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Hopkins Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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How to Install the Hopkins Tail Light Wiring Kit on a 2008 Jeep Wrangler

Today on our 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited we're going to show you the Hopkins custom taillight wiring kit for towed vehicles. Part Number HM56200. First off, we have this T-connector here, this one with the yellow wire goes to the left-hand side, or driver side. The T-connector here with the green wire goes over to the passenger side. This is our converter right here which takes our input from a 4 pole, that gets the power from the RV, goes through here and divides up to the wire harness, and to the tail lights. This long 4 pole wire harness will get ran underneath the vehicle all the way up towards the front, where it will be held in place by a spracket, also with its protective cover.

Eventually, we'll add some provided dilotel grease to the connection points to help protect it from the elements. We'll start off by removing the taillights, first off on the driver side, we'll undo these two screws and we can loosen up the light and pull it away. You'll notice there's two connection points on here. We're going to work with the connection that leaves both bulbs here and here. Push down this tab right here and we're going to pull it apart. We just want to carefully set this to the side and we'll get our wire harness out.

First off, we'll go ahead and work with a four pole wire harness. We're going to run that through an opening beneath the taillight, and out the bottom. Behind the inaudible 01:32 at the bottom there's a foam insert. You can just push that aside, and push the wire and the 4 pole through out the bottom. Next, we're going to work with the wires that go to our passenger side. The wires are a little bit of a mess here, so we're going to contain them using some wire loom.

We'll be using Part Number 459075-1. We'll take our T-connector now for the passenger side and route it out the same way we did for the 4 pole wire harness, and let this stay there on the ground for now. Let's turn our attention to our converter box here. I'm just going to take one of the zip ties and I'm just going to zip tie it to the factory wire harness. We'll take one of the insets connected to our converter, we'll match them to the end of the taillight, and plug the two back together. Push them in until they click in.

Here's the other free end, and push those guys together. Everything should be reconnected when we're done. Let's put our taillight back into place, and reinstall the screws. Let's get this taillight out of the way. Disconnect like we did before. This only has one connection, so we can move this whole light out of our way. We'll go underneath the vehicle and route our wire harness with the loom that we put on it over to this taillight. When we route this over, I'm going to follow this wire harness right here. I'm going to flip this over the top of the frame, pull it back down this side of the frame here, and I'm just going to trace the path going across. Then, we'll go back up a little forward and back over the frame. All right. At this point, I'm going to use a lot of zip ties to help secure our wire harness to the factory harness in the driver's side, then some extra long sizes that do not come with this kit inaudible 03:30. I could wrap it around this cross member and keep it far away from the exhaust. With our extra long zip ties, we're just going to push it up over the top of the cross member here. Once we're done, we're going to go head and cut off the tails of the zip ties. Then, we'll route it up towards the taillight on the passenger side. Before we run a wire up to the taillight, there's a little foam insert right here. We can push it up out of the way, and actually pull it back through. We'll go ahead and run our wire harness through, make a notch in it for the wire harness, and then put it back into place. Let's go ahead and make our connections first, and then we'll put that panel back in last. Let's go ahead and pull out our wire harness. Plug it into the taillight wiring harness. Take it up by slack and zip tie the two together, so I don't have any more hanging out than I need to at the bottom. Let's go ahead and plug it into our taillight and reinstall. Before we put our taillight back in place, let's go ahead and make a cut into our foam insert. It sits inside in this direction right here. We'll go ahead and make a simple cut in the corner to make room for the wire. Let's go ahead and put this back into place. Our wires will go across the frame here, right over the sub-frame for rear suspension.On-Screen Text: Stay away from hot or moving components.We zip tied it in places that we could find. Go ahead and pass the spring here and ran over these lines here and zip tied. Basically, came down to our brake lines right here and just followed them all the way up and zip tied to the brake lines. It does get a little close to the exhaust at this point but we zip tied our wires as close as we could to the brake lines and came up to this point right here. Next we're going to use a pole wire to take this wire and bring it up towards the top. I'm using an old piece of airline tubing. This could be any piece of material that could hold a shape as you work it down towards the bottom. All right, let's go ahead and attach our wires together with some electrical tape and we'll pull them up to the top. We'll make sure we take up all the slack as well. Okay, once we've pulled it up, make sure you take up all the slack, then we'll zip tie it to the wire harness here to help hold it up. Now let's go ahead and take our 4 pole wire harness and we'll take this and route it down towards the base plate. Again, everybody's going to route theirs just a little bit different. We're going to sneak in behind the headlight here on the driver's side and work our way through to the front here. We'll go ahead and route this down towards the bottom and a little bit towards the center where there's an opening where you can route it right underneath the plastic here and now down towards your base plate. Next we'll go underneath the vehicle and then we'll go ahead and loosen up the the panel underneath to get easier access to our wires. Now this is a panel we need to loosen up a little bit, but you see your wires from the inside here but we're going to pull them over this edge right here and reinstall the panel. With these fasteners here, you have to use a stubby screwdriver of some sort to get access to it because the base plate's in the way. Basically, you just unscrew the centers; I'm using a number two Phillips head bit. Loosen up the centers by unthreading it and then you can probably pry it out with your fingers or with a screwdriver. This is our 4 pole right here. We'll go ahead and run it behind the panel and out through the front here. We'll just sit there for now. I'll think I'll make a little notch right here to make room for the wires so when we put the panel back up it won't pinch those much. We'll pull out some slack. Maybe we want to install it in the center right here. Once you're satisfied with the length, we'll go ahead and put our fasteners back in. I think maybe we'll wrap this up with some electrical tape to help hide the wires. All right, back underneath the vehicle and behind the panel we have a white wire with a inaudible 00:08:11, that'll go to ground. We can use this cross member for that purpose. All right, I'm going to go ahead and drill out my hole first and then install my wire. Next up we'll go ahead and mount our 4 pole wire harness. So all we got to do is put our bracket around it and it basically clamps into place and you can mount it to the bottom of the bumper. Maybe somewhere in this area here. Now I do know that this vehicle's going to be upgraded to a 6 pole very shortly so we're actually going to leave our 4 pole just like that and leave it there for testing purposes. Next I'm going to go ahead and add some more of that same loom material we used earlier onto our wire going down behind the grille, kind of help, once again to hide the colors. And then the rest of our wire we have here, we're just going to bundle up and zip tie it to this wire harness here. Some supplemental braking systems need access to these wires to make some circuit connections so make them easy to access on top. All right, let's go ahead and try it out. First off, we'll check out the running light circuit and see if our taillights are on. Right, we'll go ahead and check out the right turn. Right, let's do the left turn and we know we have a brake signal that works because the turn signal is going to be combined with the brake signal. All right, now finished with our install of a Hopkins custom tail light wiring kit for towed vehicles, Part Number HM56200 on this 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.On-Screen Text: Part Number HM56200On-Screen Text: Expert Service Lowest Prices Fast Shipping 800.298.8924.

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