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etrailer Trailer Idler Hub Assembly Installation

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How to Install the etrailer Trailer Idler Hub Assembly

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install trailer idler hub assembly for 3,500 pound axle, part number AKIHUB-545-35-K. This is also available in galvanized for marina applications, part number AKIHUB-545-35-G-K. This is also available in E-Z lube, part number AKIHUB-545-35-EZ-K. Also available in E-Z lube, galvanized for marina applications part number AKIHUB-545-35-G-EZ-K.This is what our hub assembly looks like installed on our trailer, it's gonna offer you an inexpensive, convenient way of having a complete new hub assembly where if you are looking to just replace your bearings you may have the added cost of hiring a shop to remove your old races from your old hubs in turn costing you more time and money by the time it's completed. Our hub kit is going to have the races already installed, it's gonna come with new bearings, new seals, caps, and new lug nuts, you're only gonna need grease and a few tools to get these installed.First thing we need to do to start our installation, I've gone ahead and removed the tire, we need to remove our hub. We're gonna remove this cap first, you're gonna take a small screwdriver and a mallet and we're gonna pop this cap off.

Just gonna work your way around, loosen it up. Then I'm gonna wipe off some of this grease, you can see there's a retaining ring right here that we've gotta remove. Take our screwdriver, we're just gonna pop that off and we're gonna hang onto this because we're gonna be putting this back on.We're gonna take a one and a half inch socket and they shouldn't be on there very tight and you're gonna want to hold onto this because we're gonna be reinstalling that also. Then you're gonna have your ring that goes up against your bearings and you're gonna want to hold onto that because we're gonna be reinstalling that also, we'll just slide our old hub off. After you get this cleaned off you want to make sure you check it for any gouges, nicks, anything like that to make sure it's not damaged.Now if you look on this inside of your hub you're gonna see that it kind of has an inset, what you want to do is pack grease in there so this is level.

You want some good bearing grease, and get this nice and coated inside the hub. Now we're gonna pack our large bearing, what you want to do is take some grease and put it on your hand like this and you'll notice on the bearings they have an open edge on the front and the back. What you want to do is we're gonna roll the bearing to get that grease packed inside of there like this. When you're pushing that grease in there you want to see it push out and inside the bearings, make sure you get a good coat on it. Once you get that done you're gonna drop it in the large side which is gonna be facing the trailer.

You can see how it kind of tapers smaller at one side than it is on the other, the small side's gonna go in toward the hub.In your kit you're gonna get a large seal, we're gonna put that over the bearing. It's a good idea to use a seal drivers to drive that on, to make sure that it's going on straight. I'll just tap it on and you want the seal just about flush with this edge of your hub, don't have to go all the way down in there. Now we're gonna take some lube and you want to grease up your axle.Next we'll take our hub and slide it onto our axle like that then we'll take our small bearing and we're gonna pack the grease in our small bearing the same way we did our large one. When you put your small bearing in again you want to make sure that the smaller side of the bearing is going in towards the hub.

Now we'll put on our washer then the nut. You want your hub to be able to spin, you don't want movement back and forth. Once I get it to where it's not moving I'm gonna take my inch and a half and gonna give it a little turn. Now before I put my cap on because the hub is so small I'm gonna put my wheel on and use the weight of the wheel to check to make sure we don't have any play in here and make any adjustments needed.Your kit's gonna come with new lugs, it's gonna have a tapered end and you want to make sure that that's going towards the wheel. Go ahead and tighten down our lug nuts. Once you have your wheel installed you just want to grab it and wiggle it and if you don't feel any play in the hub then you should be tight enough, just make sure that your wheel will spin freely. Now you can reinstall your retaining ring. Now we can install our cap, I'm just gonna use a mallet. This could be a little bit difficult to put in. Once you have your cap on you just want to make sure that the cap is sealed all the way up against the hub.That'll do it for our look at and installation on the trailer idler hub assembly for 3,500 pound axles part number AKIHUB-545-35-K.

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