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Curt Trailer Hitch Installation - 2014 BMW 4 Series

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How to Install the Curt Trailer Hitch on a 2014 BMW 4 Series

Speaker 1: Today on our 2014 BMW 4 Series, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Class 1 Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number C11367. This is what our hitch looks like when it's installed. As you can see, the cross tube is completely hidden behind the bumper. It gives it a nice, sleek style. It's going to be a class 1. It's going to be 1-1/4" by 1-1/4".

It's going to have a 1/2" hitch pinhole. It had a nice ring style safety loop, which gives you plenty of room for different sized safety chains. It's nice and well hidden back under your bumper. You don't have to worry about hitting your legs on it. It's got a reinforced collar for extra stability.

It's going to give you great clearance for multiple bike racks. However, Curt does require the use of stabilization straps for all non-trailer loads.And it's going to have a 200 pound max tongue weight, which is the downward pressure on the inside of the receiver tube. It's going to have a 2,000 pound max trailer weight, which is the trailer plus the load included. Now I do recommend checking your owner's manual to make sure your vehicle can withstand that amount of weight. And you're going to want to pick the lowest between the hitch and the vehicle.

Now we're going to give you a couple of measurements to help you in deciding on any hitch products accessories you may need, such as a bike rack or cargo carrier. From the center of the hitch pinhole to the outer most part of the bumper will be about 3". From the ground to the top innermost part of the receiver tube will be about 11".Now it's a good idea to get a raised shank for better ground clearance. Now I'll show you how to get this installed. First thing we need to do to begin our installation is we need to remove our tail lights.

So we'll come inside the trunk here, take a flathead screwdriver and we'll just unscrew this plastic clip here to gain access to those two bolts. We're going to be using 10 millimeter socket. Next, what we're going to do is we're just going to pull straight back on the tail light. if you look down here on this wire, it's clipped around that plastic clip. Go ahead and pull that out. We're going to push down to release the wire. And we're going to repeat that on the other side of the vehicle.Next, we're going to remove our splash guards. We're going to be using a 10 millimeter socket here on this bolt. We're going to use an eight millimeter socket for these three and then two inside the wheel well. Now here on the driver's side, you're going to have a wire, so we're just going to pop this out and we're just going to twist them to pry the clips out. And you're going to repeat that same process on the other side. You're just not going to have the wire. Next, we're going to remove these three bolts here that are under our back of the bumper fascia. We'll be using 10 millimeter socket. Next thing we're going to do is right here on the inside of the wheel well, we're going to have two eight millimeter bolts.Right up here at the top of the wheel well, we're going to have a third eight millimeter bolt. We're going to repeat that on the other side. Next we're going to take out our wheel well liner, we're just going to kind of fold it back, put it behind our tire to get it out of the way. And we're going to take a T20 Torx bit and we're going to remove this bolt right here. Next, we're going to remove this bolt right here. We're going to be using a 10 millimeter socket. With an extra set of hands, go ahead and remove the bumper fascia. We're just going to pull out on it. Now you don't want to pull out too far. You're going to have sensor wires in here so you're going to have to unplug those.We're just going to push down on this little tab here and pull out. We're going to have four of these across the back of the bumper. Next, we're going to remove our bumper beam. We're going to have a bolt on top and a bolt on bottom. It's going to be on both sides of the vehicle. Before removing this, you want to make sure you don't have any wires connected to it. We're going to be using an 18 millimeter socket and then we're going to repeat that on the other side. Go ahead and set our bumper beam aside. Next, we'll go ahead and set our hitch into place. And then reinstall our bumper beam. And then reinstall the same hardware we just took off. Next, we'll go ahead and tighten everything down.Next, we're going to torque our nuts down to the specifications in the instructions. Now with an extra set of hands, we'll reinstall our bumper fascia. We need to make sure we plug our sensor wires back in. Now that we have our bumper fascia back on, we can reinstall all of our hardware in reverse order from the way we took it off. And that'll do it for the Class 1 Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number C11367 on 2014 BMW 4 Series.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Wayne L.

I tried to follow direction but the problem was the convertible has a whole different side panels which are impossible(by me) to remove without ruining the side panel for reassembly. And that's only step #1! If I could get by Step #1, I think it would be easy.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Are you talking about removing a side panel to gain access to your tail lights?

Reply from Wayne L.

Yes, as I said the side panels are different on the hardtop convertibles. Much bigger and longer anchor points are multiple and I can't remove them because the apparatus for the hardtop convertible is in the way on both sides. If the side panels aren't removed, there is no access to the tail lights. @JonG

Reply from Wayne L.


Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

@WayneL I wish I had some guidance on how to easily remove your side panels but even looking up how to change out the tail lights on a BMW Convertible didn't produce any results for me. Curt does list this as a fit for convertibles so I wonder if a dealer would have any other kind of insight? If you can let me know what YMM you have I can double check your fitment.

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