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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2016 Jeep Wrangler

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2016 Jeep Wrangler

Today on our 2016 Jeep Wrangler we're going to be showing you have to install the Tow-Ready T1 vehicle wiring harness with the four-poll flat trailer connector. Part number is 118416. Now this is what our kit's going to consist of. It's a pretty straightforward wiring setup. What we're going to do is plug this directly in line between the rear of our driver side taillight and the factory harness. That's then going to send the appropriate signals we need down to our four-pole trailer connector.

We're going to have our right, left, our running lights, and our white there is going to be the ground is going to be the ground. Now that white wire, you can see it already has a ring terminal that's been attached to it. Now they do give you a couple zip ties. They're pretty short. I'd recommend getting a couple of zip ties, having them on hand, because it's nice to be able to secure our four-pole wiring as it heads down maybe along the hitch or wherever we decided to route it. We've also got a nice dust cover that's going to slide over the end of our four-pole plug.

It's going to keep that safe and protected. I also like to use that to attach it up to the hitch so we don't have to worry about it ever following down or dragging behind us on the highway. Now we need to access behind our taillight here. We just want to remove the two screws that are closest to the middle of the vehicle. Then we just gently pull out and also slide toward the middle.

Our light's going to come right out. Here we're going to have the tab we're going to push that's going to allow us to remove the connector right out of it there. Now we're going to use a little bit of dielectric use just to go on our plug here. Do both sides of it. We carry it on our site; part number there is 11755. It's just going to keep out any corrosion or any moisture, help give us a good connection.

It's just a matter of sliding them together here. Can hear that little click. Then you'll be able to pull without it separating. We're going to take our four-pole plug, and in the bottom of this area is just a foam pad. Here's our fuel cap; it runs down. If we go just to the left of it, this will pass right by it in that foam area. Now inside of this area there's not a really good area to connect this ground wire. I'm going to allow that to come down enough so that when we pull our four-pole through, that that will come out underneath and we can make an attachment for it there. We'll go underneath and pull it through. Here's that filler in that area that comes down. There's going to be where our four-pole will come out. Now I'm going to pass that right up over our frame toward the middle of the vehicle. It will go right behind this body mount. Just going to bring out whatever we think we're going to need. Depending on your setup, you can have it a little bit shorter, a little bit longer. It's more of a preference thing there. It should be good for what we need there. Just going to use the anchor point on the hitch here just to secure that link. Then I'm going to bring the rest of my wire up. We'll put it on top of the hitch and we'll use zip ties to secure it. Now we'll bring our ground wire forward. There's going to be a small hole. It's going to be right on the top of the shock mount there. That will keep it protected from coming down and hitting our actual shock. Then we'll use our ground and just put it in right there. Should be easy to get to, easy to put in place. We're going to use our bit driver there and get our hole started. Once we've got that through, put on our ring terminal and secure it down. Now we want to bring up any slack that we've got there and in our other line. We'll zip tie that up inside the vehicle. Now we'll just take our wiring and get it tucked up there, keep it out of the way. It will be there when we need it. Now we can pull up any excess we might have and we'll get that secured off. Then we'll reinstall our taillight. Now we'll simply plug the other side of our t-connector harness right into the taillight and we'll slide it into position. Then we just resecure it with our screws. Let's test it out, make sure it works properly. Now we're just going to use a regular four-pole tester here; part number is I26 if you want to pick one up. Now we'll start by turning on our running lights. We can do our left turn signal, right turn signal, and also check our brakes. Now with everything working properly, that's going to complete our installation of the Tow-Ready T1 vehicle wiring harness with the four-pole flat trailer connector, part number 118416, on our 2016 Jeep Wrangler.

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