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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2010 Toyota Prius

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2010 Toyota Prius

Today well be working on a 2010 Toyota Prius. Were going to install Tow Ready T1 Connector part number 118505. Were going to access the rear cargo area and first were going to do is remove the cargo mat. Were going to go ahead and pull it out of the vehicle and out of our way. Im going to access the rear spare tire carrier area. Were just going to remove all the interior trim panels and cargo carriers.

Weve got a couple of hold down hooks here in the back. Were going to remove these also. This one is on the drivers side. theres one identical to it on the passengers side. Were going to go ahead and move the passengers side cover.

This exposes our battery. Its going to also give us access to the taillight. Behind this cover here is going to be our taillight. This is where were going to be making our connection. Here on the drivers side we need to remove the black tray thats nearest the taillight.

Its got a black fastener here in the bottom of the tray. It just screws on and off. Then once again, weve got a cover here to access the rear taillight harness. Youll see here is our white connector that runs through our taillights. Its got a push tab here on the connector.

Then separate the two. Were going to take the brown and yellow end of our new harness, route it up behind the carpeting. Were now going to connect our new T1 connector. Were going to push the connections together. Make sure you do it firmly so it makes a good connection. You should hear the locking tabs snap in place. That completes the connecting point here on the drivers side. Im now going to route my wire over to the passengers side. Brown and yellow wire is now at the bottom of the carpeting and I want to put that up in behind the carpeting and trim. Key points when routing your wire is to make sure you stay away from pinch locations, key, and any moving objects. We got one more piece of trim here we can remove just to make it a little easier to access. Now were going to take the red and green wire and its going to go up here to the passengers taillight. Once again, weve got our white connector. Were going to go ahead and push down on our locking tab, separate the rear connectors, connect our new T1 harness in line with the manufacturers wiring. Now we need to locate a suitable place to set our module. Weve got a clean and flat place here. I think its going to be perfect. Peel back our adhesive tape and you can firmly press that into place so I get a good connection. Next, we need to locate a suitable place to install our ground wire. Theres actually a metal fin that comes off the passenger tire well thats going to be perfect. You could use a 3/16-drill bit and a screw provided or Ive chosen to go up a size and use a self-threading screw. Im just going to check to make sure Ive got a good connection. Now we can go ahead and make our battery connection. Make sure the fuse is removed while youre making connection. Youll see here the batteries are already equipped with a top post mount. Im going to use this to install our new battery power terminal. Now weve got our supply cable in place, I can go ahead and install my fuse. My new 4-pole lead is going to be routed outside of our trim also. I need to make sure its routing is secured. Now we can go ahead and reinstall everything. While were setting our tray back in place, we make sure we have access to our new 4-pole connector because this is where its going to stay when not in use. Now let me take an opportunity to show you how to use your new 4-pole connector. Were simply going to route our 4-pole connector outside of the cargo tray down to our hitch where it can be utilized as necessary. Were just going to close the hatch onto our wire. The weather seal will be thick enough not to harm the wire. We want to make sure we stay free and clear of the rear latch. This will complete the installation of our new Tow Ready T1 Connector part number 118505 on a 2010 Toyota Prius.

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