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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Toyota Venza

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2011 Toyota Venza

Today, on this 2011 Toyota Venza were going to install part number 118482 from Tow Ready. All right, first thing you do is get inside the vehicle, inaudible 00:00:10 the hatch, remove the floor coverings and well also remove the thresh hold and its trays below the floor coverings, as well, that go around the spare tire. This will be the same on the passenger side. Next, well go ahead and remove the thresh hold. Well, if we reach underneath the thresh hold by using a trim panel tool to help pop up the fasteners. Well have to remove some tie down points for the side panels, so we can pull them apart to get access to the wiring.

Well have to do this on both sides of the vehicle.All right, with all of your interior panels loosened up and removed we can go ahead and start installing our T1 wiring harness. Were going to start on the driver side first, well take the T connector half with the yellow wire. Well locate the factory wire harness junction point and well install the T connector there.Now, the connection point is behind the plastic, so you have to peel away the plastic so you actually get to see it. Well split it apart and install our T connector. Were done with our driver side.

Well go ahead and route the green wire over to the passenger side and repeat the same thing.Okay, all right. Now, well go ahead and deal with the white wiring with the ring terminal, thats our ground wires. Well attach it to the sheet metal on the inside of the vehicle. Its a good idea to detach it from the sheet metal where two layers go over each other, so you have a maximum contact with the metal.Our next step will be to work with the red wire coming out of the module. Well attach our black power wire to the red wire using the supplied bud connector.

Well sit that aside for now. Then, well clean off this area to attach the module. Well clean off pieces of sheet metal and attach it, okay.Then, well go ahead and take our black power wire and route it up towards the front of the vehicle. Theyll be a ground thats located towards the back of the trunk area that well use to get to the outside. When we run it outside well run it up to the front to the battery.

Well make sure we stay inaudible 00:0220 like suspension components or anything hot like the exhaust.Once we run our wires up to the battery, it will take a moment to secure the wires. Then, well add our fuse holder. When we add our fuse holder well cut the fuse holder in half, add a bud connector to one end and a ring terminal to the other end. Well connect the fuse holder to the black power wire and then the other half of the fuse holder will be connected to the positive side of the battery.All right now, when our fuse holder is installed we can go ahead and add our fuse. At this point its a good idea to test the wire harness and then re-install the interior components.Next, well go ahead and show you how to use a wire harness. Its stored on the inside of the vehicle, so we need to use it. Well pull it out, shut the hatch on it and then pull out what we need out to our trailer just make sure you stay away from the latch in the center and your wires will be just fine being protected by the weather stripping. Okay and with that, thatll finish it for our install of part number 118482 from Tow Ready.

Paul M.


The main 'module' in my car appears to be cracked and slightly swollen. Would it be acceptable to simply replace the module only, and but splice all of the wires, rather than remove and replace every piece of the harness kit ?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


If it's the OEM module then I wouldn't do that. If you have a T-One and you know the module is the problem then you could cut and splice in the module, it just gives you more chances for a connection to go bad so I wouldn't recommend going that route.

Lloyd G.


No problem, Im 80yrs old. I think i did it pretty good. no problem.

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