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Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2014 Nissan Pathfinder

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How to Install the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder

Speaker 1: Three owner, 2014 Nissan Pathfinder and we're gonna be taking a look in and showing how to install the current C-connector vehicle wiring harness with four pole flat trailer connector, part # C56281.This is what your wiring harness is gonna look like when it's installed. It's gonna give you all your normal functions for your trailer, brake lights, running lights, and your turn signals. It's very easy to install. Just plugs into existing wiring. Since your wiring harness is gonna live outside the vehicle, you can double your dust cap as a holder.Now I show you how to get it installed. First thing we need to do, is we need to get access to our hatch area.

Then we're gonna need to remove this panel here. We have three connection points. We're gonna use a 10 mm socket. Next we're gonna remove our scuff panel. First we need to take out this little center piece.

We're just gonna slowly pry up. I'll set it aside to get reinstalled.Next, we'll take a trim panel tool. We're gonna have little plastic fasteners here. We're gonna have four of them, across the back, that we're gonna have to remove. All you want to do is pry up.

I'm gonna remove this right here. It's gonna cover your deck; we're gonna set this aside. Then we're gonna take our box, and we'll just set it up, out-of-the-way like that.Next we're gonna remove this panel right here. Underneath this center cap on these tie down hooks, you're gonna have another 10 mm screw. You can also use a Phillips screwdriver.

Let's just set these aside. Then we'll take our trim panel tool again, and you're just gonna pry up on these.So what we need to get to is a plug right down here on the bottom. Now it's not gonna be necessary to take out this panel, but we're gonna do it for video purposes, so it's easier to see. So what we're gonna do is this point here, we're just gonna take a Phillips screwdriver and take out this screw here. Then we're just gonna gently pry back on this panel and if you look right down here, there's a plug. Now your kit's gonna come with two extra relays. If your vehicle is already equipped with a factory tow package, these are not gonna be required. They're already gonna have relays in place. If it's not, you're gonna have to read your owner's manual to find out the proper location to place these.Next we're gonna take our included wiring harness and our relays, your blue ones are gonna go on your white. Your brown will go with your brown. Now you want to make sure you do this, before you hook the wiring up to your vehicle. Now your kit's gonna come with foam tape for your relays. All is you would do is you would take off the paper, you wrap it around the relays like this. What that's gonna do, is when it's sitting in your vehicle, it's gonna keep these from getting damaged. Now for video purposes, we're not gonna put these on. So now we're gonna take our trim panel tool, we'll go ahead and remove our plugs from the side wall of the vehicle. Now we're gonna take our wide ends, connect them to the vehicle and the black one, we'll plug it in to the other black one.Next thing we're gonna do is we're going to go ahead and put everything back in place. Gonna go ahead and connect your two wires back to your vehicle panel here. So now we go ahead and zip tie our extra wire that we have left onto our existing wiring, that's put in by the factory. Once we have all our wiring connected, we'll go ahead and put all of our interior back together. You're just gonna do everything in reverse from when you took it out. So we'll start here on this side panel. Make sure your weather stripping is pulled on the outside.Once you have everything back in place inside the vehicle, we're gonna head underneath the vehicle over here on our passenger side. That's where you're going to hook the four pole connector into. Now right up here in the corner, you're gonna see two plugs. One of them is gonna match your four pole connector. Now this one here is gonna be the one that matches. I'm gonna go ahead and pull it down, and there's gonna be a cap on it. We're gonna remove that cap. Now if you have a little trouble getting it off, you just take a flathead screwdriver, push down on this tab, and pull out. And that's where we'll take our gray in for our four pole. Put it in place until you hear it click.So next, we're gonna find a good ground spot. I'm thinking right here, along the frame. I will take our self-tapping screw for each socket, and we're gonna take our white wire with our rain terminal, and we'll go ahead and put it into place. Now you want to make sure you get this snug enough that the wire doesn't move, but you don't want it so tight, that it breaks your ring terminal.Here on the back of the hitch, you're gonna have a bracket. What we're gonna do is we're gonna go up behind that. We're just gonna use this as a gauge to determine how much wire we want actually hanging out. Then the rest of it and we'll just take, along with a zip tie, wrap it around our hitch and tie up the rest of it.Next we're gonna test it out using part number I26. Left blinker, right blinker, brakes, running lights. And that'll do it for the current T-connector vehicle wiring harness with four pole flat trailer connector, part number C56281 on our 2014 Nissan Pathfinder.

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