Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2008 Mazda CX-7

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2008 Mazda CX-7

Today in our 2008 Mazda CX7, we're going to be taking a look at an installing the tow ready tow package vehicle wiring harness with four pull flat trailer connector, part number 118249. Here's what this wiring is going to look like once it's installed on the vehicle. As you can see right now, it's not visible. When it's not in use, it's very easy to keep tucked away and hidden, but when you're ready to use it, you can just lift up on the floor of your cargo area and pull it out so then you can use it. Drape it out of the trunk and close the trunk. When you do that you want to be sure to avoid the cargo area here. That's a big no no because it may pinch or damage your wire.

You want to keep it away from that and keep it over here to the side. Then you can close your trunk, and you've got your four pull wiring easily accessible. Then whenever you're done, simply open your trunk back up, bundle your wire, and then you'll be ready to tuck it away until the next time you need to use it. What's really nice about this wiring system is that it plugs into the factory connector that's inside the passenger side panel at the rear of the vehicle. There's a module box in there that's going to help protect your vehicle's wiring system so that in case there's a power surge or if there's a short in the trailer, nothing is going to happen to your system because it's protected by that module box and inline fuse. Overall, this wiring system is going to do a really good job of providing four pull trailer power to your trailer when you need it, but it also tucks away to where you don't lose any of the usability of the rear of your vehicle when not in use. Here's what's going to come in our kit.

We've got our wiring harness with the four pull flat trailer connector with dust cover. Then we've got our module box, which is going to help to protect our vehicle's electrical system from anything like a short in the trailer, anything like that, and on the wiring coming to the connector, we've also got an in-line fuse holder with ten amp fuse that's going to help protect. If there was a surge in power, that fuse will blow and make sure that everything is protected. Then it also comes with a zip tie to help secure things in place. Now let's show you how to install it. We'll begin by taking out all the cargo flooring back here.

Then we'll take out everything around the spare tire here. Then there's actually going to be a couple screws that hold this down in place. We'll need to gain access to those. YOu'll need a Philips head screwdriver in order to remove them. There's one right there.

Then there's one more right up here. Once you take those two out you'll be able to remove that. Then we'll repeat the same process for this side. Then once we've got those out of the way, the next thing we'll need to do is remove our threshold. In order to do that, on either side down in the corner here, we've got this little push pin. You just take a small Flathead screwdriver and pop it under there, pop the center out of it, it should pull right out. Then we can take our threshold and begin to remove it by prying upwards from the bottom. There are push pins that clip in along here. Now we'll need to remove these two little fasteners right here. They'll remove the same way as those two did on the threshold. Then up top on this panel, there's a Philips head screw that we'll need to remove. There's this little cargo hook right here. We're going to need to remove that because there's a ten millimeter bolt underneath. If you take a small Flathead screwdriver, you can pop that cover up in order to gain access to it. What you can do is begin to work outwards on this panel here. There are some push pin fasteners that just clip it in place. Once you do that, you can pop this other little panel out from in here. Then right up here through this opening, after taking that panel out, you'll be able to see the factory connector that we'll be plugging into. It's just taped up into place, so I'm just going to cut that tape in order to have a little bit more access to it. Now what we can do is take the module box and the wiring that we'll be plugging into that connector and put it behind this panel here. Then we can plug the wiring harness into the factory connector on the vehicle. You want to make sure it clicks and goes all the way in so that you know it's secure and not going to come apart on you. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to tuck the wiring back in there. Then I'm going to take the module box and I'm just going to zip tie it to the bundle of wiring that's right there. Then I'll clip the excess off of that zip tie. Then I'm going to take one more zip tie and bundle up the excess wiring. Now you can take that, bundle the wires, and just keep it tucked back down in here. Then we want to make sure that our four pull wiring is routed out somewhere where we're going to have good access. I'm going to route it right between where we took those two little black push pins out of. Then I can begin re securing this panel. I'm just going to work the weather stripping out so that it's not caught underneath. That way we know that our weather stripping is going to function properly. Then I can put my two little push pins back in there. Now we've got our four pull wiring coming out in a good location that's going to be easily accessible. Then I'll reinstall this little panel that came out of our side paneling, so that way everything is covered up now. Now we can reinstall our threshold. Then we'll, again, reinstall our pushpins here. Now I'll go ahead and reinstall our cargo hook down here, then up top we'll reinstall that screw. Then we'll reinstall these side cargo areas. Now we can reinstall the little cover that goes over the spare tire. Then we can take our wiring and just tuck it down over here by the spare tire tools, and then reinstall the floor in the cargo area. Now that we've got it all installed, let's go ahead and test it to make sure everything works. We're going to use part number I26 in order to do that. First, let's go ahead and check our tail lights, left turn signal, right turn signal, and brake lights. With everything working properly, we're ready to plug into our trailer and hit the road. That's going to complete our look at and installation of the tow ready tow package vehicle wiring harness with four pull flat trailer connector, part number 118249, on our 2008 Mazda CX7.

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