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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2014 Honda CR-V

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2014 Honda CR-V

Today on our 2014 Honda CRV we're going to install part number 118561. This is a Tow Ready T1 Wiring Harness with a four pull flat. First thing we need to do is open up the back hatch and remove the spare tire cover. Then we're going to remove the threshold. We'll first need to remove two push pin fasteners. To remove these fasteners we'll need to use a small drill bit.

Or you can use anything else small, because all we need to do is just press in the center portion of the fastener which will assist in releasing it. We can push it up from underneath and remove it. Once both fasteners are removed we can then gently pull up the rear threshold and release the fasteners underneath. Set the threshold to the side for now. There is one last fastener next to the latch that we need to remove. Now we'll remove the trim panel just behind the second row seating on the driver side quarter panel.

To gain access behind it we'll need to remove the fasteners securing your drivers side quarter panel. Here we have a fastener. We'll get underneath and remove it. Then a cargo hook with secure 10 millimeter bolt. We'll go ahead and remove that.

Here we have a push pin fastener. We'll push on the center and it will release and allow us to remove it. There is a hook we can pull back on and use a screw driver to pull out a small panel. Then lastly behind that there two screws to remove. Now with all of the exterior fasteners removed we'll go ahead and gently pry out your on rear quarter panel.

We'll us a trim panel tool to pop out the fasteners. Once the lower panel is release we'll use our tool to pop free the upper quarter panel piece. We'll gently pull back on the panel and we can see the manufacturer's wiring and the blue connector that we will be plugging into. To separate the blue connector from the blue socket we'll press on the locking tab and then pull out on a connector. Now we can take our new tow read harness and plug it in line with the manufacturer's connector. Now that we're plugged into both our connection points, we'll go ahead an route our wiring down behind our lower quarter panel. We'll go ahead and route it down into the spare tire compartment. We'll tuck our wires behind the panels and pop them into place. Then we'll replace all our panel fasteners and hooks. Our next connection will be our ground wire. This is a small white wire from our harness with a pre-attached ring terminal. To ground it we'll find a suitable place in the sheet metal where we can screw our self tacking screw through the ring terminal and into the sheet metal. Now lets find a good location to mount our converter box. It should be a clean, flat surface, preferably on sheet metal. Right here is where we'll go a head an place ours. Alright, on the back side of our converter box is a two way adhesive. We'll pull the back side of the adhesive off and attach it to the surface. At this point we'll re-install the threshold. We'll then re-install the spare tire cover. We're not using the four pole connector. We can leave it tucked in next to the spare tire. Next we need to install a 7.5 Amp fuse into our fuse panel. The fuse panel is located on the drivers side, underneath the dash board, near the driver side kick panel. We'll install the fuse into the sixth slot from the right on the bottom row. Now with our fuse installed, we're ready to go ahead and test our new four pole harness. Alright to test our wire harness put the key in the ignition and use a test light. We'll take a ground clamp and connect it to the terminal with the white wire, which will be our ground terminal for our four pole connector. Then by probing the first terminal from the ground post we can go ahead and test the running lights. Running lights will be our brown wire. Yellow wire will be a left turn signal and braking. The green wire will be a right turn and braking. We can test our brake signal by having a constant signal on the yellow and green wires. With everything working we'll go ahead and show you how to use it. When we need to plug into a trailer, we'll simply just pull it out and we can shut the hatch on it. The door seal is thick enough it won't hurt the wire. OK and then we can just go ahead and run it down to our hitch. OK and when we're not using it, like we said before, it will stay with the spare tire. That will finish it for our install of the Tow Ready T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness, part number 118561, on our 2014 Honda CRV. .

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This video was so easy to follow along with and very helpful thank you guys

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