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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2015 Ford Edge - Draw-Tite

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2015 Ford Edge

Today on our 2015 Ford Edge, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver. It's a class III hitch, part number 75234. This is what the hitch looks like once it's installed on your vehicle. Pretty easy install, it simply bolts into place. There's no drilling or welding required. A nice black power coat finish, with a base e-coat for superior rust and corrosion protection. It comes with a max tongue weight rating of six hundred seventy five pounds, and that's both with and without weight distribution system.

It's max trailer weight rating is forty-five hundred pounds. Again both with and without a weight distribution system. You want to be sure to check to see what your vehicle is rated for. Go with whichever is lowest. This hitch is going to be perfect for all of your Class III accessories. As we can see here, we've got a five eighths inch hitch pin hole, along with your half inch hole here that's perfect for j-pin stabilization system.

Something that you'll see on this one that's a little bit different from the other hitches, the connection for your safety chains, it actually comes down a little bit, and drops in order for you to hook them in, instead of coming straight out to the side. This vehicle comes with the feature of being able to wave your foot underneath the rear bumper to open the tailgate if you have things in your hands. With this hitch in place, that will still work. We'll go ahead and show you that now. I wave my foot underneath. You can see it'll still open with the remote in my pocket. Next we'll give you some measurement which should help with choosing hitch-mounted accessories such as bike racks, cargo carriers or ball mounts.

The distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the outer most part of the rear bumper is about four and three quarter inches. The distance from the top of the receiver tube opening to the ground is about twelve and a half inches. Also the ground clearance to the bottom of the safety chain loops is about eight and half inches. Now let's show you how to install it on your vehicle. To begin our install, the first thing we'll need to do is remove these two ten millimeter nuts. Then we'll repeat that on the other side.

We'll go around and take these little five point five millimeter bolts out. We're going do to that all the way around, including on the heat shield along the back. Once we've got all our fasteners removed, we can take our little covers up in here and just pull them down out of the way. Once we've done that on both sides, we can get ready to drop our exhaust down. Now in order to take our exhaust hangers off, we're just going to spray a little bit of lubricant on there, just to help it slide off a lite bit easier. What I'm going to use, I'm going to take a pair of channel locks, and with this end you up it on the very end of the hanger, then the other end you put it on the bushing there and just push it through as far as you can with these. I've already gone ahead and done the other side. I'll pull this off, and I'm using the strap to support the exhaust so it doesn't hang too low. There's one ten millimeter nut straight up there that we need to remove. Once that's down, we'll be able to take this out of the way. Then we'll set it aside for re-installing later. The next thing, is we're going to fish wire in our carriage bolt and spacers, using these fish wires here. They're going to go through those two holes, and then the two round holes here on the bottom. I'm going to fish this end through the hole I need it to come out, and this is going to be our access hole here, so pull it out there. I'm going to start with this one that's towards the rear of the vehicle. In order to help me guide it back through, I'm going to put a little bit of bend in it at about the length I need between those holes, so then I can feed it in, work it down that way. I can use my finger to just help find it, just guide it out here. There we go. Then I can grab a carriage bolt and spacer. Need the spacer on first, then thread our carriage bolt into place. Then I'll be able to hold this other end of the fish wire, feed that spacer through there, then the carriage bolt, and pull them through so that they're lined up at the hole we need. Then I'll do that same thing with these other three on this side. Then we'll repeat that exact same process or the other side. The cross frame for the hitch is going to come right across here. In order for it to be tucked up as much as possible, we're going to have to cut this little stud out of the way. In order to do that, if you have die grinder, you can use that, or if you have some sort of rotary tool such as a Dremel or Milwaukee you can use that as well with a cut off wheel. You want to be sure to grab some safety glasses. You want to try to get that cut off as flush as possible. You want to grab a second set of hands. You also want to pay attention to which fish wire goes where. You need to get them started through the hitch. As for these outside ones, make sure you go from the inside out. Once you got it set up into place, take one of the conical teeth washers, with the teeth facing upwards, get the nut threaded on, and just run that up until it's hand tight and it'll allow you to hold your hitch in place, so you can get the rest of them set. These ones on the side, you'll have to pull back through. We'll carefully take those off, making sure not to push them back through into the frame rail. We can get our conical tooth washers and nuts started on those as well. You can get those tightened down by hand. Then finally you do that on the fourth ones as well. Then we'll go to the other side and put the rest of our hardware on. We'll be sure to tighten them down. Once you got them all tight, you want to be sure to torque them to what's specified in the instruction manual. We'll do that to all of them. Now up here, you're not going to be able to reinstall the fascia that was right here because of your hitch, so we'll go ahead and reinstall our exhaust into the hangers. We'll put those back in on both sides. With our exhaust reinstalled, we'll make sure to remove the strap that we used to support it. Then we can reinstall our panels on either side here. That's going to complete our look at the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver, which is a Class III hitch, part number 75234 on our 2015 Ford Edge.

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Looks easy enough, but you better have access to a lift and have someone to help you lift the hitch into place.

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Fantastic video.

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