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How to Install the Trailer Hitch on a 2019 Toyota Highlander

Today on our 2019 Toyota Highlander, you're gonna be taking a look at, I'm gonna how you how to install the Curt class three trailer hitch receiver.This is what our hitch looks like when it's installed. You can see the cross tube is visible. But it sits nice and tight up against the bottom of the fascia, and has a round tube design, so it's gonna fit nicely with the contour of the vehicle. It's gonna be a class three hitch, two inch by two inch receiver tube opening. We're gonna have a nice reinforced collar to give us a little extra stability there. Hitch pinhole is gonna be 5/8 inch in diameter.

It's gonna take a standard 5/8 hitch pin. Now the hitch pin clip does not come with this hitch, however it can be found here at We're gonna have plate style safety chain loops. The plate's gonna be welded to the bottom of the cross tube and the receiver tube. You can see we're gonna have large openings that's gonna accommodate a variety of different size hooks.

This is gonna have a nice black powder coat finish that's gonna resist any rust or corrosion.As far as our weight capacity's gonna go, we're gonna have a 900 pound max tongue weight, which is a downward pressure on the inside of the receiver tube, the 6000 pound gross trailer weight, which is the trailer plus the load included. You can use weight distribution with this hitch. Tongue weight's gonna stay the same at 900 pounds. Trailer weight's gonna go up to 8000 pounds. I do recommend checking the owner's manual of your Highlander, make sure the vehicle can withstand that amount of weight.

You're gonna pick the lowest number between the vehicle and the hitch. Now let's give you a few measurements to help you on deciding on any hitch-mounted accessories you may need. From the center of the hitch pin hole, back to the outermost part of the bumper, is gonna be about a half inch. From the ground to the top innermost part of the receiver tube, is gonna be about 16 1/2 inches. Now let's show you how to get this installed.Now before you start your installation, it's a good idea to go ahead and lower your spare tire.

Then we're gonna remove our two appearance panels, on the bottom driver's side and passenger side. We're gonna have a couple of push pin fasteners that look like this, then we're gonna have a couple bolts like this, and we use a 10 millimeter socket to remove those.You can take a flathead screwdriver, or trim panel tool if you have one like this, pop out the center, and make sure you bring the base with it. Then we'll have two fasteners on the inside. We use a 12 millimeter socket to remove those. It's easier if you just put some downward pressure on it, too. 'Cause these are plastic. Pop our panel out like that.On our passenger side, we're gonna remove this tab here. We're gonna use an 11/16 socket to remove the large bolt, and a 10 millimeter socket to remove this one. And on both frame rails, we're gonna remove the plastic plugs and the two rubber plugs. You use a flathead screwdriver or trim panel tool like I'm using here. We're gonna be using the three well nuts on both frame rails. Because they we're covered, you shouldn't have anything in the threads, but what I suggest doing is taking your hardware and hand threading it into the hole, just to make sure there's nothing stuck in there. If it is, I suggest maybe spraying some lubricant or something up in there, taking a tube brush and cleaning the threads really well.Our exhaust deflector, we need to cut it back. We're gonna measure two inches from the hinge right here back this way. And you can see how I have it marked there. I'm just gonna take a Dremel tool with a cutting blade on it, should cut it pretty easy. Then we'll take a utility knife, I'm gonna clean up the edges here. This is to knock off the burrs. Now with an extra set of hands, we'll get our hitch in place. We're gonna go over our exhaust on our passenger side. We're gonna use a hex bolt, conical tooth washer to make sure the teeth are facing towards the hitch. We're gonna get one in on each side, to hold our hitch in place. We're gonna use the same combination of hardware for all six holes, three holes on each frame rail. Then we're gonna tighten and torque all of our hardware to specifications in the instructions.Next, we need to trim our underbody panel for our driver's side. What you want to do is turn it upside down like this, or . this is actually the way it's gonna be installed. We're gonna follow these rib lines right here. We're gonna go on the inside of this rib line, we're gonna come on the inside of this one, over, and then up. Now your directions are gonna show you going straight up from here, and this hole, they're showing it way over here, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna come up, and we're gonna go beside that hole, because we don't want to lose that attachment point. That's for the front, or for the most rear part of this panel. For the back part of the panel, or the front part of the panel, we're gonna go down three inches, and then over four inches right in this corner. Then again we'll clean off the burrs, just kind of clean it up a little bit.Now we'll test fit our underbody panel, and make any necessary adjustments. Looks like everything's fitting good. We'll go ahead and reinstall our fasteners. Once you've reinstalled your underbody panel, you can reinstall your spare tire, and you're ready to go.That'll do it for looking at an installation of a Curt class three trailer hitch receiver on a 2019 Toyota Highlander.

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