark out this section and make a small cut out in it to fit around the hitch. Then, well just fold the heat shield underneath and out of the way.Now, we can go ahead and re-install the heat shield and secure it. Note: For the rear frame attachment point it may be necessary to bend the heat shield. To do this I am simply going to go ahead and take the handle end of my hammer and give it a couple of quick taps to bend it close enough that we can start the fastening.With all the fasteners installed well go ahead and tighten them down. Next, well go ahead and continue bending the heat shield flat up against the hitch and away from the muffler. With that done well go ahead and re-install the exhaust. That will complete our install of the Hidden Hitch, part number 60325 on our 2013 Honda Accord.

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Have LED tailights and now running wires to battery - is it best / easiest to snake the hot wire under carpet

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Rachael H.

You can either run the wire under the carpet in the interior of the vehicle, or run it under the vehicle. If you run it under the vehicle make sure that you are avoiding areas that generate heat (like the exhaust), and pinch points like the vehicle suspension. I have provided a link to a helpful article about the different options for routing the power wire for your reference.