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Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2016 Nissan Murano

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How to Install the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2016 Nissan Murano

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 Nissan Murano, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with a 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector. That's gonna be part number C56267.Here's what our wiring's gonna look like once we have it installed. It is gonna live on the inside of the vehicle until we're ready to use it to tow, and it is gonna provide us with a 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector. It's gonna give us all the lights we need to safely get down the road, like our tail lights, turn signals, and our brake lights.All the connections are gonna be made on the inside of the vehicle underneath some of these panels here. It's gonna connect in between our tail lights to get the signal. Then we're gonna get our power source from a connector back here.

It is gonna be fuse protected, so it's gonna protect our vehicle wiring in case any kind of problems on the trailer end we're to happen and to prevent any kind of backfeeding. Our wiring is gonna come with everything you need to get in it place. Now that we've seen the end result, let's show you how it installed.To begin our installation, we're gonna wanna open up our rear hatch, and we're gonna need to remove the floor coverings back here. Pull out the mat. This, we don't have to completely remove it, but we wanna make sure that it's out of the way, so we can just lift it up and just have the hook to hold it in piece.

Now on each side, we are gonna have these other floor coverings, so we wanna make sure we pull those out as well, and we'll set these aside.On each side, we're gonna have this plastic pocket, and we're gonna have two fasteners that are hold it in place: one towards the back and one more towards the front of the vehicle. We're gonna grab a 10-millimeter socket, and we're gonna pull those bolts out. Once we have the bolts removed, it's gonna lift up, and we'll pull this pocket out. Now on the passenger side, we are gonna have to remove the jack in order to get to the hardware, so we can take the panels out.We're gonna grab our harness, and we're gonna grab the T-Connector that has the yellow, brown, and red wires on it. We come over to the driver's side.

We'll find a connector. It's gonna be taped up to some other wiring right here. We're gonna wanna loosen up that tape, so we take a utility knife or a pair of scissors. We're just gonna cut the tape away, so we get access to that plug. Once we pull the plug away, we're gonna have this little tab.

We're gonna wanna push down on that, so we can separate the two plugs. Our T-Connector is gonna match these, so we're gonna plug these in line with each other. We'll take the male end, plug it into the female end, and vice versa. We wanna make sure they lock into place and you hear that click.If we move a little but further downstream right by the back of the threshold here, we're gonna have this connector that's gonna be taped to some more wiring. Again, we're just gonna cut that tape away, so we can free up the connector, and this is gonna be a single-pin connector. This is gonna attach to the wire that has our fuse holder in place. Before we plug it in, you wanna make sure that the fuse is not in there. We'll go ahead and plug it in. Again, make sure it locks into place and you hear that click.Our T-Connector that has the green-colored wire, we're gonna route this along the back of the threshold here, and we're gonna be going over to the passenger's side. Now we're gonna have the same style connector with some tape on it, and we're gonna connect it just like we did on the driver's side. Now for now, I'm gonna leave all my wires loose because we're gonna be mounting our convertor box, and we wanna make sure that we have enough slack to tuck everything away and maybe take zip ties and tie to it to some existing wiring.Now we're gonna have one more connection we're gonna have to make, and it's gonna be the white wire with the ring terminal. We're gonna wanna find a flat spot somewhere close back here that we can use the self-tapping screw to put this in place. Another option you have is if you can find an existing stud and nut, we can use that, but really since there's not a whole lot back here, we're just gonna take the self-tapping screw provided in our kit. I'm gonna be going directly into this spot right here. Give me a nice flat spot. It's gonna be next to our wiring, but there's nothing behind it, so we know it's gonna be safe to go through. We'll start the self-tapping screw, and I can take my ring terminal, slide my screw through, and secure it in place. We just wanna make sure that it's not gonna move around and that it's nice and snug.Next we can mount our convertor box. I have a rag with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. I'm just gonna clean off the convertor box, make sure there's no debris on there. Then I'm also gonna clean off this spot that I'm gonna be mounting it in. Now we're gonna look for the most flat spot that we can we find, so right in this general area. We know nothing's gonna be in the way 'cause it's gonna be behind the panel. We'll just clean this area off as well. Then we can take the double-sided foam tape, tape the backing off one side, put it directly on the box, and then we'll peel the backing off the other side and push the convertor box firmly in place.For our fuse holder, we can grab that 10-amp fuse and go ahead and put it in place. Now we're gonna put our cover on. Then we're just gonna come back, and we're gonna tidy up all of our loose wires, securing it to some of this existing wiring back here. We'll just tie our fuse holder and our green wire that's over on the driver's side, tie it to this wiring here, and work our way across, making sure it's not gonna interfere with anything.With all of our connections made and our wiring tidied up back here, we're gonna start putting those panels back in place. We're just gonna make sure that our wiring is coming underneath the panel and we can still get to it. Let's put it by our spare tire for now, so we can get everything lined up and get the bolts back in place. Put all of our floor coverings back. For now, we're actually gonna bring our 4-Pole out. We're just gonna hang it down the back of the bumper.Now before our wiring is gonna be activated, we gotta make sure that we either put the provided 10-amp fuse in place or that there is one in the correct position. We're gonna come to our fuse panel here underneath the driver's side of the hood. We'll push in on this tab, and we're gonna lift up the cover. Now there is gonna be a legend on the inside of the panel. It may be a little bit hard to read, but we're looking for the one that says towing. Now if we look, it's gonna be the very bottom one. If we look on our fuse panel, there's already a 30-amp fuse there. If it was empty, we wanna go ahead and put the provided 10-amp fuse in place.We can go ahead and test our wiring now. We're gonna be using a 4-Pole Tester. If you need one of these, you can pick one up here at, using part number I26. I'll plug it in. I'm gonna run my lights and verify that they're all working properly. If I turn on my head lights, we can see that the tail light function is working as well as the left turn signal, the right turn signal, and the brakes.Before we store it away, we're gonna go ahead and put our dust cover on, slide it over to the 4-pole end, put the cap on. Then we can store it underneath by our spare tire here. Whenever we do wanna use it, we simply pull it out, drop our 4-pole wire down. As long as we stay away from the latch area itself, the weather stripping is gonna have enough cushion, so that when we close the tailgate, it's not gonna damage the wire.That'll finish up your look at the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector, part number C56267, on our 2016 Nissan Murano.

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