Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta

Today, on this 2014 Volkswagen Jetta, we are going to install part number 118572 from Tow Ready. The first thing were going to do is go ahead and get in the trunk and get access to our tail lights. Our wire is going to be located back here but we have to loosen up all these panels to get access to them. First off, well go and take away our floor coverings. Next, well go ahead and remove our threshold. Well pull our sill back and using basically a plastic pry bar, well go ahead and pop the fasteners loose underneath.

This little piece right here will come off too. The fastener way about right in here as well you need to pop loose. There you go. It looks like one on each side.Next, well go ahead and undo these plastic fasteners. Well unscrew the centers.

The Allen that were using is a 3-millimeter. There you go. Now I got better access to our wiring. Lets go and do the same thing on the drivers side. Now we can go ahead and make our first electrical connections.

Using the T connector with the yellow wire, well go back around our tail light and disconnect it. Its kind of hard with fingers but if you can get in there, press these two clips in and thats what holds it in place. This end will go into our T connector until it snaps in and this will go back into our tail light.Well go over to the passenger side and do the same thing with the T connector with the green wire. Our ground wire is up next and now what were going to do is attach it to the sheet metal right here. Our kit comes with a self tapping screw that uses a 1/4 inch hex head.

Well work with this gray plug right here, thatll plug into the back of the module. Now well go ahead and work with the power line here. We need to connect this yellow buck connector to our black wire. It comes with the kit and this is eventually where we ran up to our 12-volt power supply. I'm going to strip the wires back and attach to the buck connector.To run a wire upfront, were going to run it through this grommet and then underneath the car and back up to a 12-volt power supply. It will be easier to see if we pull out the grommet and well just go ahead and cut in it. This is a pretty stiff material so inaudible 00:03:59 a nice little hole for it. Go ahead and just ran it through your grommet and then were going to run the wire through the hole. Go ahead and run all our slack out and then well go ahead and put our grommet back into place. Next, well go ahead and clean up a spot to attach your module. Take the cover off the adhesive and well go ahead and stick it to the sheet metal.Were going to lay our panel back down for now then well go ahead and continue on bringing our black wire up toward the front of the car. When we ran the wire, we want to stay away from anything thats hot as far as possible and anything moving like rear suspension or front suspension up towards the front as well as steering inaudible 00:05:00. We need to pull our wire from the bottom up to the top. Were going to use this piece of old airline tubing to go ahead and do that with. This also could be a stiff piece of wire or this could be any piece of wire that can hold that shape. A flashlight definitely helps to see where youre going with the wire.This is where our wire starts off at. We ran it over the top of the rear suspension and we zip tied it along the way. The zip ties that come with the kit are way too short for this so you want to get some extra long zip ties for this part. Then we just went ahead and zip tied it to the exhaust bracket here and basically follow the brake lines, trying to stay away from the exhaust as much as possible. Follow the brake lines down and they ran in this panel here which we still have loose. It looks that our panel did work to hold our wire for us. Well go ahead and run it all the way up towards the front and up to our pull wire. All right, lets go ahead and pull up our wire. Pick up all our slack and then well go ahead and route it around to our 12-volt power supply.In this case, well actually go to the junction box here. Well just slip off the cover and were going to attach it to one of this post right here. Well go ahead and run a wire to our length and then well go ahead and add a fuse holder to it. Cut off our excess length. Lets get our fuse holder ready. Well go ahead and cut it in half. One half will get a buck connector and the other half will get a ring terminal. Well go ahead and connect this to our black wire. Okay, well add some electrical tape to help keep it secure, give a little of that protection. Well go ahead and take a moment to pull a slack out of the wire and well go ahead and secure it.The tie wires, well go ahead and cut off the tales. Then well go ahead and make our connection to our power supply. Now this is inaudible 00:07:50, with the key off, we found out this post is direct connection to the battery so well go ahead and take our terminal attached to that. Ive taken a nut off and well stack another nut on top of it. The nut were using is part number 185916. Okay, I used a 10-millimeter wrench to tighten it down. Well go ahead and put the cap back on to our fuse block here. Then well install a fuse into our holder. This is a 15-amp fuse that comes with the kit. Were done underneath the hood. Well go ahead and close it up. Well go back to the trunk and well go ahead and reinstall the interior panels.Before we can go ahead and reinstall our interior panels, we want to make sure that our 4-pole will stay at the spare tire so well put that with the spare tire. We do have some wire here that went across. Well go ahead and attach it to the sheet metal here and our cover will go back over the top of it. In this case, were just going to be using some good old packing tape to help hold it in place. Well go ahead and clean up the sheet metal as well and make sure it has a good adhesion. Use a zip tie to hold it n place back here behind the panel to help take out the slack. Well go ahead and reinstall our panels now. Well get that end of the rivet started just by pushing them in and then well finish them off with a tool.Everything is about to go. Lets go ahead and show how to use it. Its pretty simple. Lets go ahead and pull it out from underneath. You pull out your slack and go ahead and pull it over the threshold here and shut the trunk on it. The door sill is thick enough where its not going to hurt anything when you shut the hatch. This end will go to your trailer. Now well go ahead and try it to verify it works before we try it on a trailer. Okay. Were going to take our tester and ground to our white wire and then test our brown for running light circuit and yellow for left turn, green for our right turn and our brakes are going to be a constant signal on our yellow and green wire. Good. When its not in use, put the cap back into place.I'm now finished for our install of part number 118572 from Tow Ready on our 2014 Volkswagen Jetta. .

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