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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2016 Nissan Pathfinder

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2016 Nissan Pathfinder

Today in our 2016 Nissan Pathfinder, we'll be installing a Tekonsha T1 vehicle wiring harness for factory tow package with a seven way trailer connector. Part number 118273. Here's what our seven way connector looks like installed. This will give us all of our required by law lighting functions that we need for our trailer as well as giving us a 12 volt power source to charge any batteries that we have in our trailer, back up lights if we have them on our trailer. If our vehicle is equipped with a brake controller, we'll be able to run our trailer's brakes through this connector. What I really like about this kit is it's very simple to install, there is no splicing of wires anywhere. It all is plug and play using existing connectors already on the vehicle, and you don't have to supply power to it directly from the battery. The vehicle is already pre-wired for that.

We'll go ahead and show you how to install it on our Nissan Pathfinder. Here's what a wiring harness comes with. We have our connector to go to the factory tow package underneath the vehicle, and then our industry standard seven pole connector right here, our necessary relays, and then our relay harness. We have a couple pieces of foam tape here to protect our relays that will be going in the hatch area and then several zip ties to secure everything. One issue that our customers have found is that it has everything you need except a bracket to mount your seven way connector outside the vehicle. You'd have to supply your own, so we have one here today in order to do that. If you want to purchase one of these brackets, that will work.

We have one available on our website. It's part number TM76474. We'll start our installation by removing our cargo cover here. We'll just fold it forward, take out these dividers here, pull this section up here, I'll set it out of the way. There's three 10 millimeter screws to remove. There's one in the middle here and one off to either side.

We'll just zip these off. In order to remove this all the way, we need to remove our center piece here. First we'll pop off this center section underneath, our hatch latch, set that aside. We'll use a trim panel tool. Come up underneath it. Pop it off.

I'll set that aside. Now we have four clips that hold our tray in. We'll pop these out, and well lift this out. Since it's attached to the carpet, we roll it forward. In the upper left hand corner of the screen, you'll see where our white plug is that we'll be plugging in a relay harness into. There's another black plug that's right next to it. This is underneath the left side of our trunk compartment, right to the side of the storage compartment. It's on the driver's side towards the back of the vehicle. I'll reach back and I'll grab our harness and I'll plug our two ends in. The black one, the smaller one is right next to it. The one that we saw was this white one. I'll go ahead and connect these. Doing this all by feel. They only go in one way so you'll know it once you get it. Here's what it looks like once it's been plugged in. Here's the other end. These are where our three relays are going to go back here. We'll start our first small blue ones. These only go on one way. Just push it in. Push down firmly on it until it clips in place. This big brown plug fits our other relay. Push that in til it clicks. Now we'll take our foam tape and wrap around each one of our relays where they connect, just to help hold them in place and protect them. With those connected, we'll just stick them back down inside and tuck them out of the way. With all of our connections made now in the hatch, we'll reinstall all of our panels. Over to the right side of our vehicle, right above our frame rail to the driver side of our muffler, you'll find these two connectors. We'll be utilizing these. We'll just pop these off. Now with those loose, we can reach these pads. We'll press in on it and remove this dummy plug. You might need a screwdriver. There's are two plugs that we're using. Now we'll plug in our harness to those. We'll push those back up in position. When you're routing your wiring, you want to make sure you avoid any sources of heat, such as the exhaust or any moving parts. We've gone ahead and attached our bracket that we provided to the attachment tab on our hitch. We'll stick our wiring harness through the hole here and we'll plug it in to our seven way plug. We'll push it back on through and we'll secure the plug to the bracket with some screws. We'll just hold the nut in place with a wrench and tighten down our screws. We bundled up our wiring excess over here to a attachment tab for a bumper cover just to help hold it up out of the way, and keep it hidden underneath our vehicle. Underneath our hood, on the driver's side of the vehicle, next to our battery, we have this fuse box here. We'll open it up. On some vehicles you'll find these two relay spots here unoccupied and you'll use the included relays to plug in there. That'll provide your signal that you need at the back for your seven way to work. Ours already has that so we don't need these. Now we'll go ahead and reinstall our cover. Snaps in place and we can close our hood. We have a trailer simulator hooked up to our vehicle now. We'll run through all of the functions and make sure everything works. We have clearance lights. We have a left turn signal. We have right turn signal. We have brakes. We have back up lights if our trailer is so equipped. We also have 12 volt power so we'll be able to charge a battery in our trailer. If you don't have a trailer simulator, you can just hook up to your trailer and test your functions by using your trailer. That completes our installation of the Tekonsha T1 vehicle wiring harness for a factory tow package with seven way trailer connector, part number 118273 on our 2016 Nissan Pathfinder.

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