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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2017 Ram 3500

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2017 Ram 3500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Ram 3500, we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the Bargman nine foot long fifth wheel and gooseneck 90 degree wiring harness, designed for the factory seven pole plug. Part number is 50-97-410.This additional fifth wheel wiring harness is going to be the perfect solution for adding a T connector between the already existing seven pole plug on the back of your truck. You can see we've got a good length of wire where we can run that up to an area, we're going to use this area here, accessible in our bed to make connections with fifth wheels and goosenecks much simpler.As you can see, our seven pole plug mounts nicely inside the bed of the truck. This gives us an excellent connection point for the fifth wheels and goosenecks so we don't have to drag them back to the back of the truck and get them plugged in. Inside of the cap we've got a rubber gasket all the way around that seals around this edge. It's going to prevent moisture and dust from getting inside.

Although there is one small hole down here just in case something we're to get in there, to allow that to seep out.To begin our installation, you want to find a nice flat area with room behind it so we can mount our plug. We're going to do it this way. You can see, nice long self tapping screws. That will allow us to go through the bed liner into the side of the bed. Now this is a dual rear wheel setup.

There's plenty of room behind here. If for some reason, when this is mounted flush up against the bed, this makes contact with the outside of the vehicle, they've provided a spacer that you can put on there. Give you a little bit more room, so then the body wouldn't be making contact with the back of that 90 degree plug.Once you've chosen the location, we're going to use a two inch hole saw and get this drilled out. Now we just want to clean up our hole a little bit. At this point, we just want to feed all of our wiring through.

We'll rotate that 90 degree plug just like that. Then you want to level out your plug. We're going to use a 5/16ths inch socket or bit driver and the self tapping screws to get it secure. All right, that's nice and secure there. We'll go down and take care of our connections underneath.Now we can bring our plug in around.

We're going to bring it right up over the frame rail here. You'll see our spare tire is gone. We're doing this in conjunction with the gooseneck installation, so we just left it down. If you're going to be adding this to a truck that already has a fifth wheel or gooseneck, I really recommend lowering that. It's just going to allow you better access to your plug.The plug's located, if you're looking toward the back of the vehicle, on the left side of the license plate here. There's going to be a little tab right there. If we push down on that and pull rearward, we should get that to separate. Now we're going to use a little dielectric grease here. You can see that moisture that was in that plug when we separated it. That's going to prevent that from causing corrosion on our terminals here. Now we can just slide those together. We want to make sure we hear the little click, indicating that it's nice and secure, and we should be able to pull on it without it separating just like that.Now we're going to take our factory plug, dielectric grease on that. We can plug it right into the back of that T connector. We'll just gather that up. We're going to zip tie that right up out of the way.Now any excess that you might have, just going to get that zip tied up and out of the way as well, and we'll be ready to test this wiring out. To test out the system we're going to use a trailer tester here. You could also just connect it to your fifth wheel or gooseneck. We're going to slide this in our spring loaded door. As we open that up, you can see that helps to keep it closed, but it also helps keep our plug in. All of your seven pole plugs are going to have a little tab that sticks up here. It's going to match the tab here on our door. Once this is fully installed, that tab should come back behind the tab on the plug and hold it in place for us.First thing we can test is the voltage coming back. We'll switch this over to battery charge. As you can see we're getting 20 volts, so our power wire is working. Now we'll go run through the lights. You'll see left turn, right turn, running lights, and if it's connected we can also turn on the backup lights there.We're going to start by turning on the running lights in the truck. We can check the left turn signal, right turn signal, check our brakes, and also our backup lights. If your truck is equipped with a brake controller, you should also be able to operate that and see both the voltage and current go up on the tester, or hear your trailer brakes operate.With everything working properly, that completes our installation of the Bargman fifth wheel gooseneck 90 degree wiring harness, part number 50-97-410, on our 2017 Ram 3500.

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