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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2017 Chevrolet Express Van

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2017 Chevrolet Express Van

Today on our 2017 Chevrolet Express Van we will be installing the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector, part number 55540.Speaker 2: Now here's what our wiring harness looks like. We have our 4-pole flat trailer connector here. In order to give us all the required by law lighting functions that are necessary to tow a trailer. We have our T-connect here for our driver's side. This will give us our tail lights, our turn signal and our brake light. We have our ground connection here.

Which we can attach to the vehicle sheet metal with the provided self tapping screw or alternatively there's a ground bolt already inside the vehicle that we can take advantage of and not use a self tapping screw. We have an extension over here to our passenger's side to give us our passenger's side turn signal. There's no cutting, no splicing, there's plugs in line with the tail light assembly and the vehicle wiring harness on both sides. We have a couple of zip ties here to secure all the wiring inside the vehicle. Then we have this nice included dust cover here that we can use on our 4-pole flat to help keep it protected from any dirt, debris or moisture. Just slide that on over there like that.

Fold it back over it, just like that. To begin our installation, let's open up both our rear doors in our van. Now both of our connections that we'll be working with, they're right behind our tail lights on both sides of the vehicle. They're inside the vehicle so we can hop inside and make our connections from the inside. We're looking back at our driver's side right now.

Here's the connection that we're going to be using to get our T-connector into. We'll pull back on this orange tab here, once we have that out push on this black tab. That's separated. We'll grab our connector with the yellow wire. We'll plug the male in here in the female end. Once it snaps in place, pull back, make sure it's locked.

We'll take the female end and plug it into the male on the vehicle. Then we'll reinstall the orange lock tab here. Now this ground wire, we can just attach this to this existing ground bolt right here. We'll remove this 10 millimeter bolt. Slide our ground over the bolt and reinstall it. This gives us a nice solid ground connection, we won't have to worry about it. Now we'll separate our 4-pole flat wire here. Make sure we have it pulled all the way apart. There's no knots in it. We've untangled all of our wire for our passenger's side connector. We're going to connect this first and then we'll hide all the wiring going across the top of the vehicle. This way we don't have to worry about having not enough wire to our 4-pole flat here. We want to have as much slack on this on the 4-pole flat end. More than likely you won't have these brackets here holding shelving units in place on your van. We're just going to route over these. If you do have them, do the same thing. All right now that we're over to our passenger's side we'll pull out the orange tab like we did on the driver's side. Press into the black tab here, separate the connection. Female goes to male, same over here. Re-secure our lock. Just tuck these in here behind there so that they're secured up out of the way. We'll just secure our wire to this existing wiring harness just to help you keep it up out of the way. Now we grabbed some extra zip ties here and we went down on our green wire to the end of our 4-pole flat just to help bundle everything up. That way we don't have one excess wire just hanging loose in the end of it. We'll trim off all of our zip ties now. With our wiring installed we can grab it, sit it down here in our little step bumper. Make sure we're staying out of the path of our door latch here. Close our door on over it. The weatherstripping from the door will protect it. We can close our other door now. When we hook up to our trailer, we'll just take off our dust cover here, make our connection. Before we do that I'm going to make sure we test our wiring to make sure it all works properly. We'll be using a 4-pole flat trailer tester. I'll plug this on in here. Then I'll go run our lights on the inside of the vehicle. You can make sure they're working. All right, we'll start by turning our headlights on. We'll do our left turn signal, that's working. A right turn signal. We'll step on our brakes. With all of our functions verified we're ready to hook up to our trailer and hit the road. We've arrived at our destination and unhooked from our trailer. We'll just replace our dust cover here, open our doors back up. We can stow our wiring off to the side here on the driver's side. If you've got a tool box right here you can just tuck it behind there, it will keep it secure and out of the way. Now if we wanted to have our wiring outside of our vehicle at all times versus storing it on the inside, we have an option of doing that. Right behind and below our driver's side tail light, there's a grommet right here. We can push this grommet out. We pass our wiring through there. We'll just take our plug here and insert it through our hole where that grommet was. Pull our wires on down through and our dust cover too. Then we'll drop it down behind our bumper cover here. We'll just cut our grommet, just like that. Slide our wires through it and push it back onto our vehicle. Now we'll cut off the zip tie that we used to bundle up the wire when we we're storing it inside the vehicle. We're doing this because we're going to put a wire loom over it to better hide our color wires and to help protect them behind our door here. Now we'll take our wire loom and run it down our wire. All right, with our wire loom installed over the wire, we'll put some electrical tape around it in a couple locations just to keep the loom from coming off or the wires being exposed through it. Do the end up here too. Get that done we'll drop it back down behind our bumper again. We'll slide it over a gap in our hitch and bring it back on over, back to where our safety chain loop is and we'll clip it on there. That way our wiring is readily accessible when we need to hook up to our trailer. We'll also put one zip tie right here, it's the frame to hold our loom up and out of the way. Also keep it somewhat tight against the back of the vehicle. Cut off that excess zip tie right now. This gives us the alternate installation of having our wiring outside the vehicle versus installing it inside. Before we close our door on up and make sure we re-silicon up this grommet where we cut it. This will just help keep any exhaust fumes or moisture from entering our vehicle. That completes our installation of the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector, part number 55540 on our 2017 Chevrolet Express Van.

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