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Tekonsha Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2014 Audi Q7

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How to Install a Tekonsha Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2014 Audi Q7

Today we're gonna be installing Tekonsha's Heavy Duty ModuLite Vehicle Wiring Harness for your 2014 Audi Q7. This wiring harness is gonna provide you with all the necessary lighting that you'll need on your trailer to be DOT compliant in all states. This includes your left turn signal, right turn signal, tail lamps and brake lamps. This way you can be ensured that when you're going on your vacations, trips, or just doing work around the area, that you're gonna be safe and everybody around you is gonna know what your intentions are 'cause they'll be able to see all of your turn signals.What's nice about this system is you not only get the wiring and everything you need to get it connected, but there's a module that's installed in your harness that monitors the signals that are going to it, and the module itself is what sends it out to our four pole connector. What's nice about this is if there is any faults on your trailer, the module will shut it down, and prevent any damage from occurring to the wiring on your vehicle. As a further step of protection, there's a fuse that's installed in your harness, so if the module does not shut the circuit down in time, the fuse will open for your wiring harness and nothing else on your vehicle will be affected.Now when you're all done using your harness, it's gonna live inside the vehicle.

Your lift gate opens up; you can then wrap up your harness, tuck it into the storage compartment next to your module right there, and reinsert the cover, and you're all set.When your ready to use your wiring, you simply drape it out over the back, and close your lift gate. It'll pinch down in between your weather stripping. You wanna make sure you just stay away from the striker in the middle. And you see, we have plenty of length here that'll allow us to connect to our trailer.We'll begin our installation at the back of the vehicle. We're gonna need to tap into both the driver and passenger side taillight assemblies.

To access these, we wanna open up our lift gate, and we're gonna need to remove the trim panels back here. We'll start with the small access panels. To remove the access panels, you wanna use a trim panel remover tool, or a flat-bladed screwdriver. Wanna get behind it, pop it out. Once you've popped it out using the little access point there, you can work your way down the side until it just pops off.

We're gonna do that on the other side as well.We'll then need to remove the trim piece that goes across the top here. We need to remove a screw from the center hook here in the middle of this panel. You'll want to use a small pick to get underneath the cover and pop it out, and then we're gonna remove the bolt that's located there using a T20 torque socket. And we can now pull this panel off. Simply get your fingers behind it and just pop it out, then pull down here in the middle.

And we'll take the side pieces off on each side. There's gonna be one bolt you'll need to remove with a T25 torque socket, and then this one, just like our centerpiece, we'll just pull off, just kinda work your way down, and we'll do the same thing on the other side.We'll now have several bolts on our back panel here we're gonna need to remove. There's gonna be one on each side underneath the access covers you removed, and there'll be four across the top here, and then underneath this panel here, simply twist that and open it up, and you'll find two more in there. We're gonna use the same size torque socket to remove all those.Now that you've got all those removed, you can begin pulling your paneling off. I recommend using a trim panel tool to help assist you pulling it off, starting on one side, pop the hardware out of there. On the backside of your switch wanna disconnect the electro connector. So you wanna push in on the release tab and pull that out. There's also a light located here; you'll need to reach up and disconnect that as well. There's pushpins on each side of that connector that you need to release to get it off. Simply just pull those back, and it'll pop out.We'll now begin making our necessary connections. You'll have quick splices that come in your kit. You'll wanna open those up, just a little connector that pops down, and we're gonna be doing the driver side first, so we want the yellow and brown wires. Our yellow wire is our turn signal wire. The yellow wire will connect to the blue and red wire on this side, so we're gonna take our quick splice, we're gonna slide the yellow wire into the one end where it cannot push all the way through, and the end where it goes all the way through, we're gonna slide that over that blue and red wire. Once you've got that all slid through like that, you'll take a pair of channel locks, and you wanna squeeze the metal tab into the wire. Once you've got that squeezed on, simply take the cover now, and wrap it around until it snaps in place.And on our brown wire, we're gonna do the same thing, and it's gonna connect to the gray wire with the black stripe. Now make sure you don't get that confused as there is another wire here that's black wire with a gray stripe. We do not want that one. Make sure it's the gray wire with the black stripe. That's going to connect in the exact same way, and close it shut. We'll then take the red wire that comes in the kit, we're gonna strip it back, and crimp on one of the ring terminals that comes in the kit. We're gonna be using the medium-sized one, as we're gonna be grounding this here, so you wanna select one that's gonna be appropriate to fit on there, it's not gonna be too large or too small. We'll slide that onto our red wire, and crimp it down.Where we just made our connections, if you go up the pillar, you're gonna find your ground stud there. Remove that bolt with a 10 millimeter socket, take your white and red wire, slide those onto your bolt, make sure you get all the wires that we're already on that bolt back on the bolt, and then just reinstall it.We'll go 'head and mount our module now. We're gonna end up putting it right here behind this panel next to our connector. So we use the sticky pad that comes in the kit, stick it to the back of your module, remove the adhesive backing, and adhere that right next to the connector there behind this cover.Now we're gonna take the green wire, it's gonna run across to this side, and we're gonna make our connection to the blue and red wire that's on our passenger side here. We're gonna make this connection exactly the same as we did on the other side. Now we'll take the black wire from our kit, we're going to strip it back, we're gonna crimp on the yellow butt connector that comes in the kit, and the other end of our black wire here is gonna hook to the black wire with the red stripe coming off of our module. It is pre-stripped, but I like to strip just a little bit more back. And we're just gonna crimp it right onto there, and this black wire's gonna go to our battery positive source.Now the battery on your Q7 is gonna be located underneath the seat. You can kinda get a glimpse at it if you pull out this panel here, but to access it you need to remove the entire seat from the vehicle. So to avoid all of that extra work and potential trip to the dealer if anything goes wrong, we're gonna be routing ours to a fuse panel located in the back.Back here on our passenger side, you'll see your 12 volt outlet. If you pop this panel out, there's actually a fuse panel located back here. We'll be using a fuse tap, which you can purchase here at, to save us a lot of time and headaches trying to get it to the battery underneath the seat. We can simply plug it into our fuse panel, and this wire will now be live when we insert a fuse into it, giving us the power we need to run our vehicle wiring harness.And I do wanna let you know, it doesn't really matter which slot you use. I prefer to use the one for this back, 'cause it's got this plastic edging around here which can interfere with the fuse tap, but it fits perfectly here between these fuses. And I wanna make sure that when you insert this, you have the wire end sticking out the bottom, because the open slots here only have power on the top, and we want our power to be on this fuse, and we want our power to be on this terminal here so that way it has to go through the fuse to get out of our wire, making sure that we are gonna be circuit protected, so it must go this way.We then took our wiring, we cleaned it up with the zip ties that come in our kit, and we began routing it down over towards our passenger side. Once we get the wire to our hinge on the passenger side, we wanna take the cover off here. It just pulls off, just kinda work it off there. We're then going to zip tie the wire to this wire here. We wanna try and make sure we get the same form as the wires that already exist there, as this hinge does move, so we wanna make sure that our wire we're running is going to move with the existing wiring. We're gonna actually just take this, and we're just gonna poke it down underneath our weather stripping here. So if we just push it a little bit down in there, lift up the weatherstripping, we can actually get it to go right between it and underneath of it, and we're just gonna run it down the weatherstripping, tucking it underneath as we go, until we get down to the gray fabric portion here.Here, we're gonna poke our wiring inside. So we'll use our trim panel tool, we wanna go between the weatherstripping and the gray paneling. We're gonna pry it out just a little bit, we just need enough to get the wire to poke through to where we can grab it on the other side. We'll then just flip the weatherstripping over our wire, and now it's completely hidden and our wire is down here by our fuse panel where we need it.We'll then take our excess black wires, trim it off. We'll strip back the black wire, and we're going to crimp that onto our fuse terminal here. We can then take the fuse that comes in our kit, I'm going to insert it into the top set here. We wanna make sure it's the top set, inaudible 00:12:01. This'll be the one closest to the wire, and then insert it into our fusebox. We can now test our system out, and make sure everything's working properly.We can now plug in our connector and test it out. You can either plug it into your trailer, or to a tester like the one we have here. If you need a tester, you can pick one up here at You wanna keep in mind that the lift gate does need to be closed in order for your circuits to work properly. You wanna make sure that you have your left turn signal, right turn signal, tail lamps, and brake lamps. And with everything working properly, we can clean up our wiring at the back, and reinstall our panels.And now with all of our panels installed, we're all set. Now if you're wondering where in the world's the wiring we just did, well I went ahead and took our four pole and tucked it up behind our panel here, and this is where it's gonna store when not in use. So you simply just pop that out, and that completes our installation of the Tekonsha's Heavy Duty ModuLite Vehicle Wiring Harness for your 2014 Audi Q7.

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