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Hopkins Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 2014 Honda CR-V

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How to Install the Hopkins Tail Light Wiring Kit on a 2014 Honda CR-V

All right, today on this 2014 Honda CRV, we're going to install part number HM56304. This is a Hopkins Custom Tail Wiring Kit for towed vehicles. All right, our first step is to go ahead and open up the back hatch, and then we have to remove the tail lights. There's two fasteners that we have to remove. We'll use an 8 mm socket on these. Just kind of pull back. Kind of rock it back and forth so it comes loose.

We'll put a towel between the body work and our light and we'll leave it alone for now. Let's go ahead and do the same thing on our passenger's side. Now we can go ahead and start with installation. We'll take the 4-pole end -this will eventually go to the front of the vehicle. We'll go ahead and just drop that down between the bumper cover and the body work. Then we'll work our way up from the bottom to get a hold of the wire and pull it out.

If we run it down far enough, you can push up on this panel here and you can get a hold of it and pull it out. Now this T-connector with the orange wire we're going to drop below as well. This will eventually go to the passenger's side tail light. Go ahead and pull this wire out. Make sure we take up the slack. All right.

Now we're going to have to run this back to the other side so we're going to loosen up our panel right here by taking off these plastic rivets. Just routing it across. Just use a screw driver to pop out the center of the rivet and just pull it out. Sometimes you have to grab the bottom of the rivet as well to pull it out. I think I'll take our wires and route them over the bumper structure because one extra step to keep it away from the heat of the exhaust.

Now we'll go ahead and route these wires up to our tail light. While we're down here, we'll go ahead and re-install our plastic rivets. We'll go ahead and pull up our wires from the bottom to the top. Now I've got a specialty tool for this. This simply could be any piece of wire that holds it's shape of a hook. Maybe some electric tape to hold it together. Now at this point we can go ahead and start making our electrical conditions. This is the top of our tail light, so this is the socket we're going to remove. We'll push in a tab here and that unlocks it and we can go ahead and pull it apart and our new wire harness will plug right into place. It'll snap in and the remaining two halves will plug together. Now we're going to take our converter here and we're just going to zip tie it to the factory wire harness. At this point we can go ahead and re-install our tail light. Let's move over to our passenger's side and do the same thing. We'll make sure that we take up all the slack that we have and we'll go ahead and zip tie it to the wire harness from our tail light. Now there's only a limited number of zip ties that come with the kit, so it's a good idea to get some extra zip ties for the rest of our wiring. Now we'll take our 4-pole end and route this up towards the front of our car. Now when we do this, we want to make sure we stay away from anything moving, like suspension components, or anything hot, like the exhaust, and also, up towards the front, you want to stay away as far as possible from the steering components as well. We'll go ahead and show how we routed our wire. Now this is largely personal preference, but this is how we did it. Come out behind the panel here, about right here. Tie it off to some factory wiring. Ran it across the rear sub-frame for suspension, right over the top of it, and zip tied it on both sides. Went down by the parking brake cable and up towards the front. Now our panel here, we just loosened it up and we just tucked our wire through all the way towards the front and worked it down until we got right here we're we zip tied some lines and worked our way up to the front. Okay. Now we're under the engine and we spaced additional holes in this pan here and zip tied it to keep it away from the engine as far as possible. Made another zip tie here, and then we just worked our way up underneath the plastic and up towards the previously installed breakaway switch at the front here. We'll go ahead and replace our panels, and then we'll go ahead and take up the excess wire and ground the white wire with the ring terminal. Now we're going to need some extra room here, so we're going to loosen up these 4 rivets here to give us some extra room, and plus this will give us access to some sheet metal that we need to use for our ground. We'll flex that up and out of the way for now. There you go. Take our white wire up the ring terminal, route it back down through sheet metal right here. Let's put our panel back into place and we can go ahead and re-install our fasteners. All right, let's go ahead and take up our extra slack. inaudible 00:06:59 has access to our base plate. Now to help keep our wires together and look nice on the front of the vehicle, we'll go ahead and add some loom material to keep it all together. In this case we're using part number 459075-1. We'll need about 2 foot of this material. Next we'll add a cover to our 4-pole and it fits in the groove right here, and then this will fit inside its own bracket. This will sit inside the bracket. There's room for the cap, too -for the cord. Let's go ahead; run those two together. Let's go ahead and put our cap on for now. What we're going to do is put it directly underneath the license plate right here. All right, we'll take our bracket and we'll put it up against the bottom of the license plate, and then using the long, self-tapping screw, we'll go ahead and attach it to the plastic of the license plate holder. All right, we'll apply power to it. First let's check the running light circuit. Now we'll go ahead and try our right turn signal, and now our left turn signal. Now a brake signal's going to be the same as a turn signal circuit, so we know that works. Okay, with everything working, that will finish it for our install of part number HM56304. This is a Hopkins Custom Towing Tail Light Wiring Kit for towed vehicles on our 2014 Honda CRV. .

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