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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2015 Dodge Journey

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2015 Dodge Journey

Today on our 2015 Dodge Journey, we'll be installing the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with four pole flat trailer connector. Part number C56109. First thing we're going to want to do on our Dodge Journey to install our wiring harness is open our hatch. Then, we'll remove our taillights. There's two plastic panel retainers on the inside here. We'll just pry off the middle section, and then remove the back section. With our trim panel tool we'll insert underneath the middle, pull it towards us, and we'll do the same with the bigger part.

We'll take our taillight and pull it towards us, like so. We'll undo our taillight connector by pulling back on the gray locking tab, pressing down on the black tab. Sometimes you need to remove the locking tab completely. Set it aside. Then, you can press down the tab and pull out the connector.

We'll set our taillight aside, so we don't damage it. We'll do the same thing on the other side. On the driver's side of the vehicle, we'll drop the four pole flat trailer connector down into the slot where our taillight is, and it will come out the bottom of our bumper, like so. We'll also drop over the harness end that has the green wire going to it. This will route over to our passenger side of the vehicle. The yellow wire connector will connect to our vehicle wiring harness end with the male end.

Just push it in until it clicks into place. Then, we'll take the gray locking tab and reinstall it, like so. We can grab our driver's side taillight again, pull back on this locking tab. Red locking tab on the T-Connector, reinstall it into the taillight. Press in the red locking tab, and we can reinstall our taillight.

Making sure this pin here goes in this hole. There and here. Push it in until it clicks into place on the top and the bottom. We'll take our plastic panel retainers, reinsert them, and we'll put back in the middle part, which spreads it and holds it into place. Just like so. Now, we'll take our green wire connector end that we dropped down, route it over to the passenger side of the vehicle, making sure we go over the exhaust, feed it up, pull it into position. Take our male end again, plug it into the factory wiring until it clicks into place. Take our gray lock tab, reinsert it. Now, we can ground our white wire to the vehicle body using a self tapping screw. Here's our provided self tapping screw. It has a 1/4" hex head on it. Take our wire with the eyelet terminal, stick it over the self tapping screw, and then we will ground it to the vehicle body on a flat surface. Reinstall the green wires going to it until it clicks into place and press down on the red locking tab. I'll slide it in using the guide pin here and here. They go in the holes there. Push it until it clicks into place. Take our trim panel fasteners, push them back in, push in on the tab. Now, we can go underneath the vehicle and secure the wiring. Now, our trailer hitch that we currently have on our Dodge Journey here has this nice mounting tab, so we can put brackets like this to secure your four pole flat connector. We have these available on our website. Part number 18144. Set it on top this tab, drop the screws on through, and lock nuts. Grab some tools and we'll tighten them down. That's nice and snug and not going anywhere. We'll take our dust cover here, slide it over our connector. Insert the four pole flat. Take our dust cover, push it on the back of our harness a little bit just to snug it into place. Install the dust cover like so. Now, we'll take our wire that's hanging down and wrap it up inside the bumper as best as you possibly can. There's a wiring loom up in there that we can zip tie it to. Pull our zip tie nice and tight. Move our green wire to there. Grab a zip tie, secure it around the wiring harness. Pull the zip tie nice and tight. Also available on our website is some nice 1/2" diameter wire loom, like this, which we can use to go around our wires so we have a nice clean install. You don't have to see any colored wires hanging down below your vehicle. I'll cut off the excess making sure not to cut the wires. Reinsert the back of the wire, and we can secure the wire loom with some zip ties to make sure it'll stay shut. Now, with that done we can trim off all our excess zip ties. With our installation complete now and all of our wires secured, we can test our functions on our connector. We have a four way flat trailer tester available on our website, part number I26. We plug in the trailer tester, and we're going to test the functions. I'll turn our headlights on and the taillight circuit will be enabled. That is the brown wire. I'll turn on left turn signal, and that should illuminate as well in a flashing pattern. That should be on the yellow wire. I'll turn on the right turn signal, and that'll start to flash on the green wire. If I step on the brakes, both the yellow and the green wire lights will be illuminated steady. That completes the installation of our Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with four pole flat trailer connector. Part number C56109 on our 2015 Dodge Journey.

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