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Hopkins Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 2015 Jeep Wrangler

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How to Install the Hopkins Tail Light Wiring Kit on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler

Speaker 1: Today on our 2015 Jeep Wrangler, we're gonna be installing Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit, part number HM56200. This wiring kit is gonna allow you to hook your vehicle up to your RV and get all the necessary lighting signals transfer from it to your vehicle. This includes your left turn, right turn, tail lamps, and brake lamps, so you'll be DOT compliant in all states.There's no cutting, no splicing required with this wiring kit, it just plugs in line with your factory wiring. The control box included will separate its circuits from your factory circuits, so you don't have to worry about any of the signals coming from your RV effecting the wiring on your vehicle. Everything you need to hook up to your RV is included, and it's custom fit for your Jeep. Now that we've gone over some of its features, let's show you how to get it installed.We'll begin our installation at the back of the vehicle by removing both the driver's and passenger's side tail light assemblies.

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four screws located in each corner. It is worth noting that the length of the screw is different. The inside screws will be slightly longer than the outside screws. Now pull out of a tail light assembly and disconnect the electrical connector by pressing down on the release tab and pulling it out. We'll then repeat that same process on the other side.We can now take our wiring harness and use the connectors with the yellow, brown, red and blue wires, and plug that into our driver's side.

Take your driver side connector, plug that into the female end of your new harness, and then we'll tuck the rest of our wiring inside of our tail light. If you look down inside the tail light, you'll see that there's an opening. We'll be dropping down the connectors from the other side as well as the four full flat connector down through that opening. You can now plug in your driver side tail light and reinstall it.Next we'll need to prepare our passenger side for the wiring to be fed over. As you can see, there's foam located in the bottom, we'll have to remove some of this foam, so we can poke our wiring up from underneath into this compartment.

Once you've removed the foam, you'll see a plastic white panel located down here at the bottom. We're just gonna push that from the bottom side up into our tail light housing, then we can pull that out. Now we have access to run our wiring in.The brown, orange and green wires are gonna route to your passenger side. We're just gonna follow our factory wiring right across over to the other side. We followed our wiring down, up over and across zip tying it along the way to the existing wiring, up over the frame rail and into the bottom compartment up into our tail light house.

We can then take our wiring, plug it into our factory connector, and plug the other end back into our tail light. You can now take your excess wiring and bundle it up and zip tie it to your factory wiring.We'll now take the wiring connected to our four pole connector and route this up to the front so we can have it mounted on our base plate. I'm gonna route this wire now and then I'll show you how. When you're routing it, you wanna make sure that you avoid any hot objects such as your exhaust, and moving components such as your steering and suspension.We routed our wiring down following our factory wiring, zip tying it along the way, just staying on top the frame rail. We stuck with the frame rail going along top, staying behind the body mounts. In front of our front body mount, we just followed along the frame, back behind our steering and suspension components to the front of the frame where we drop it down, ran it across, and came out of the front of our rock guard here, right next to our base plate. We'll then be connecting this to our six pole connector. This connector doesn't come included with your wiring kit, but can be picked up with part number RM-146-7. This is how we'll connect it to our RV for our flat tow setup.We get a little extra length of wire and we're going to cut off our four pole ends, so we can connect that to our six pole connector. On the other end at our four pole, we'll need to cut off the white wire so we can run that to ground and also connect it to our six pole. We'll then run our white wire right up into the bottom of our front bumper using the self tapping screw provided in the kit.Now separate your brown, green, and yellow wires using a pair of wire cutters. Once you've cut each one, you can simply pull them apart and then strip back the end of each of those four wires. After you stripped back your wiring, slide on the rubber end from your six pole connector, we'll connect our white wire to the pin labeled ground which is GD on our six pole connector, just slide that in and screw it down with the Phillips head screwdriver. Next we'll connect our brown wire, the pin labeled TM, this is for our tail lights, we'll connect our green wire to the one labeled RT for right turn signal, and lastly we'll connect our yellow wire to the one labeled LT for our left turn signal.Now use dielectric grease on the backside of the connector, this'll keep out any moisture and corrosion, making your wiring last a long time. Then slide on your rubber boot, and we can connect our connector to the base plate using the hardware that was provided with your base plate.You can now connect your RV to our vehicle and test out your wiring. Now operate the light in your motor home to verify everything's working properly. Here you can see we have our brake lights, tail lights, left turn, and right turn. If all your lights are operating properly, you're now ready to hook up your vehicle to your RV and hit the road. That completes our installation, Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit on our 2015 Jeep Wrangler.

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